Bernie Sanders Wins New Hampshire While Buttigieg and Klobuchar Beat Expectations

After a long-fought evening of a lead which shrunk and grew at times, it looks like Sen. Bernie Sanders has hung on to claim...

Live Results: 2020 New Hampshire Primary (Feb 11)

After the debacle in Iowa last week, voters will get another chance at stamping a mark on the 2020 Democratic primary. Here's everything you need...

Podium Order For CNN Democratic Debate In Detroit

The podium order for the second Democratic debate coming up on July 30 and 31 will be a little more balanced than the first...
Tulsi Gabbard 2020

Republicans and Russians Want Tulsi Gabbard

Tulsi Gabbard, who represents Hawaii’s second district in the US House, has been complaining that the national media have been ignoring her run for...

Live Results: Super Tuesday 2.0, Poll Closing Times (March 10)

There are six states voting today in the Democratic primary ranging from the deep south in Mississippi to the far west coast in Washington....

Bernie Sanders Blows Away Field With 4th Quarter Fundraising Total (Updated)

With an average donation size of $18.53, the feat that Sen. Bernie Sanders pulled off in the fourth quarter of 2019 in terms of...
Biden 2020 Announcement

Biden Considers VP Announcement and One-Term Pledge

Perhaps the question to ask concerning why Joe Biden would feel the need to dabble with campaign gimmicks like announcing a Vice President on...

Pete Buttigieg Leads Iowa Despite Trailing Nationally

There is a growing disconnect between national polls of Democratic primary voters and polls being conducted in the some the early states. For South...
2020 DNC Convention

Milwaukee to Host 2020 Democratic National Convention

Every presidential cycle, both parties put a lot of work into selecting a host city to make a statement about the direction of the...
Donald Trump Justin Amash Impeachment

Trump’s Impeachment Fate Is Controlled By Republicans (Part 2)

Over the weekend, Michigan’s Republican representative Justin Amash announced that he feels that the Robert Mueller report clearly shows that Donald Trump did obstruct...
Harris Warren Dem Primary

Harris Loses Support After Detroit Debate While Warren Shines

Heading into the second Democratic debate, an event which CNN pitched as a "rematch" between Sen. Kamala Harris and former vice president Joe Biden,...

Will Impeachment Destroy Joe Biden’s 2020 Hopes?

If impeachment represents, for a large swath of the voting public, another messy game of inside the beltway DC politics, then who wins and...