Castro Booker 2020

Corey Booker and Julian Castro Still Trailing

In the era of “identity politics,” there’s no question that Donald Trump makes direct and veiled appeals to what he sees as the interests...
Joe Biden 2020 Announcement

Biden Announcement Set For Thursday Followed By Campaign Tour

As we reported here on Monday, sources within the Biden campaign indicated that not only has the former Vice President made up his mind...
ABC Debate Sanders Biden Warren

6 Key Takeaways From The Third Democratic Debate

The rumble on Thursday night in Houston was fiery at times, with former vice president Joe Biden coming alive to defend his record and...

DNC Announces January and February Democratic Debate Schedule

Once 2019 turns into 2020, the Democratic primary campaign will kick into a new level of intensity as voting in the first inches closer...
Biden Warren October Debate Stage

Podium Order Released For October Democratic Debate

In case you haven't noticed, there is another Democratic presidential primary debate on the calendar for next week. The fourth debate, which will be...

Iowa Caucus Results Delayed Due to Inconsistencies and Technical Failures

Well, that was an underwhelming caucus night on Monday. For all the build-up, with reporters on TV repeatedly saying that in the 9 o'clock...
Pete Buttigieg Donald Trump 2020

Personality Politics: Forget the Issues in 2020?

The issues will only get you so far. That’s because the country is more divided than it has ever been. The issues are clear...
Hillary Clinton Tulsi Gabbard

Does Tulsi Gabbard have a “Birther” Problem?

There has been a lot of discussion of the unusual support Tulsi Gabbard has received from Republicans and from Russia. Gabbard has been more...

South Carolina Poll: Tom Steyer Surges to Second Place Behind Biden

In our story on Thursday about polls in New Hampshire showing Biden losing support, we mentioned the total lack of polls coming out of...
Robert Mueller Trump Impeachment 2020

Impeachment Talk Continues After Robert Mueller’s Press Conference

In case you missed it this morning, Special Counsel Robert Mueller spoke for roughly ten minutes this morning providing his first public statement on...
CNN Climate Change Town Hall

CNN Climate Town Hall With 10 Democratic Candidates Tonight At 5 PM ET

Back in July, in response to calls for a debate focused exclusively on the topic of climate change, CNN announced a Climate Town Hall...

Biden Draws Backlash For Questionable Answer on CNN LGBTQ Town Hall

On Thursday, while President Trump was holding a campaign rally in Minneapolis, the 2020 Democratic contenders spent the evening talking LGBTQ issues at a...