NBC News 2020 Democratic Primary Debate

Preview of June Democratic Debate From NBC’s Chuck Todd

We're just about four months away from the first Democratic debate of the 2020 cycle set to take place in June. The event will...

Campaign Shifts To Iowa Where Biden’s Gaffes Steal The Show

With Iowa still holding the coveted position as the first stop on the 2020 primary calendar, the Hawkeye State is a constant draw for...

Biden Is ‘Fine In The Basement’ Says Former DNC Chair Terry McAuliffe

Despite the almost backhanded nature of the comment, former DNC Chairman, and former Virginia Gov., Terry McAuliffe, is not incorrect if you follow opinion...

Will Libertarian Justin Amash Hurt Trump or Biden More?

It was often said that 2016 should have been the year for a third-party bid to intrude into the general election with a stronger...
Biden Warren October Debate Stage

Podium Order Released For October Democratic Debate

In case you haven't noticed, there is another Democratic presidential primary debate on the calendar for next week. The fourth debate, which will be...
Biden Bernie 2020

Biden Distances Himself From “Medicare For All”

There have only been a handful of instances where candidates have truly staked out big differences in policy with their other Democratic contenders. Health...

Would Michelle Obama Accept Biden’s VP Spot?

The "Veepstakes," as it's known, runs far and wide in the weeks after a nomination appears to be wrapped up and the presumptive nominee...

Pete Buttigieg Leads Iowa Despite Trailing Nationally

There is a growing disconnect between national polls of Democratic primary voters and polls being conducted in the some the early states. For South...

Watch Live: First Trump-Biden Presidential Debate Tonight at 9 pm ET

The first presidential debate between President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden will take place tonight, live from Case Western Reserve University...
Bernie Sanders 2020 DNC Media Sabotage

Bernie Backers Blame DNC For 2020 Media Sabotage

For fans of Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, the 2016 presidential cycle was a long and bitter one. The rumors of the Democratic National Committee's...

Watch Live: Pence-Harris Vice Presidential Debate Tonight at 9pm ET

As far as VP debates go, there couldn't possibly be more riding on the performances tonight of Vice President Mike Pence and Sen. Kamala...

January Democratic Debate: Just Six Candidates On Stage

The January Democratic debate is coming up shortly and with tighter qualification rules in place, there could be just five candidates standing on stage...