There are some clear tell-tale signs when politicians are gearing up to run for president. Most notable, they’ll probably start loving states they never cared about – like Iowa and New Hampshire. Furthermore, they may release a book which outlines their beliefs, background, and childhood upbringing. Then look for magazine features in publications that cater to suburban moms to present the “softer side” of said politician.

FiveThirtyEight has attempted to compile a list of these activities to figure out which Democrats, and possibly at least one Republican, are already gearing up to run for President in 2020. So far, the list is an eclectic mix of reality TV stars, billionaire tech entrepreneurs, Democratic governors, Democratic Senators and Representatives, a former Vice President, and John Kasich, the Republican Governor from Ohio.

Here is the list of criteria from FiveThirtyEight:

We looked at seven signs that indicated a person might run for president:

1. Making at least one visit to Iowa for a political event;

2. Making at least one visit to New Hampshire for a political event (We should note here that this story would not be possible without the work of Eric Appleman, a journalist who runs a site called Democracy in Action that since 2001 has tracked nearly every appearance that a prospective or declared candidate has made to Iowa and New Hampshire.);

3.Making at least one visit to South Carolina for a political event;

4.Participating in an interview for at least one feature story in any of a few large national magazines that are followed by political junkies;

5.Making at least one campaign appearance — outside of Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina — for his or her party’s candidates for governor or U.S. Senate;

6. Releasing a book in the time between the 2012 elections and the 2014 midterms or reaching an agreement to write a book that would be released during the campaign cycle;

7. Being included in at least one early national poll of the race that was conducted by either media outlets or polling companies.

Most of those names also appear on our compiled list of possible 2020 candidates, though people like Mark Zuckerberg, Mark Cuban, and Oprah Winfrey aren’t included on our list – yet. Celebrities often are asked about a presidential run, though few if any want to actually leave the comfort of their private lives to step into the public spotlight like Donald Trump. However, with Trump’s ascension, some of them might have started to give it serious thought since name recognition and celebrity can’t be underestimated when it comes to national elections.

Seeing John Kasich’s name list is interesting, though it’s very doubtful he would actually try to mount a serious campaign to unseat an incumbent president within his own party. Still though, maybe in the back of his mind he’s hoping Trump’s approval numbers are so bad in 2020 that the party will be begging him to step in and save the day.


  1. This is quite an odd list. Aside from being a well known flim flam artist, Hillary Clinton like Bernie Sanders, Joe Biden & Elizabeth Warren will be older than dirt in 2020.?

    You also have one trick ponies like Sheryl Sandberg, Mark Zuckerberg and Michelle Obama on this list. Sanberg is famous for being an ultra feminist and not much else. True Zuckerberg along with college pals who he ultimately screwed over created Facebook. Michelle Obama is the biggest joke of these three. She rode her husband’s coattails to the White House where for eight years she did nothing.?

    You then have Mark Cuban, Van Jones and Al Franken. Al you won’t be trying to win an election only in Minnesota. The state where Jessie the body Ventura was elected governor, yuck yuck and you were elected US senator, double yuck yuck. Van you won’t have your adoring dolts of fans that you have on CNN. Finally Mark you won’t be on SHARK TANK.?

    The rest of the field may garner some tepid enthusiasm from the electorate but not much else. I realize it is still early but if a field resembling anything like this compilation actually does run in the Democratic primary, get ready for another four years of President Trump.?

    • So you definitely won’t vote for Trump in 2020 then? Since he will be even older than “older than dirt.”

      Will you finally show some consistency? I’m gonna guess no.

      • But he will be experienced and wiser in 2020. If the next 3 yrs and 9 months are anything like his first 100 days, you bet your bottom dollar that I will vote for President Trump.?

        • The world’s dumbest person will suddenly become “wise” in his mid-70s. Sounds plausible.

          So you admit it had nothing to do with age, then? You should probably edit out that part from your previous comment. Blatant self-contradictions don’t make you look very intelligent.

          It’s very telling that conservative nazis still think these 100 days have been great, despite getting absolutely nothing done, wasting unprecedented amounts of tax dollars on vacations and golf, spending most of the time obsessing over how Donald is perceived by the public, making up pathetic conspiracy theories, getting repeatedly blocked by the law when trying to violate the constitution, desperately trying to shut down investigations into his treason, constantly whining about losing the vote…

          It’s almost as if the nazis only care about giving tax cuts to white billionaires and murdering everybody else.

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