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Tim Ryan, Amy Klobuchar, Bernie Sanders

2020 Democratic Candidates Visiting Early Primary States

We're early enough in the 2020 Democratic Primary when no candidates have confirmed their intention to run. However, a lot can be gleaned from...

Facebook Founder Prepping 2020 Presidential Run?

It's never too early to start looking down the road at the 2020 Presidential election, so from time to time stories crop up worth...

Will John Kasich Primary President Trump in 2020?

We touched on this topic briefly yesterday in a post about how to tell which politicians may be planning a presidential run in the...

Hillary Launching New PAC, 2020 Rumors Quickly Follow

Hillary Clinton is ready to wade back into the world of politics by preparing to launch a new political action committee aimed at opposing...

The List of Democratic Candidates to Challenge Trump in 2020

As the Trump administration hits the first 100 day mark, many Democrats are eagerly looking to the four year mark with an eye on...

Election 2020: Hillary Seeking to Revive Political Career

We already had rumors that former Vice President Joe Biden was considering a run in 2020, now there is talk that Hillary Clinton is...

Joe Biden Drops Hints of 2020 Presidential Run

Yes, that's right, the new president hasn't taken the Oath of Office yet and we're already jumping to 2020 and which Democrats might be...