Full Video: Trump Veterans Day Speech in Claremont, New Hampshire (Nov. 11)

Former President Trump delivered remarks at a Veterans Day rally in New Hampshire today. The event took place at Stevens High School in the town of Claremont.

Here are all the details on Trump’s Veterans Day rally including the start time, hot to watch, and the live stream.

Trump Delivers Remarks in Claremont, New Hampshire
When: Saturday, Nov. 11, 2023
Time: 2:00 pm ET
Where: Stevens High School in Claremont, NH
Full Video: Watch Below

Full Video – Trump Speaks in Claremont, NH (Nov. 11)

Trump is expected to speak around 2 pm ET. Watch the live stream below provided by RSBN and Rumble:

Alternate Stream Links: RSBN-TV

Trump’s speech, notably on Veteran’s Day, will focus heavily on foreign policy and drawing distinctions between his policies and those of President Biden, CNN reports:

When former President Donald Trump returns to New Hampshire on Saturday, he’ll be doing so eager to continue leveraging the Israel-Hamas war to draw a contrast with President Joe Biden, his likely 2024 general election opponent.

Trump’s speech in Claremont will focus on delivering peace through strength, a campaign adviser told CNN. The former president will argue that the US and the world were in a more peaceful position during his time in office than they have been under his successor.

Trump’s New Hampshire event comes just days after he skipped the third GOP primary debate in Miami, opting instead to host a counterprogramming event in Hialeah, just down the road from where his opponents sparred onstage. Trump spent more time attacking Biden than his GOP rivals in his Hialeah remarks.

Trump is expected to speak in the early afternoon at 2:00 pm ET. Watch live above and follow the Trump rally schedule for details on all upcoming events.

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