Live Stream: Biden’s Final State of the Union Tonight (March 7)

The general election started this week when former U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley recognized the painfully obvious fact that the Republican Party is a party set on nominating former President Donald Trump in 2024.

With Haley’s exit, it’s go-time for a Trump-Biden rematch.

In that context, President Biden is set to deliver his final State of the Union Address tonight of his first term. To no one’s surprise, President Unity is going to make abortion rights a centerpiece of his speech with a few “MAGA extremist” lines thrown in for good measure, so says Politico:

President Joe Biden wants abortion rights to be a centerpiece of his rematch with Donald Trump this fall. Biden’s State of the Union speech on Thursday could reveal how he hopes to frame the debate.

The Bidens have invited Kate Cox, the Texas woman at the center of a high-profile abortion case, as a guest — and the president is expected to highlight her story as he touts his executive actions to protect and expand access to abortion after the fall of Roe and slams Republicans for pushing restrictions at the state and federal levels.

Cox drew national attention in December when, at 20 weeks pregnant, she sued Texas seeking an emergency abortion. A district court granted her request but the decision was quickly overturned by the state Supreme Court.

Cox left the state and had an abortion in New Mexico, where the procedure is legal.

“No woman should be forced to go to court or flee her home state just to receive the health care she needs,” Biden said at the time.

Being forced to “flee her home state” sounds like she was being harassed and chased by angry lawmakers desperate to shove that baby back into her womb.

In reality, Cox was free to go to another state at any time to terminate the life of her unborn child. No one was stopping her. Some states, like California, probably would’ve paid for her travel expenses as some kind of sick-minded abortion vacation.

However, when examining Cox’s story, there’s a lot more to it as reported by the Federalist:

Cox would like an abortion, but she lives in Texas where abortion is illegal unless your life is in danger. Cox’s unborn baby suffers from Trisomy 18, also called “Edward’s Syndrome,” where her baby has a small chance of surviving past infancy. Although her baby has a very small chance at survival, the people of Texas have made their will clear and have voted to protect any chance of the baby’s survival.

Not everyone has been honest about this fact. Ann Coulter, for example, received an extremely sharp rebuke from Rick Santorum when she posted, “Trisomy 18 is not a condition that is compatible with life.” Santorum showed the absurdity of this statement by answering with a picture of his 13-year-old daughter who has this condition.

I have delivered babies with Trisomy 18 and have had to counsel mothers pregnant with these babies. This is a life-changing diagnosis. But medically speaking, to say children with Trisomy 18 have no chance of life is a bald-faced lie.

Read the full Federalist article, written by a practicing OB/GYN, and you’ll understand why Cox’s story is much deeper than parents caught in some kind of haphazard legal mess.

Moving on from abortion rights, a centerpiece of Democratic Party politics, what else is Biden expected to say?

Since Biden has failed on the economy, the border, and foreign policy, there isn’t much of his agenda to clap for. The result will be more of the same divisive crap from an inept leader labeling half the country as some kind of extreme threat to democracy, per the New York Times:

What will his overarching 2024 message be?

This one is pretty simple: Donald Trump is a dire threat to democracy and Americans’ freedoms.

How fine a point Mr. Biden puts on this message in the State of the Union is a different question. It would break with decades of political tradition to attack a campaign rival by name during the address, but Mr. Biden and allied Democrats have argued throughout his campaign that 2024 may be an inflection point that calls for unusual measures.

That’s it. That’s the Biden message for the rest of the year. Despite telling Americans over and over again that they’re too stupid to recognize how awesome Biden’s economy is, the polls haven’t budged. The only remaining button to push is the tired and worn “threat to democracy” trope that’s akin to crying wolf at this point.

It’s Democrats around the country threatening democracy by trying to remove Joe Biden’s political opponent from the ballot. Democrats are attempting a lawfare coup to put Donald Trump in jail by November.

If the exit polls mean much, and I wouldn’t bet the farm, a serious Trump conviction is what Democrats are counting on to sway the election into Biden’s favor. This is the state of American democracy right now. It’s not a debate of ideas or policies, it’s a debate where one party is trying to imprison its strongest political opposition.

Nonetheless, here’s the live stream for Biden’s boondoggle tonight at 9 pm ET. How many fake applause lines can you count?

Nate Ashworth

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