In a very unclear message about the 2020 Presidential election, former Vice President Joe Biden says he won’t commit to not running against Donald Trump in 2020. That is to say, he hasn’t decided to run, but he hasn’t decided to rule out running.

Report from WJLA in Washington, DC:

Former Vice President Joe Biden hasn’t decided to run for president in 2020. But he’s decided that he’s “not going to decide not to run.”

Got it?

The 74-year-old Democrat offered a somewhat confusing take on his political future in a series of new interviews ahead of the release of his memoir, “Promise Me, Dad: A Year of Hope, Hardship, and Purpose.” But one thing is clear: Biden thinks he’s the right man to lead the nation.

Biden tells InStyle magazine that “this moment in American history sort of fits into my wheelhouse and the strengths I have.” He cited his experience with diplomacy, his personal authenticity and his willingness to work with both parties.

The scoop comes from a recent interview Biden with Vanity Fair, and clearly he wants to keep his name on the list or he’d be more equivocal in saying he’s ruled it out:

Biden versus Trump would be an epic battle as neither man is afraid of getting down in the mud. The similarities in their style is striking, and their appeal to a similar slice of voters would also create a real battleground. Biden spent the past couple elections talking about his blue-collar upbringing in Scranton, Pennsylvania. That is Trump’s wheelhouse as he ended up winning the Keystone state over Hillary Clinton in 2016 with the very voters Biden would be targeting.

I think Biden will eventually rule it out, perhaps just due to age. But then again, politicians usually continue to strive for higher office. Having served as VP, there is only one chair left for Biden to sit in, but he’d have to push Trump out of it in 2020 first. Oh, and win a tough Democratic primary, but those are minor details.


  1. Biden is a good man, and there would be no question that I would support him over Trump. That said even a healthy 77 year old man is 77 years old. I think the party will be ready to look for someone younger. Besides the fact, I am still convinced that whoever the Democrats chose will be facing someone other than Trump. Possibly Pence, but I think that whatever scandal finally ends Trump will get Pence as well. If history is a reliable guide, Pence may gofirst, thrown under the bus in a last ditch effort for Trump to save himself. Remember Spiro T. At this point I don’t know what to believe about what will finally get Trump, whether it will be imprachment, resignation ( knowing when to walk away from the deal) or a complete nervous breakdown, but I still maintain that there is no way Trump will serve the entire term. Let alone run for, or win a second term.

    • Lol. Trump or Hillary scandal? Trump isn’t going anywhere.

      Only a flamming liberal would think the Russian joke is treason by Trump but an investigation by Hillary. Even the Washington Post and NY Times want nothing to do with Hillary.

      • While you are explaining the Russian “joke” to me, explain why Trump has had only one meeting with foreign representatives where he didn’t treat them as criminals, and that was when he took the Russians into the Oval office, wouldn’t allow our press, only Russian press and laughed and joked with them like they were best friends. By contrast, he refused to shake hands with Angela Merkel and I believe he slipped her a bill for what he thought they should be paying for NATO membership.

        But maybe that is because the Russians are his only friends. They certainly helped him get where he is. The big question is what does Putin have on him, and what will it cost us for Trump to keep him quiet.

        Would you also please explain what a flamming liberal is. I could understand why someone like you would say a flaming liberal, but flamming, I don’t understand. I guess I don’t speak illiterate.

        • Wasn’t it Hilary who wanted to hit the “reset” button with Russia? Why is it ok for the dems to want to “reset” political affairs with other countries but not Trump? Did you wonder what Castro had on Obama when he reset relations with Cuba?

          • Absolutely. We had a historic opportunity when the USSR fell. Yeltzin and Clinton were even drinking buddies. Trouble is, that’s as far as it went. We should have worked fast to set up joint programs. Maybe even bring them in to NATO. And help them build viable institutions, instead of watching the mob take over.

            And, yes, Trump is right that we should have worked with Russia to stabilize Syria and the region.

            We always miss opportunities when we let our pettiness get in the way. That includes all the money, energy, and international good will we have wasted punishing the tiny island of Cuba.

  2. Only you and other liberals
    would say Biden’s statement was clear. Even he must have laughed.

    I’m sure the Hollywood elite, we gave the middle finger too, would only laugh with Joe. After all he’s one of them. Joe is Sane. Joe has morals but is still one of them.

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