Hillary Clinton is ready to wade back into the world of politics by preparing to launch a new political action committee aimed at opposing President Donald Trump. The group will likely be called Onward Together, and will employ many of the same people who worked alongside the Clintons during the 2016 campaign. Without fail, the foray back into politics has fueled speculation that Hillary might still be considering a presidential run in 2020.

Politico reports on the latest Clinton endeavor:

The former secretary of state is building a new political group to fund organizations working on the resistance to President Donald Trump’s agenda, spending recent weeks in Washington, New York City, and Chappaqua, N.Y., meeting with donors and potential groups to invest in, and recruiting individuals for the group’s board of directors, multiple people close to the two-time White House hopeful and people familiar with the group’s planning told POLITICO.

She is looking to launch the group, expected to be called Onward Together — a nod to her campaign slogan, Stronger Together — as soon as next week, they say. Clinton’s spokesman declined to comment for this story.

Clinton has been working with Dennis Cheng, her campaign’s finance director who was previously the Clinton Foundation’s chief development officer, to bring donors into the fold.

Despite the obvious possibility of building a PAC to propel a future campaign, Hillary denies that the group is being formed as vehicle for future political ambitions:

Hillary Clinton soon will launch a PAC as a way of “acting as a quiet catalyst” for organizations she cares about, and eventually will help 2018 congressional candidates — but with no intention of making it a vehicle to run for anything herself. [Emphasis added]

According to a source familiar with the planning, the initial focus will be on lifting up organizations that are the product of the energy and activism she has seen since the election, and existing groups that have been reignited and reinvigorated by that energy. She has met with some of these groups, and it’s something she’s become increasingly passionate about with each meeting, the source said.

Sure, there is “no intention” to use this group for the Hillary’s aspirations down the road, but that possibility will always exist. Some analysts still keep her name in the hat for a possible 2020 presidential run challenging Donald Trump again. I just don’t see that happening, especially since I think she’d face stiffer resistance from within the Democratic Party this time around than she did in 2016. There are too many younger Democratic politicians with no baggage and better campaign skills available who haven’t been under FBI investigation, why would rank-and-file Democratic voters want to run Hillary for president again when better options exist?

However, I could absolutely see her in politics for something like a Senate seat, which she previously held in New York, or perhaps even something like running for Mayor of New York City. She’d be an instant front runner in either case, and the voter demographics are much easier for Democrats in the deep blue state. This way she would keep her voice in the mix and retain some public persona without the burden of a Presidential run.

In the meantime, she can use this new PAC to direct funding to races around the country and likely help Democrats in 2018 during the all-important midterms.


  1. In fact, you can get decent odds against her ever being elected to public office again.

  2. Great, we need her experience with fund raising and Bill’s support for the next Dem nominee. We need a young, energetic “Rock Star” type of personality – how ’bout Joseph Kennedy, III.

  3. How many people believe that a MEGLOMANIC like Hillary Clinton is going to be content to stay in the background? Is she going to start a PAC to help other Democrats or does she want to another source of illicit funds now that the Clinton Foundation has closed shop? It is a little MYSTERIOUS that the man who ran the Clinton Foundation is also going to run this PAC??

    All of these curiously strange facts will not at all penetrate the thick skulls of the DUMBOCRATIC faithful. The faithful er GULLIBLE will pour money into this dark hole.?

    Before she can make bigger fools of already foolish people it is time that the FBI find her and Bubba guilty of their multitude of sins. They should go where they have always belonged and that is JAIL!!!?

  4. I believe Hillary is through running for the presidency. Just not through with the political scene. She may become New York’s mayor or take more of a role in the Clinton foundation but she will always be in the political game. Approve or disapprove, it remains that she has lived an extraordinary life of public service.

    Of course, this takes us to Donald Trump who did win the presidency. Donald Trump entered the White House as one of the most scandal-tarred presidents in American history. After entering the White House, Trump has occasioned a whole new set of disputes. Looming largest is the question of whether his campaign colluded with Russian agents to interfere in the election, a question being investigated by the FBI as well as panels in both houses of Congress. They also include ethical and legal questions surrounding members of his cabinet, his allegation that Barack Obama spied on him before the election, various conflicts of interest and just plain lying when the truth would have served him better. Not to mention, the Trump family’s continued commingling their business with the presidency, and their continued refusal to even entertain the idea of divestment. The unusually elaborate lifestyle of America’s new first family is straining the budget of the Secret Service, security officials, and many county budgets, stirring financial costs that could balloon into the hundreds of millions of dollars.

        • Angelica…thanks for the articles. The first one simply confirms that idle gossip is not truth. Even James Comey had to admit there was no chargeable offense. All of Comey’s back of the hand charges was just wishful hot air.

          The second article is really going back and scrapping the barrel. Again, no chargeable facts came forth from these either. Just unconfirmed ugly rumor passed down through the years.

          Did she have a hand in any of charges? Only God knows and He’s saving it, maybe for her or maybe for her false accusers.

            • White privilege did not start with the Clintons nor will it end with them. It is presently in full bloom with the Republican Party and spreading. Trump filled his cabinet, with the exception of Elaine Chao, with known old white supremacest. Elaine Chao is the wife of Senator Mitch O’Connell so that explains how she slipped in.

            • Based on this statement I would say you need to go back to school and learn to count as there are many more women in the Trump Administration than you are willing to admit. Regardless of who he appoints to what position it will not make you are the other liberals happy. Just accept the fact that Hillary lost and you must put up with Trump just like the rest of us had to put up with Obama. I don’t recall any big protest with people damaging other peoples property when people were complaining about Obama. If you can, please name them.

    • If we had honest people in the previous administration and representatives that worked for the people rather than themselves or family and friends we may not have needed a person like Trump and his large family. It is not Trumps fault how the laws in the past were written. I’m sure he would prefer to fly him and his family in his own plane and pay the cost himself. Remember, he even gives his salary to organizations serving the poor, so, he’s not receiving anything for being President that he requested.

      • Answering two of your posts.
        Cabinet-level positions have changed over time. Trump has 24 cabinet members, whereas George H.W. Bush only had 17.

        18 of Trump’s 24 cabinet members are white males, 4 females (3 white 1 minority) and 2 men (minority race). A smaller percentage of white males were in Obama’s, George W. Bush’s and Clinton’s first cabinets based on the same analysis. Trump’s Cabinet is more white and more male than any first Cabinet since President Ronald Reagan.

        Through the years, while campaigning and since he became president Trump has promised to donate over $45,000,000 in salaries, proceeds and other fees to charity.. However, in reality, as president, Trump has only donated about $7,800,000 to the Park Service, a one time donation. Spicer said Trump may wait until the end of the year to make other donations. Good to know.

        There is no law that prevents Trump from using his own airplane to jet down to Mar a Lago or any place he chooses. He simply would have to personally pick up the expensive tab for the trip and part of the personal expenses of the secret service, etc that must accompany him. Trump elects not to use his own plane because he would personally have to pick up most of the tab.

        You’re right, there were no big protests during Obama or any other recent US president’s tenure. Evidently, “we the people” saved those for Trump.

        • LOL at this comment. You forgot to mention the race breakdown of the Obama Administration.

          • The truth is often funny, isn’t it?
            Obama placed women and minorities in 53.5 percent of those posts, compared with 25.6 percent during George W. Bush’s presidency and 37.5 percent under Bill Clinton.

            • Trump has appointed two women to traditional Cabinet-level positions: Elaine L. Chao (Secretary of Transportation), and Elizabeth (Betsy) DeVos (Secretary of Education). He has also appointed two women to positions that are often (but not always) Cabinet-level: Nikki R. Haley (United States Representative to the United Nations[1]), and Linda McMahon (Small Business Administration Administrator). As of March, Trump had hired women to fill just 27 percent of the total openings throughout the new administration.

            • Goethe…its understandable how Chao was select for a cabinet post. She is the wife of majority senate leader, Mitch McConnell.

              Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos (in her senate confirmation hearing) said it was “possible” her family has donated $200 million to Republicans during the campaign for the presidency. The word possible leaves open the thoughts “was it more and how much more”. “was the appointment a Trump thank you”.

              Linda McMahon donated $6 million to Trump’s campaign in just August and September. McMahon is the wife of billionaire WWE promoter, Vincent McMahon, whose net worth Forbes estimates at $1.16 billion.

              At WrestleMania 23 in 2007, Trump and McMahon faced off in a “Battle of Billionaires.” After a fake fight, Trump shaved McMahon’s hair in the ring. Trump became a member of the WWE Hall of Fame.

              Between 2007 and 2009, Vince and Linda McMahon donated $5 million to the Donald J. Trump Foundation.

              A lot of questions arise about how Nicki Haley acquire her net worth of 1.4 million while in public office so quickly. However, thing I most admire about Haley is that she sticks to her basic beliefs, right or wrong.

              While Haley was conducting her reassurance tour with Syria’s neighbors last week, Trump unveiled a budget proposing sweeping cuts to U.S. foreign aid. Many of the same U.N. agencies whose programs Haley visited and promoted face sharply reduced U.S. contributions, creating uncertainty about whether she could deliver on her declarations of US support. Trump recently made a “joke” about firing her, and now Tillerson is trying to rein her in even by ordering that her public statements be cleared through his office. None of the administration’s other spokespeople are required to clear their statements.
              The only question is: will she stick to her basic beliefs or gradually become another Trump mouthpiece?

            • Why should there be 53.5 percent minorities in his administration when the minority black and Hispanic is only about 13 percent each.

        • There is no law that prevents Trump from using his own airplane to jet down to Mar a Lago or any place he chooses. He simply would have to personally pick up the expensive tab for the trip and part of the personal expenses of the secret service, etc that must accompany him. Trump elects not to use his own plane because he would personally have to pick up most of the tab.

          If you truly believe this you need more help than I can offer.

          • It’s not whether you believe it or whether I believe it…just the facts was stated. If you have facts that state otherwise please report them.
            Like the old song goes “No help needed”.

    • Much of what you have said is pure speculation and until we finally know one way or the other it needs to be left alone. The next thing it seems you are saying that a very wealthy person should not be president because of his and his families obligations we would put too much of a bind on the country’s financies. Thre laws were written before he even thought about running for the Presidency. These rules apply to all Presidents and their families. If anyone wants this changed they need to contact their Congressman.

    • Why are you concerned about Hilary Clinton’s bank account? In fact, why are you concerned about the woman at all? At this time, she is simply an American citizen that ran for president. How about being a good sport and let her recuperate in peace.

      • If you truly believe she is just an ordinary American citizen now you have a lot to learn. The Clintons will never be ordinary American citizens. They will always be in the spotlight and will always be involved in politics and trying to direct voting towards their way of thinking. I guess Berkley hasn’t taught you very much as I assume you are a student at Berkley or a past student.

        • In an attempt to discredit the Clinton, you accidentally described what every American should be doing “ always be involved in politics and trying to direct voting towards their way of thinking”.
          I am not, nor ever have been, a student at Berkley. Berkley was the last name of my early ancestors.

          • No accident, I always recommend people use their right to vote and have no problem with them having their own thoughts regarding who they support. I will also always state my opinions and try to show others who feel differently, where, how and why I feel differently. Only through discussion can the, hopefully, truths about all candidates be shown to the public for an honest vote in their opinion.

  5. Parties don’t bring back losers. Romney was ridiculed before he even asked if it made sense. Adlai Stevenson is the last loser who ran again, and that was largely because the Democrats knew they’d never win against America’s favorite WWII general.

    The way I see it, the only way the Democrats will nominate Hillary again is if (a) Trump becomes so popular that no other Dem wants the humiliation, or (b) if Trump becomes even less popular, and a ham sandwich could win against him. Then, just to humiliate him, they’d run Hillary again.

    You could say Nixon lost and then won, but in the eight years in between, he had totally reinvented himself. Hillary would be incapable of changing her image, since who she is, is set in our minds.

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