Last Friday, Michael Flynn was charged with lying to federal investigators by Special Counsel Robert Mueller in the Russia collusion probe. Flynn will reportedly plead guilty to this charge in exchange for his further testimony into the Russia investigation. We don’t know which person within the Trump administration that Flynn’s plea could be most damaging to, but signs point to either Jared Kushner, or perhaps Donald Trump, Jr.

Roll Call has more of the pertinent details:

Former White House national security adviser Michael Flynn pleaded guilty Friday morning after being charged with making false statements to federal officials.

A U.S. government document released by the office of special counsel Robert Mueller said Flynn has been indicted for making “materially false, fictitious and fraudulent statements” to federal officials. He is due in a federal court in Alexandria, Virginia, for a plea agreement hearing at 10:30 a.m. Friday.

Flynn is being charged with misleading federal officials about several conversations he had with then-Russian Ambassador to the United States Sergey Kislyak.

The retired general allegedly misled federal investigators about a Dec. 29, 2016, conversation in which he asked Kislyak to press his superiors in Moscow to “refrain from escalating the situation” after the Obama administration slapped new sanctions on Russia. Flynn also misled the federal officials when he said he did not recall Kislyak later telling him the Kremlin had agreed to do just that.

Let’s flash back to this story from CNBC on February 16, 2017, concerning Flynn’s firing from his post as National Security Adviser just a few days into the new Trump administration:

A defiant President Donald Trump on Thursday insisted that he asked Michael Flynn to resign because of Flynn’s statements to Vice President Mike Pence. The president also denied that he told his key national security advisor to discuss sanctions with a Russian official.

“He didn’t tell the vice president of the United States the facts and then he didn’t remember, and that’s just not acceptable,” Trump told reporters at the White House at his first solo news conference as chief executive.

“I fired him because of what he said to Mike Pence.”

Trump added that he had no problem with Flynn making the calls because he was “doing his job.”

Flynn resigned Monday as national security advisor following revelations that he made contradictory statements to Pence about whether he discussed sanctions with the Russian ambassador to the United States. However, when press secretary Sean Spicer later said that the White House was warned on Jan. 26 that Flynn may have misled Pence, it raised questions about why it took more than two weeks for him to resign.

Trump maintained that he asked Flynn to resign only because of the statements he made to Pence, not because they were made public in a Washington Post report.

“I asked for his resignation. He respectfully gave it,” he said.

“With all that being said, I think he’s a fine man.”

He stressed that he did not think Flynn did anything wrong by talking to Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak. Trump also denied that he directed Flynn to talk about sanctions and played down any connections Flynn had with Moscow. [Emphasis added]

The firing of Flynn by Trump is important, because his current guilty plea of lying to FBI investigators stems from this time back in December and January of 2017 as the Trump administration was being formed. It might be the last sentence of this CNBC excerpt that matters, which I’ve emphasized above. It sounds like it’s possible Flynn might be now saying that some high-level administration official ordered him to contact Russia and discuss the sanctions. This could have been someone like Jared Kushner, or it could have been President Trump himself, though he denied that at the time as shown.

Either way, it isn’t crazy for Flynn to be contacting foreign governments as the Trump administration was taking shape. New administrations must begin forging relationships with foreign governments before the new president is sworn in.

The question is why did Flynn lie to Vice President Pence, and apparently lie to federal investigators about his contact? Reports from back in March indicated that the Obama administration had warned the incoming Trump administration that Flynn was “problematic.” Did they know something already that Flynn was compromised in some way?

The other question is how does it tie into an investigation on whether the Trump administration colluded with Russia to influence the 2016 presidential election? From most accounts, the Flynn deal does nothing to shed light on that accusation since the crime Flynn is pleading guilty to shows no connection or smoking gun on that front.

Flynn’s plea deal is obviously one part of a larger puzzle that Mueller is assembling, and slowly we’re getting more pieces filled in. There will be a another shoe undoubtedly, but when it will drop and who will be underneath it remains to be seen.


  1. Generally speaking, blame is always forced down the chain as far as higher-ups can accomplish.

    In this case, Flynn was caught interfering in the President’s relations with a foreign government. Pence denied knowledge of it. And Trump fired Flynn, to support Pence’ claim of ignorance.

    More recently, Trump tweeted that he fired Flynn because Flynn lied to the FBI. But, of course, that would be a no-no, so even though Trump has said his tweets are gospel, Trump wants to deny what he tweeted it, so up pops Trump’s attorney, to claim that HE actually sent the recent tweet. Not only does that allow Trump to deny the tweet (considerably later), but the attorney can’t be held legally responsible for an “oops” tweet of “mistaken” information.

    Blame is always forced down the chain as far as higher-ups can accomplish.

    • The difference is that Obama was president at the time that Trump’s people were running their own foreign relations program.

      • Trump was president elect when the Obama State Department said they could meet with foreign governments, correct?

          • On Fox News Obama’s State department spokesman is on tape saying president elect Trump can speak with foreign governments.

            Also one ABC news reporter was suspended for saying candidate Trump, not president elect Trump, OKed others to talk to foreign governments. Trump only did so after Obama’s state department said president elect Trump could talk to foreign governments.

            • I’m not sure what your talking about. There is Zero proof any undermining took place. Did fake news have some undermining?

            • It’s hard to tell what goes on in a private meeting. The only direct “proof” is that Russia changed its behavior, and so the question is what was the quid pro quo.

            • Ok. None of us will ever know on that matter.

              I’m almost 100% sure, talking about a different situation, that Trump had China deal with NK. He’s a deal maker. Much more so than Hillary would have been.

              The US has tremendous leverage. China isn’t a fool. They know NK is a drop in the bucket as a trade partner compared to the US. We all know it’s all about the money, right?

            • It’s nonsense to expect China to help us with North Korea. China does not want NK to collapse, causing yet another refugee crisis. Likewise, China doesn’t want us to control even more territory on their border.

              China is not threatened by North Korea, so they have zero need to get involved.

              Actually, nobody is really “threatened” by North Korea. It’s just another case of needing an enemy to boost the military budget–which Trump used to agree with. What happened to the Trump who said we should stay out of foreign entanglements?

              The “Korean War” was a UN action, and the UN should sign a peace treaty and bring Korea into the community of nations–as we have with China and Vietnam.

            • I respect all of your comments. I just have a different opinion. The S with a line through it (Money, money, money) controls everything and is so important to China, right? .China isn’t about to allow a country that can’t keep their lights on to interfere with their transactions. I read where China sent an envoy to talk to Kim.

              Ike said beware of the military complex, right? So Trump is feeding them. Anybody with half a brain would. No need to mess with that power.

            • I give Trump A Lot more credit than you do. I think Trump is playing with China. He knows that we, the US, is propping up China. It isn’t the other way around.

              Trump tweets foolish things to keep CNN ,etc., busy chasing his quotes around the Internet. All while he gets policies done. He knows exactly what he’s doing. Seems strange CNN , etc. hasn’t figured it out. Or don’t they care?

              A Democrat leader said about the same thing. He’s a master at distractions.

              I once got an email from the Democrat party saying Trump’s tweets are a distraction. That he’s passed bills while people aren’t paying attention.

            • HGB: I want to thank you for your responsible comments. It is sad that so many of our commenters use profanity and name calling, because they don’t have a rational argument. And that’s from both sides. These days, it appears that arguments are not just liberal vs. conservative, but also rational vs. irrational. Or worse, irrational vs. irrational. Hope you stick with us through 2018.

            • Oh, I’ll stick with you. You, and even Nate, provide quality facts behind your posts.

              It seems that irrational comments, and profanity, is the only way too many are able to express their opinions. It’s tough to tell who is more irrational. Far right conservatives blow me off as a bleeping liberal. And Liberals basically stop responding if I question anything.

              I’ve got to admit that I got tired of hearing how bad Obama, or Hillary, were. You know Obummer. That’s no way to talk about a president. Now it’s ignorant Trump. Like that’s going to move the country forward.

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