Will There Be A New Liberal Era?

Dick Soisson was my history teacher in high school. Well, I use the term loosely. He was the gym teacher and sports...

The ‘Power’ of a Donald Trump Endorsement

Just over a week ago, JT Lewis, a candidate for Connecticut’s 28th District at the State Senate level, claimed that President Trump was “73-0”...

What Do Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump Have In Common?

While asserting Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump have anything in common may, on its face, sound absurd, let me connect the dots. They do...

Liberals And Conservatives Need Each Other

It is amazing that, for every issue, liberals and conservatives line up on opposite sides. There are a few issues for which a few...

Identity Politics In 2020: “Membership Has Its Privileges”

Maybe more than in any previous presidential campaign, “identity politics” is playing a major role. One obvious reason is that there has never been...
Trump 2020 Reelection

Gambling Site Betting Against Trump in 2020

We want to give you a full view of the 2020 campaign. There are polls, of course, but there are also betting odds. The...
What is Ddistributism

Distributism: A Conservative Concept Whose Time May Have Come

With all the talk of “socialism” this year, one might think that it is the only alternative to capitalism. It’s not. Even within capitalism,...
Problem with Elections Divide

The Real Problem With Our Elections

Over the past week, this writer has focused on the Electoral College and has spent hours doing calculations. After reviewing the options, it seems...
Ralph Northam racist photo

Battle Against Racism and Sexism Marches Into Presidential Politics

There’s an old Chinese saying, “may you live in interesting times.” Only the “interesting” is used in the same way as if someone asks...

If Democrats Were Smart (They’re Not)

If Democrats were smart... they’d understand that words have meaning, and people have concerns. Words can turn those concerns into fears, and fears can...

What Kavanaugh Means for Scotus

The Brett Kavanaugh confirmation has been a roller coaster ride in so many ways. Let me give you my own, personal, experience. When the...

Is Niger Going To Be Trump’s “Benghazi”?

The trouble with having a fragile ego is that you can’t leave bad enough alone. Most of the time, if one is attacked,...