There is some conventional thinking right now that if the President simply took a hiatus from his twitter account, that he’d do himself and the country a world of good. I’m not sure that twitter is the real culprit here, but most Americans would like to see less tweeting, and more legislating according to a new poll.

Report on this from the UK Daily Mail:

It’s not just inside-the-Beltway Republicans who are grumbling about President Trump’s Twitter use.

A new Morning Consult/Politico poll found that Trump’s tweets, which have come fast and loose practically every morning since the president returned from abroad, are increasingly a problem with American voters.

Now, 69 percent of registered voters say Trump tweets too much, up 13 points when pollsters asked the same question in December, while 51 percent say his tweeting hurts American national security interests.

The view that Trump tweets too much is also, increasingly, becoming more nonpartisan.

The survey, which dropped Wednesday morning, found that 53 percent of Republicans and 51 percent of voters who chose Trump last November said the president tweets too much – a majority, albeit a slim one, in both cases.

Yes, even Republicans are getting tired of the twitter spats and 140-character diplomacy, but I don’t think it’ll change much. Trump became somewhat famous with his twtiter account during the campaign, and he’s said time and time again that he likes bypassing the media and going directly to the people. Twitter is built for instant and immediate dissemination with instant feedback. Trump is an “instant action” kind of person who shoots first, then let’s someone else ask the questions later.

If Trump lost his twitter account to the mercy of his aides, there’d be no chance of him live-tweeting the Comey hearing tomorrow, which will be some kind of new entertainment if it happens. Imagine if President Clinton had been able to tweet during the Monica years and the impeachment trial. It’s almost worth bringing twitter back in time to make it happen.


  1. You misunderstand, we do not want him to quit tweeting and pay more attention to being president, we want him to keep on tweeting and give up the presidency.

    • You know deep down that you have a great deal of admiration for President Trump. You are writing the opposite of what you are thinking. You want President Trump in the White House for two terms. You then want a President Pence in for two terms.?

      Admit it you are really a closet REPUBLICAN!!!?

  2. He’s an inept imbecile with the intellectual capacity of an amoeba. No surprise to find people can’t stand his infantile Twitter salivations. He needs to be ousted ASAP.

  3. It is an addiction. It would be hard for anyone to break. It will be impossible for someone who thinks he’s God.

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