If you read anything about the recent uptick in immigration enforcement, many media outlets are referring to the build-out as a “deportation force.” The most recent stats say that illegal border crossings are down, and the Justice Department, headed by Attorney General Jeff Sessions, says it will step-up prosecutions and deportations of criminal aliens.

The Washington Post reports on the “deportation force:”

The Trump administration is quickly identifying ways to assemble the nationwide deportation force that President Trump promised on the campaign trail as he railed against the dangers posed by illegal immigration.

An internal Department of Homeland Security assessment obtained by The Washington Post shows the agency has already found 33,000 more detention beds to house undocumented immigrants, opened discussions with dozens of local police forces that could be empowered with enforcement authority and identified where construction of Trump’s border wall could begin.

The agency also is considering ways to speed up the hiring of hundreds of new Customs and Border Patrol officers, including ending polygraph and physical fitness tests in some cases, according to the documents.

But these plans could be held up by the prohibitive costs outlined in the internal report and resistance in Congress, where many lawmakers are already balking at approving billions in spending on the wall and additional border security measures.

Administration officials said the plans are preliminary and have not been reviewed by senior DHS management, but the assessment offers a glimpse of the department’s behind-the-scenes planning to carry out the two executive orders Trump signed in January to boost deportations and strengthen border enforcement.

The new hiring is falling under the umbrella of new customs and border patrol agents, something that the federal government does under normal circumstances. From the outside, it appears that this new stance alone is having an impact on the number of border crossings which are down significantly from last year.

Critics of these moves claim the Trump administration is setting up a robust deportation apparatus which could be used down the road to “round up” illegals for a mass deportation, or morph into a police state:

“This is an administration that very much is interested in setting up that mass deportation infrastructure and creating the levers of a police state,” Executive Director of the National Immigration Law Center Marielena Hincapié told the Post. “In these documents, you have more proof and evidence that they’re planning to carry it out.”

The term “deportation force” sounds ominous and no doubt will be used by Democrats as motivation in 2018. Trump still needs funding for new hires and expanding departments, so Congress can still stand in the way if Republicans can’t get their act together and appropriate some money before the midterms.


  1. Actually, immigration has been negative since 2009. We have had more people leaving than coming in. Now, our immigrants are even going to Canada.

    Now let’s wait for news stories of crops rotting in the field and shortages of hospitality workers. . .

    • What you say about the numbers of illegals dropping is true, only one problem, the numbers trying to get in remained relatively constant. Obama after all was known as the DEPORTER IN CHIEF. Only one problem, Obama reacted while President Trump is ACTING.

      On to your second point about farm workers to pick crops and hospitality workers, I have a solution. How many of our fellow Americans just don’t want to work? How many live from WELFARE check to welfare check? How many US citizens live off of WIC or food stamps? Put these people to work in these affected areas to get their government handout. Is there a reason that while we work, some of these people are watching Maury Povich?

      Before you think I am the next coming of Attilla the Hun, let me clarify my point. I am not placing in the above group those who are partially or permanently disabled. The ones I am including are able bodied people. Some of whom think that an entry level job in whatever industry is beneath them. Never mind working your way up, no they want to start as highly paid individuals. It is either that or they will sit at home and do nothing. This also includes one time highly paid people who lost their job. They wouldn’t take a step backward in a new job, it is equal to what I did or nothing. I have met in my life people I am describing and you most likely have as well.

      Some countries around the world have no form of welfare. My wife and I visited Fiji around 5 years ago. While on a tour our guide told us that Fiji has no welfare. He said if you don’t work you don’t eat. As you pointed if all the illegals are sent packing, there will be plenty of work. Are Americans who are sucking off of the PUBLIC TEAT too good to do these jobs?

      • The problem is the myth that there are “jobs that Americans won’t do.” That’s a lie. Americans do a lot of crap jobs. The reason Americans don’t want to do these crap jobs is that the offered wage is equivalent to slave labor.

        If there are no illegals, who have to work for whatever they can get, the employers will have to offer higher and higher wages, until it reaches the point where average Americans will consider doing the job.

        • I have worked at two major companies over my career and yes the first job at each company was CRAP. I recently went into a local bank the day after a Federal holiday. The bank only had two tellers to accommodate a horde of customers. After 30 minutes I finally reached the teller and completed my transaction. Prior to leaving I spoke to the manager and asked why they hadn’t scheduled more tellers to work that day. He told me that they have many job openings, but no takers. A friend of mine worked as a teller and told me the pay is lousy, could that possibly be the reason that few will do that job?

          As far as my point about having US residents on welfare earn their keep by working in the fields, I stand by it. You say when average Americans will consider doing this work. Let’s see what about they aren’t given the welfare check unless they work. Sounds good to me and I would wager to others as well.

          If the farmer has to raise wages to entice workers, then so be it. I don’t think the majority of people will worry about spending a few pennies more for their fruits and vegetables.

          • Straight Shooter…Your perception appears to be that people who use food stamps are “deadbeats”. The truth is far different. Food stamps, now called the SNAP program, is also used by military families. In 2014, over $84 million worth of food stamps were used in military commissaries. This does not include food stamps used in other stores such as Walmart, etc. Food stamps are used by veterans as well by retirees, the disabled, hard working families in low paying jobs and some eligible unemployed people in job training programs. Particularly affected are our wounded war veterans. Not only unable to get proper medical care but unable to work to provide for their family’s simple needs like food and clothes. Disabled veterans wait months, sometime years to get a measly pension. This group doesn’t have the few more pennies you speak of.

            Exactly what fields are you using to force these people to work in. The old time farmers are gone. Replaced by the likes of Monsanto Corporation, who have tremendous acreage in the south, and who uses modified seeds that produces vegetables, rice, etc which helps to destroy our individual health. Monsanto is well known for using cheap immigrant labor.

            Evidently, you haven’t engaged in any community work to help the needy or feed hungry children. Trump is actively promoting a policy to discontinue after school programs, including snacks, which are a boon to working Mothers.

            Pope Francis, in a simply sentence, explained the essence of Donald Trump “This man is not a Christian”.

            • We all have life experiences, something that I hope you realize. Years ago my wife worked in a local school cafeteria. Across from this home were newly built homes. These homes at that time went for about $700K. I am talking at least 15 or more years ago. Back to my point, many of the kids in this school qualified for a free lunch and after school snack. Once my wife asked if these kids were poor, her supervisor said no the majority of them live in the new homes across the way.

              Are you trying to tell me that I or anyone else should support these kids? Their parents got into a house they couldn’t realistically afford. Their solution, why not let the school feed my children for free. BTW the new homes I mentioned are now going for around 2 million dollars. The parents of those children are now saying thank you SUCKERS.

              If you read my earlier post I did say that those partially or permanently disabled shouldn’t fall into what I am proposing. I agree with you that veterans should also be exempt. But can you with a straight face tell me that someone who is watching Maury Povich daily when you and I are working should also be exempt. Some who fall in this category are able bodied, they simply don’t want to work. Why work if I can suck off the PUBLIC TEAT.

              My soloution may be too harsh and yours is too lenient. Other countries around the world have come up with a plan that is more middle of the road. I would think that before you become wholly dependant on government assistance, you had better exhaust all of your options. The government can provide a SAFETY NET for say 6 months, but not for life.

            • Clinton’s welfare reform limited assistance to a total of five years in a lifetime. Michigan dropped it to four years that a family can get the whopping $352 per month.

            • Thanks for such a thoughtful post. I agree that Maury Povich, and let me add the daily Kardashians watchers, deserve no sympathy. However, I firmly believe that the neglected and hungry children of these misfits should be feed and clothed and educated so they will not follow in the footsteps of their parents. I strongly believe this is the only way out for these forgotten children. Although I disagree with him politically, Doctor Ben Carson is a product of the background we are discussing. A juvenile delinquent, who once stabbed another person, he was from a family that lived off food stamps and government housing. Though free education, he rose above what would have been his likely fate and found his true niche in life.
              I have never encountered needy, hungry children that reside in homes of the 700K bracket. In my area, these children primarily live in the run down, shoddy and forgotten areas of town. It is these unjust circumstances that often lead them to chose a life of crime.

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