Dem Debate June 27 Biden Harris Sanders

Democratic Debate Analysis: Did Biden Fall Hard?

In case you missed the spectacle that some are calling a "trainwreck" in Miami last night, the second night of the first Democratic primary...
November Democratic Debate Stage

November Democratic Debate Could Cut Five Major Candidates

With all the controversy surrounding the decision by the Democratic National Committee's (DNC) decision to allow the debate lineup to expand in October after...
Elizabeth Warren

What’s Going On With Elizabeth Warren’s Presidential Campaign?

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) was one of the first Democrats off the starting line eager to launch an exploratory committee and begin the process...

Andrew Yang Makes New Hampshire Primary Debate Bringing Stage to Seven

Looking just past the Iowa caucuses on February 3, the next Democratic debate coming up will happen right before the New Hampshire primary, which...
Gabbard Harris smear

Tulsi Gabbard Hits Kamala Harris Over Biden “Smear”

Speaking to CBS News on Monday, Hawaii Rep. Tulsi Gabbard defended former vice president Joe Biden against what she called a "smear" from Sen....

Early New Hampshire Results Mixed While Biden Bolts for South Carolina

There are a handful of localities in New Hampshire that vote just after midnight in a quadrennial tradition going back to 1960. These locations...

Elizabeth Warren Drops Out Setting Up Bernie-Biden Showdown

Massachusets Sen. Elizabeth Warren will be announcing the end of her presidential campaign in a press conference on Thursday which now sets up a...

Biden Leads 2020 Democratic Field in Early Polling

I know, it's early, why are we talking about the 2020 Presidential Election? Well, the candidates have already started maneuvering and prepping, so we...
Trump tax return California 2020

California Tries Again to Force Release of Trump’s Tax Returns in 2020

Donald Trump chose to buck the precedent during the 2016 presidential campaign by opting not to release his personal tax returns. After making various...

Biden Sweeps Arizona, Florida, and Illinois. Did Anyone Notice?

There were primaries on Tuesday night where Biden cleaned up, but you'd barely notice amid the Coronavirus chaos that continues to reign. Parents and...

Democrats Battle Over Superdelegates in 2020

If you recall the bitter primary between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders in 2016, then you probably already have a strong feeling on the...

Poll Shows September Democratic Debate Battle Between 3 Candidates

An important dynamic as we head toward the ABC Democratic Debate on Thursday, the race is becoming more and more relegated to a battle...