Just a short day ago, Hillary Clinton made waves when speaking to a local cable news station in New York City saying that she was “not running for President.” Everyone seemed to take this as the final “closing door” on the prospect that she would try to launch a third campaign for the presidency to challenge Donald Trump in 2020.

Less than 24 hours later, after the interview, sources close to the Clintons say that her statement on “not running” was not definitive and that there is still a slight chance she may decide to launch a 2020 campaign.

One big caveat, however, is that she may be waiting on the report from Special Counsel Robert Mueller on the Russia collusion probe to be released before making her decision. This according to reporter Maggie Haberman who writes for the New York Times:

Why does Hillary want the possibility of a 2020 run to persist among political observers? Does anyone really believe, amid this massive Democratic field, that she will attempt another campaign after the defeat in 2016?

Perhaps she feels that the 2016 election was wrongly decided since, after all, she won the popular vote by a sizable margin. If only she had another shot at it, with some smarter campaigning, visits to key “blue wall” strongholds of Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin, maybe she could take the Presidency back from Donald Trump?

It may be sheer defiance of conventional wisdom on Hillary’s part, as the tweet explains above. Why should she be expected to pass on 2020 and close the door to her aspirations of higher office when John Kerry, the 2004 Democratic nominee who lost to George W. Bush, is not being given the same level of scrutiny.

What would the Mueller report have to say to entice Hillary back into the race? Is she waiting on the off-chance that some clear, unmistakable evidence exists that Donald Trump asked Putin to alter election results in key races? Would that make Hillary more likely to get in the race?

On the other hand, if the Mueller report is a dud, which some are predicting, then would that remove Hillary’s argument that Russian tampering contributed to her 2016 loss?

The post-mortem on the 2016 election will continue in the history books for decades to come. It’s a great study in electoral politics, and Hillary may still be writing the story.


  1. Actually, everybody says they are “not running for president” right up to the day they announce. That’s because once you say for sure that you’re not running, nobody gives a crap what you say anymore. There is power in “maybe running.”

    On the other hand, announcing that you are running removes that power. Instead of asking if you’re running, everyone is thinking why you shouldn’t. This was really obvious with Joe Lieberman. As previous veep candidate, he would be expected to run for president the next time, but when he did, he was laughed off the stage, especially when he lamely said he had “Joe-mentum.”

    Hillary is different, because she has the “Clinton machine” that scared everybody but Bernie off the stage last time. That partly relied on Bill’s popularity, but in the age of “MeToo,” Bill has become a bit of an embarrassment. And whether or not there’s any truth to it, the negative attacks last time poison her public perception.

    And, of course, as we wrote in an article, no person in U.S. history has lost a presidential election and come back the next cycle and won on the same party nameplate. The “loser” tag hangs heavy. But Nixon came back later, so Kerry might–except that I’d expect him to get the Lieberman treatment–likewise because the negative attacks left us with a bad taste.

    • Clinton machine aside Billary is nothing but a big liability to the Democratic party. She has more skeletons in her closet than your local cemetery.?

      I just can’t believe that the American electorate has such a short memory. The fact that she screwed Bernie Sanders in the 2016 Democratic primary isn’t going to be forgotten by any Independent voter. Instead of waiting for the Mueller report both she and her lascivious husband better hightail it to a country where they are among brethren, a country like Venezuela.?

      If the Clintons misdeeds come to light, which they will she will indeed become president. President of her cell block is a start.?

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