The Republican-backed repeal of ObamaCare, known as the American Healthcare Act, or AHCA, passed the House or Representatives yesterday by a vote of 217-213, with 20 Republicans joining all 193 Democrats in opposing the measure. As a result, the bill now heads to the Senate where it could die a legislative death, or be changed substantially form the current version.

Democrats wasted no time in voice opposition to the bill, going so far as to claim that the passage of the AHCA would literally result in the deaths of thousands of Americans. Here is a sampling of the reaction:

Yes, that’s right, the AHCA will literally kill people, according to Democrats and liberal media outlets. It’s as if the tables have been reversed and the alternate reality change is now complete.

Flashback to 2009 and a certain “rogue” Governor from Alaska who once wrote the phrase “death panels” on her facebook page. The argument over ObamaCare was never the same after that in 2010:

Yes, folks, the hyperbole runs strong on all sides when it comes to the topic of health care. The bottom line comes down to the simple axiom that “our health care bill” is good, and “their health care bill” will kill you. In other words, whichever side of the aisle you’re on, be afraid, be very afraid.

If you want to learn what the actual provisions are inside the AHCA and how they might affect you, here’s a strong sampling of stories from various media outlets on what’s actually in the bill:

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NPR: Here Is What’s In The House-Approved Health Care Bill

All of this might be short lived if the Senate has anything to say about it. According to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, the bill won’t make it through without major changes:

The person who must lead the talks and finally shape a compromise is Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Kentucky. This week he hinted to reporters how difficult the task could be.

“When they send it over here it will be a real big challenge on the Senate side as well,” he said.

Because the margins are so narrow, McConnell can’t afford any defections so every GOP senator could have enormous sway. At the same time, for Republicans to meet their long-sought goal of repealing Obamacare, they must find ways to not be rigid in their demands.

But even if they pass something, there is no assurance the House would accept a dramatically altered bill so the repeal effort could fail then.

Any changes made by the Senate have to go back to the House for approval, so you can see the possible “death spiral,” to borrow a phrase, this bill might get stuck in.


  1. It’s not “their health care bill” that will kill people. It’s the lack of coverage.

    Cancer does kill people, Nate. It’s not hyperbole or some crazy liberal conspiracy theory. When you are fatally ill and denied treatment, you might actually die. That’s how death works. It’s not some funny game. Many, many people will die.

    We know that Republicans are murderous, genocidal psychopaths. But when you snowflakes murder people, you can’t be offended when you are correctly labelled murderers.

    Take some damn responsibility for once in your worthless life, Nate.

  2. Looks like President Taco Bowl is celebrating Cinco de Mayo after all. Too bad it’s at the expense of millions of his supporters, too.

    • You are talking about the Insurance companies, right? The Ted Kennedy liberals said they got everything they wanted with ACA.

      Obama thought the insurance companies were going to do whatever he wanted. Now Trump has found out they are just as cold hearted. His new bill isn’t any better.

      What we had, pre ACA, was fine.

      • Fine, except for the lack of decent coverage and people with pre-existing conditions being exempted. And that’s the inherently selfish debacle that we are returning to, millions of Americans left to die due to selfish, cold-hearted Republican money moguls who only care for the rich and their ridiculous tax breaks rather than basic healthcare as a human right for ALL Americans. ACA may not be perfect, but it is one step closer to the truly socialized healthcare system we all deserve where people can actually go to the doctor or the hospital without worrying.

  3. Fear mongering has become a past time with dems. Their response to any Trump policy or action is “O my God, millions of people will die”

  4. The health of millions of Americans is now in their hands of 100 Senators. They have been handed a bill and its catalog of horrors to vote on.

    It’s true that at some point in our life, we all end up paying insurance for someone sicker than ourselves. Until, that is, one day we get sick, or a child is born that needs extensive care, young people have near fatal accidents and contagious diseases strike only to find these are not covered by their insurance. That is just a part of how the Ryan Plan works and it would affect every citizen sooner or later.

    Let’s hope the Senators can do better.

    • I’ve got to agree. Especially with hoping the Senate does better.

      I was disappointed to read: Older pay more than younger. Basically the insurance mandate isn’t gone.

      Looks like the Insurance companies wrote the bill, right?

      • The Insurance nation has always been a powerful force. It showed it’s strength by defeating Bill Clinton’s healthcare plan. Which, by the way, was the best plan yet. Barrack Obama, in 2009, bought off the Insurance nation by including a provision that every American had to buy insurance. They gave Obama his two demands that children be left on their insurance plan until age 26 and preexisting health conditions be covered. Trump and Ryan raised the surcharge which will cost people more than Obama’s plan. Generously tucked into the Ryan/Trump plan is a sweetner that gives insurance executives who make more than five hundred thousand dollars a year a tax break.

  5. It seems to me the insurance companies own the Dems and the GOP. I’d be willing to bet the insurance companies wrote Obama care and this new bill.

    Where is Trumps buy insurance across State lines desired policy statement?

    Hope the Senate can get the insurance companies to write a better bill.

  6. hgb…It’s already possible to sell insurance across state lines thanks to the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare). This key plank of Trump’s health care vision was authorized in 2010 by the very law he’s trying to replace, and it remains in effect today. The law stated that the decision was up to states themselves. Since then, several states—both red and blue—have passed laws that allow insurers to sell policies in other states with similar laws.
    The real problems lies with Donald Trump and his inability to tell the American voters the whole truth on any subject.

    • I agree about the Bill Clinton health care plan. It was the best. But no way the insurance companies would ok it.

      I didn’t know it was possible to sell, depending on the State, insurance across state lines. I’m not surprised at all that the insurance companies are heavily involved in Trumps health care plan. I am sort of surprised that the ACA was owned by the insurance companies.

      You said “The real problem lies with Trumps inability to tell the American voters the whole truth.” I say that’s also true of Obama, right? Why? I’ve said before that the Kennedy liberals said on Meet the Press that the insurance companies got everything they wanted with ACA. Did Obama say that? Why not just tell the truth Obama and Trump?

      • Perception is everything. Insurance companies did not get everything they wanted from Obama. Else we would not be able to keep our children on our insurance policy until they are twenty six years of age. Those are the college years and it has saved parents millions of dollars. Obama persisted and got people with cancer and other life altering diseases the right to continued medical care. Their policy could not be canceled by greedy Insurance Companies. Unfortunately, Obama gets no recognition for this great life saving achievement. Obama never said, or felt, the insurance company got everything they wanted.

        Other than Harry Truman, what president has told the American public the truth and the whole truth? Certainly not in this century or the last one.

        The vast difference in Trump and past presidents is that Trump deliberately lies to hide his own personal transgressions and lack of knowledge, not to spare the people from unnecessary fear and worry. No other president, including Clinton, can hold a light compared to Trump’s misuse of the women in his life.

        • Why did the Ted Kennedy liberals, not Obama, say “The insurance companies got everything they wanted” if they didn’t.? The liberals had worked on the ACA.

          No president gets anything they want unless the big companies, like the insurance companies, ok it. You know that is true. You probably won’t admit it on this public form but it is true

          Vast difference? Nope. But liberals can’t say Obama lied. One example. “You can keep your doctor/plan.” They can’t say Clinton lied. Remember “I did not have sex with that women.” Please. Just admit Clinton disgraced the office of the presidency more than anyone.

          • You think cheating on your wife is worse than owning slaves and committing genocide?

            Well, that’s an interesting peek at your moral compass right there.

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