Full Video: Tucker Carlson Response to State of the Union (March 7)

In a first for the former Fox News star, Tucker Carlson delivered a live response on Thursday night to President Biden’s final State of the Union address.

The stream was available on X and other social media platforms as well as Carlson’s website. While cable news networks, such as Fox and CNN, count on big viewer numbers for highly-anticipated nights like the SOTU, Carlson’s reach could go much further across a plethora of platforms offering a free live stream of post-address analysis.

Full Video – Tucker Carlson SOTU Response (March 7)

Watch the full live response episode below:

Alternate Stream Link: TuckerCarlson.com, X/TuckerCarlson, Rumble

As for the Republican Party’s response to President Biden, that honor is being given to Alabama Sen. Katie Britt.

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