It’s hard to tell where Ann Coulter stands some days. She has been a fervent Trump supporter, and she has turned against him. Now she says that all of this Comey mess is not Trump’s fault—it’s Jared Kusher’s fault, and it makes for a good read in Breitbart.

Conservative commentator and best-selling author Ann Coulter pointed out on Twitter this week that President Donald Trump is in his current predicament regarding Russia and Special Counsel Robert Mueller because of Jared Kushner’s political malpractice.

“Reminder: It was Kushner’s decision to fire [former FBI director James] Comey that brought the Independent Counsel, not Sessions recusing himself months earlier,” tweeted Coulter, who was one of the few across the media spectrum who always stood by Trump during the campaign when nearly everyone else was running straight for the hills. . .

In May, based on interviews with six White House sources, the Times reported that it was Kushner who eagerly and “strongly advocated” Comey’s “ouster” after “assuring” Trump that the firing would be a political “win” that would “neutralize protesting Democrats because they had called for Mr. Comey’s ouster over his handling of Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server.” Numerous other reporters also noted Kushner’s role in advising Trump to fire Comey.

The theory is that Kushner knew he was under investigation, and thought getting rid of Comey would derail his personal troubles. But the theory goes deeper, suggesting that Kushner may be a “mole” in the organization, actually working for the Democrats.

Bill Palmer of the Palmer Report floated a sinister theory in May that Kushner was so eager to fire Comey that he knowingly gave Trump bad advice, telling Trump whatever he needed to hear to pull the trigger on getting rid of Comey.

“Kushner is a Democrat. His friends are Democrats. He knew full well that Donald Trump firing James Comey would only serve to enrage Democrats and anti-Trump people, because no matter what they thought of Comey, they were holding out hope that Comey could take down Trump,” Palmer wrote then, implying that Kushner wanted to, above all else, look out for his interests.

Coulter does not go as far as Palmer, suggesting his advice was due to stupidity, rather than subterfuge.

That theory is a bit far-fetched. So if Kushner sincerely and naively actually believed that firing Comey would be received by Democrats with cheers like some claimed Iraqis would greet American soldiers with “sweets” and “flowers,” then that raises another set of questions about why someone who is so in over his head and apparently clueless about politics is Trump’s top aide.

Kushner is apparently in the White House to protect and defend his father-in-law. But his advising Trump to fire Comey has only dragged Trump and his whole family into the mess they are in now, as Coulter pointed out.

Coulter is also blasting Trump about the soap opera around Trump’s ridiculing of Attorney General Jeff Sessions, according to NewsMax.

Conservative firebrand Ann Coulter blasted President Donald Trump, accusing him of behaving like the paranoid captain in “The Caine Mutiny” — and scolding him to “be a man” and fire Attorney General Jeff Sessions if he’s displeased with him.

The story goes on to say that Coulter emailed the Washington Post to speak to Trump, saying, “It’s starting to feel like Capt. Queeg. He’s screwing with Sessions? Wow, is that treacherous!” [Captain Queeg was a character in the novel, “Caine’s Mutiny.”]

In fact, Coulter’s disillusionment with Trump has been evident for some time, according to the Daily Caller.

I’m not very happy with what has happened so far. I guess we have to try to push him to keep his promises. But this isn’t North Korea, and if he doesn’t keep his promises I’m out. This is why we voted for him. I think everyone who voted for him knew his personality was grotesque, it was the issues.

I hate to say it, but I agree with every line in my friend Frank Bruni’s op-ed in The New York Times today. Where is the great negotiation? Where is the bull in the china shop we wanted? That budget the Republicans pushed through was like a practical joke… Did we win anything? And this is the great negotiator? . . .

I have from the beginning been opposed to Trump hiring any of his relatives. Americans don’t like that, I don’t like that. That’s the one fascist thing he’s done. Hiring his kids.

Meanwhile, Fox News Insider reports that Coulter has been tweeting that Trump is accomplishing nothing.

Ann Coulter was a big supporter of then-candidate Donald Trump during the 2016 campaign, but so far she’s been underwhelmed by the Trump presidency.

On Friday, Coulter unleashed a series of tweets, ripping Trump for his lack of progress on building a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border, addressing illegal immigration and halting the flow of Middle Eastern refugees into our country.

Coulter even criticized Trump for the bombing raid in Syria, following Assad’s alleged gas attack.

Conservative pundit and columnist Ann Coulter battered Donald Trump with criticism over his decision to launch a missile strikes against assets of Bashar al-Assad’s regime in Syria, questioning Trump’s judgement and whether Assad was responsible for a chemical weapons attack launched against civilians earlier this week.

Coulter, during an interview with Rich Zeoli on Talk Radio 1210 WPHT, assailed Trump for breaking a key campaign promise because of reports he saw on television. . .

Coulter warned that the Middle East is a quagmire where ambitious Presidential agendas meet their demise.

“This is the rise of the military industrial complex, the neocons, permanent war. No President meddling in the Middle East has ever been helped by that. Never, never, never.


  1. The fact that Ms Coulter really expected Trump to a) succeed, and b) actually have any coherant plans, just shows how clueless she really is.

    • Yet not only has Trump succeeded he has put more plans into action in 6 months than the Muslim in Chief did in 8 years. I wonder who the CLUELESS one is now???

      • After an inexcusable, anticonstitutional, year long filibuster of Obama’s supreme court nomination, Trump did manage to place a pro religion stooge in a stolen seat on the court. That is an accomplishment. And one that all rabid, hateful, holier than thou Christians should be proud of.Would you care to give, in real, measurable terms, any other accomplishments this President can claim. Please note, executive orders are not legislation.
        Please note also;
        1) His Muslim ban is still almost completely blocked by the courts.
        2) His repeal and replace of healthcare was soundly defeated in the senate, not once, but three times.
        3) Every time he speaks in public, someone ends up apologizing, or contradicting all he said. As when the president of the Boy Scouts had to apologize for the vulgarity and unsuitable nature of his speech. And when he advised police officers to rough up their prisoners, the police came out to say that any of their employees who took that advice would be severly disciplined.
        4) The way he cuddles up to Putin, yet embarrassed us by his behaviour towards every one of our allies.
        5) The fact that no border wall is being built, and that the proposal to begin building one calls for US taxpayers, not Mexico to pay for the construction.

        • You forgot to add to your list the time he JAY WALKED.?

          You have to admit it that President Trump is a breath of fresh air in a PC polluted world. He says what he means and means what he says. Previous presidents were so busy being formal that they never got anything but a watered down message across.?

          And of course the WEENIE that was known as O’Bugger, who we were unfortunately saddled with for 8 years, couldn’t even do that. He was so busy apologizing and acting like a little girl that it was difficult to understand exactly what he was doing. Do you think MOOCHELLE was keeping the wimp in line. In other words he was and still is spineless.?

          • You bowed down and kissed the North end of the southbound Trump for one whole paragraph. You badmouthed the Obamas for another whole paragraph. What you did NOT do was list one single accomplishment. That, my friend, is called deflection and it is a strategy chosen mostly by people who are either not sure of their facts. Or that they already know they have no real arguement.

            As far as being or not being “PC”, I think that it is a matter of respect. Respect for one’s self, the office that they represent, and the people that they serve. Yes SERVE, for you see a president is a public servant. His every action is supposed to serve the interests of the people, all the people of this country. Trump, in the other hand, is a bully. He has no respect for the people, the country, his office, and especially for himself. And, like most bullies, he is a coward. Witness today’s charade in the Whitehouse. Trump was afraid to fire Prebus so he hired Scaramucci to do the job. He was afraid of Scaramucci, so he hired Kelly to do that job. We will have to wait until tomorrow to see who fires Kelly. No, he’s not “PC”.

            As for the Obamas, you obviously don’t like the color scheme they were available in
            All I can say about that is that they we’re not ashamed of their skin color and did not paint themselves orange. As far as Michelle keeping President Obama in line, I think she was very supportive and both showed proper respect for their positions, and the people they served. Oh, and when Michelle spoke, you could understand every word. She was not some foreign bimbo who can barely speak English.

            But I digress, we were talking about Trump’s accomplishments. Please re-read my previous post and try to list ANY accomplishment of Trump’s administration. I have already given you the supreme court nomination so don’t list that. I triple dog dare you to name any other.

            • Why do liberals always resort to the race card? The O’Buggers could have been Lily white and I still would not have liked them. By the way I am disappointed in you. Calling the current first lady a bimbo is beneath even a low life like you.

              As far as the great President Trump’s accomplishments, let’s see where do I begin. First off he has backed away from the weenie apologizing that your beloved COMMUNITY ORGANIZER was so fond off. Love him or not he has once more put the world on notice that the US is not to be trifled with. He has energized the economy since being sworn in. Didn’t the DOW JONES just recently hit another high. I believe that he has also brought many jobs back from overseas. Also many big companies are planning on building huge facilities here in the US. I don’t want to overload your brain so I will mention just one more accomplishment. Illegal immigration from South of the border is down 70%. Could that be merely because of the fear of President Trump. I think not, it is just that he has untied the hands of ICE and is allowing them to do their jobs.?

              If the weenie political hacks posing as judges would let him do his job instead of obstructing everything, there would be many more to list. Anyway you still have 7 & 1/2 years to appreciate the greatness of President Trump.?

  2. No wonder Scaramucci’s wife is leaving him. Women don’t want to be in the same room with Trump, a self-admitted serial sexual assaulter. Now that Scaramucci is Trump’s wingman for his raping sprees, it’s understandable that his wife wants to move on to some kind of normal life. Good for her.

  3. I very seldom agree with Ann Coulter but she is right in questioning the intentions of Jared Kushner. Kushner has his own agenda. He is out to punish anyone who he feels had any responsibility for his father’s jail time and for the time he personally spent in the disgraced social corner. Charles Kushner, Jared’s father, was charged, and pled guilty, to tax fraud schemes and served time in a federal prison. The federal prosecutor was Chis Christi. Trump listened to his son in law and screwed Christi big time. The father is free now and heads their real estate business. There are more on Kushner’s list.

    • I never agree with Anne Coulter, but EVERYONE in the Trump administration, especially Trump himself has their own agenda. Its called personal profit at the expense of the American people. When the Mueller investigation makes Trump’s tax returns, and the Trump family’s finances public with all the self dealing and Russian money laundering, the Trumps will get their well earned rewards.

      • Unfortunately, there is no path to criminal charges against Trump outside the DOJ. Mueller may discover all the hidden, devious dealings that bears the Trump brand. The president himself is effectively immune from criminal indictment. Even though Mueller can’t indict the president and isn’t authorized to make an official recommendation about impeachable conduct, his decisions could endanger the president. If Trump has committed impeachable offenses, he will not have done so alone, but in concert with his family, aides, or political supporters. Building an impeachment case against Trump is just like building a criminal case against a corporate executive or organized crime boss. You start with subordinates and work your way up to the guilty big dog.

        Trump’s adult life has been one long trail of betrayals. Trump has dumped wives, friends, mentors, protégés, colleagues, business associates, Trump University students and, more recently, political advisers. Trump is a bully, so he picks on his top guys in public until they’re in tatters, and then, he fires them.

        I am a strong believer that truth cannot be denied forever.

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