The returns went into the early hours of Wednesday morning, but eventually the state of Pennsylvania was called for Donald Trump which sent him over the threshold of 270 Electoral College votes to clinch the presidency. Just prior to that announcement, Clinton campaign manager, John Podesta, spoke to the gathered Hillary fans in New York and said they wouldn’t be conceding anything until all the votes were counted. Even at that point in the evening, the writing was on the wall, and a short time later, PA went Trump, Hillary called to concede, and the 2016 campaign came to an end.

I spent the evening following the New York Times live forecast of actual vote returns and things started to go Trump’s way during the 9pm hour last night. Here’s their chart which is based on the actual vote returns which extrapolates a candidate’s chance of winning the presidency.


The night started with a projection of 80% chance that Hillary wins the race. As the time ticked by, and Trump started winning in Florida, the projection Clinton projection meltedd away. Right around 9:30pm ET last night, the projection crossed into Trump territory as returns started trickling in from North Carolina, Ohio, and others. It was quite clear by 10pm ET that Trump was having an outstanding night.

Here is John Podesta addressing the crowds of Clinton supporters at 2am ET:

His brief statements seemed to indicate an unwillingness on the part of the Hillary campaign to admit defeat, and perhaps hinted at some recounts in certain areas.

However, something changed shortly after Podesta addressed the crowd which sealed the race and left the Clinton campaign with no further course to 270 electoral votes. It was then reported that Hillary Clinton had spoke to Donald Trump and offered her concession of the race around 2:30am ET.

Around 2:45am ET, the crowd at Trump headquarters in New York erupted as it was announced that Donald Trump and Mike Pence would be addressing the supporters to claim victory.

Here is the full speech from Vice President-Elect Mike Pence, and President-Elect Donald Trump:

The rest, as they say, is history. Hillary Clinton is expected to deliver a statement at some point today.

So, what happened to the polls, prognosticators, and projections? Nearly everyone – and that includes everyone – was completely wrong when it came to forecasting that Trump would win places like Wisconsin, Michigan, or Pennsylvania. Even North Carolina seemed to move out of reach in recent days, though Trump won it handily.

The short answer is the “Shy-Trump” voters and the totally unknown Trump voters which simply were not accounted for in the polls. That group of voters, coupled with the large number of undecided voters, all broke to Trump in the MidWest which made for a situation that pollsters simply couldn’t account for.

A little explanation from USAToday:

Several months of polls pegged Hillary Clinton as the leader in the polarizing race and as the leader in many key battleground states.

But Trump’s surge crushed the conventional wisdom among pollsters. Early Wednesday, he was far outpacing projections across the board.

The results suggest pollsters may have wildly underestimated the number of hidden Trump voters — people who stampeded to the ballot box on Election Day but never showed up on the radar of surveyors. [Emphasis added]

There was one notable exception among pollsters.

The Los Angeles Times/University of Southern California tracking poll consistently pegged Trump as the leader throughout the final months of the campaign — and to much derision from political pundits.

The difference-maker was likely the enthusiasm gap. Trump voters were excited to vote, and determined to vote. Hillary supporters were not to that level of excitement or dedication, and the results showed up in Democratic strongholds like Pennsylvania.

The icing on the electoral cake is that Republicans, while losing a couple seats, will retain a 51-seat majority in the US Senate, and retain a huge majority in the House, only giving up a handful of districts.

CNN reports on what the House and Senate will look like under President Trump next year:

Republicans pulled off a political stunner Tuesday night — running the table down-ballot and keeping control of the House and Senate, CNN projects.

In a year when the GOP was almost entirely on defense, the party’s incumbents — many outspent and hobbled by struggling campaigns — managed to survive a political landscape that long appeared all but certain to cost them the Senate.

Democrats believed they had the perfect mix: Near-locks in blue Illinois and Wisconsin. Top-grade recruits in red states Indiana and Missouri to get them close. And Donald Trump would drag down Republican incumbents in the battlegrounds of Pennsylvania, New Hampshire and North Carolina.

Then, on Tuesday night, everything went wrong for them.

The biggest surprise is that Trump was no drag on the GOP ticket at all — and might have even helped carry the party.

Trump’s margin of victory matched or exceeded those of Todd Young in Indiana and Sen. Richard Burr in North Carolina. Wisconsin Sen. Ron Johnson, who embraced Trump despite expectations the GOP nominee lose his historically Democratic-leaning state, surged late in the race and benefited from Trump’s stunning performance there. Incumbents Roy Blunt in Missouri and Pat Toomey won as well, CNN projects.

As of 3 a.m. ET, Republicans held 51 seats to 47 for the Democrats.

The Republicans easily held the House, and on a night party officials were confident they’d tip the balance of power in the Senate, Republicans not only remain the majority party — but appear to head into the 2018 midterms with a map so favorable that a filibuster-proof, 60-seat supermajority is within reach.

So what to make of all this? Nearly everyone got it wrong, from pollsters, to the election forecasters. However, did anyone get it right? Yes, actually, several individuals and at least one media outlet got it correct.

Breitbart, the ardent pro-Trump website was closest to the mark, as we wrote about in recent days.

We also wrote about the economic indicators as well as historical models which clearly favored a Trump win, despite the immense poling avalanche backing Hillary.

There will be much to analyze about this race for months to come. How did Trump defy all political odds? Did the Hillary campaign become complacent? Why did pollsters get it so badly wrong? Does this race redefine the political map for decades?

Many good questions to explore in the coming weeks.


  1. So in short, there is no checks and balances and trump will have almost absolute power over this nation to do whatever he pleases

    • Until people realize that he doesn’t give a damn about the middle or lower classes and we are driven further and further into poverty and adverse circumstances.

      • Actually it’s the reverse. The Reagan democrats realized Hillary cares mainly about the social elite. The actors, actresses, Wall Street, etc. So they voted for Trump and not Hillary.

        She assumed she’d be president without really trying. Her arrogance was noticeable to anybody who really paid attention.

        Trump, on the other hand, was everywhere. He really wanted the job.

        • No, he wanted the TITLE, not the job. He’s completely unfit for the job. He’s borderline senile at this point and it’s evident by his incredible linguistic ineptitude and constantly bigoted comments and incitements to violence. He needs to be level headed to be president and that’s something he simply cannot do, whether he maintains his assumed Republican facade or drops it and becomes the Democrat he truly is again.

          And you somehow mistook Clinton’s fervor to defeat an obvious obnoxious despot from reaching office as “arrogance”. You could say the same for him, but of course he’s male so you won’t hold him to the same standards. You simply see Clinton as “bossy” and “arrogant” because she’s female and strong-willed, determined and assertive.

          • linguistic ineptitude??? You are what is wrong with this country. You come here, get your green card, then feel free to mock our election. Enough already. Stop the hate.
            Trump Won.
            Get over it or go back to your homeland or work on becoming a us citizen and change it.
            Ya have 3 options.

          • Your assumption that I disrespect women is typical. You assume that if I voted for a male that I must be against women. My wife voted for Trump. So is she also anti women. Sorry but you’ve displayed blatant prejudice.

            It’s too bad that so many hard working Americans saw her as arrogant but you didn’t. One minor example of her arrogance is the following: She was asked, “What was so valuable in your speech that Wall Street felt they needed to pay you $250,000?” Her answer: “That’s what they offered.”

            People aren’t stupid they knew Wall Street was buying her. Also to a hard working American who makes one fourth of that $250,000 a year that is seen as arrogance.

            Trump is not senile at all. He’s Not even close. You just picked a failed candidate. CNN even said she was a failed candidate. Too many problems.

            • No, I’m not making any such assumption. You are, however, applying different standards to each candidate based on their gender. You perceive Clinton as arrogant, but despite Trump saying he can grab women by the genitals without consent, that’s somehow okay and gets a free pass because “boys will be boys”. Except Clinton is perceived as “bossy” or “arrogant” simply because she is assertive and self-willed. Which is entirely typically sexist behavior. And women are subject to the same form of sexism too, so your wife doesn’t get off scot-free from the same criticism simply because she is a woman. You think it’s only men who can suffer from gender bias? Of course not. Women fall for the same gender myths as men do.

            • Not different standards at all. Clinton wanted us to believe she represents the average person. She doesn’t have a clue about the average American.

              She had Wall Street written all over her. They controlled her. They owed her. Even Bernie knew it. You don’t seem to.

              She was supposed to be for the little guy, Democrats, and against Wall Street. But she didn’t hide her love for Wall Street. Her greed was so obvious. And you think she cares about the little guy.

          • Mano I’m blocking you. You seem to have an answer for everything. Every answer I read is a bunch of BS sugar coated to sound educated and professional. Get the F out of here. You’re probably that guy at the dinner table always blabbing and blabbing when everyone just wants you to shut up. You “THINK” you are right on everything. You were taught to think that way. Crockpot of crap!

      • The only difference is that Trump doesn’t really agree with a lot of the Republican agenda, so my guess is that he’ll become yugely popular, across the board, by refusing to support the more extreme bills. Democrats are toast, but now the Republican enemy is other Republicans.

        • I reckon we’re going to see him quickly slide into being the Democrat that he truly is, rather the Republican facade that he’s used to gain this current foothold in office. I will hope for that. It’s about the only hope I have for the future of the nation right now.

          • Trump was very open to the fact that he wanted certain parts of Obama care to remain. He made it clear he wanted to improve taxes, the infrastructure, and the inner cities.

            • So, you’re saying his claim of instant repeal of the Affordable Care Act after attaining office, made in the debates, was a LIE then? Interesting.

            • Pay attention and not to MSM who were ALL Crook Killery cheerleaders. Trump and GOP have said they wanted to keep 26yr olds and pre-existing in the replacement bill for years. Watch – he will open across state borders and make it competitive. Medical Saving Accts will be back. If you can’t afford ins, Fed Medicare or State Medicaid will supplement.

            • That was always the problem for Obamacare: subsidies for the poor so that they could line the pockets of the insurance companies. I agree that there should have been an income line drawn, under which everyone would be covered by Medicare. Last time I heard, the administrative cost of Medicare is just 3%, while some companies said they wouldn’t participate if they couldn’t skim 25% off the top before providing coverage.

            • Trump will do away with Obamacare. He just likes, and so the others, the provisions that prohibits insurance companies from not enrolling people with preexisting conditions and allows kids to stay on parents policies until age 26 I think.

            • Tahimik,- I like those 2 parts, too. I guess he couldn’t go into each detail, when he said he wanted to replace it.
              As long as he keeps his word, (as I assume he would), – I’m happy.

            • Trump operates on a 24-hour timeline. He will do or say whatever he things will benefit him today. Don’t bet on anything he said yesterday. The only way that happens is if someone pushes him on it today. I don’t mean that as a criticism. It’s just how he works.

              My guess is that Bannon and/or Pence will run things, the way Cheney “led from behind” during the Bush years.

            • Goethe, – As a matter of fact, I AM depending upon what Donald Trump, promised. While he must delegate several responsibilities, I think that he will oversee them. He seems to be a hands on person, anyway.

              –Unlike the average politician, I believe he will work hard, for this country, – not for his own self interest.
              –At any rate, the proof is in the pudding. What matters to us, is what happens after January, 2017.

            • As you say, we won’t know before January 17, but also, you won’t remember the promises. It will be about what’s happening today. And you’ll be happy with whatever he does.

            • Oh – I think we’ll remember these promises. Too major to forget. People (& I think this includes a number of politicians) will hold him accountable.

            • Don’t get me wrong. I think his favorability rating will be about 70 by March. But I don’t think he’ll be that picky about what he’s said in the past. It’s not his style.

            • He’s in a whole new ball game,…political. He BETTER be picky about what he’s said in the past. He shouldn’t, historically, behave as others – since he accepts no money, &should be working for the people.

            • It would be ironic if liberals were pleasantly surprised that Trump is not the beast they think he is–and then have his supporters ready to lynch him because he didn’t honor every single promise he has made.

            • Goethe, – Yeah -& it would be nice if liberals were pleasantly surprised. Everyone would be, considering the politicians that we’ve lived with, all these years.

              –If he does HIS BEST to accomplish the goals he set forth, & this is on a steady basis, – that’s all we can ask for.

              –At the moment, I am finding it disappointing to hear of some negatives filtering in about DOA & FDA appointees. PreElection, this was not specifically addressed, except to say he would clean up the swamp. I would have hoped this to include a number of these crooked bureaucracies.

            • Don’t say you weren’t warned.

              Over and over, Trump sent the message:
              “You can’t always get what you want.”

            • Then he is both inconsistent and a liar. He repeatedly claimed during the debates that he would immediately repeal the Affordable Care Act upon entering office. I assume you didn’t bother to watch the debates then. He is a backslider. He simply changes his answers depending on who he’s talking to. And when he gets called out on his lies and claims, he merely backpedals and tries to blame someone else for misconstruing what he said, which is simply not the case. Even if it were the case, it would simply make him an incredibly poor communicator of his intent. Which, again, makes him vastly inept and unfit for office given the amount of diplomacy involved. Skill in communication is a requirement of the job. And he fails miserably at it. He can barely make the simplest of points without waffle, repeating himself and straying into barely cogent stream of consciousness tangential monologue.

              So, you admit then that he is inconsistent and a liar. Tell us something we DON’T already know about him.

            • Hillary was the one Anderson Cooper asked if she’d say anything to get elected not Trump.

              How many times does he have to say he liked those two provisions in Obamacare. Trump supporters can think and remember.

            • So you admit that he lied several times during the debates then? You appear seemingly unphased by the fact that he is consistently inconsistent and lies constantly.

              Here’s the transcript of just one of the debates:


              TRUMP: It is such a great question and it’s maybe the question I get
              almost more than anything else, outside of defense. Obamacare is a
              disaster. You know it. We all know it. It’s going up at numbers that
              nobody’s ever seen worldwide. Nobody’s ever seen numbers like this for
              health care.

              It’s only getting worse. In ’17, it implodes by itself. Their method
              of fixing it is to go back and ask Congress for more money, more and
              more money. We have right now almost $20 trillion in debt.

              Obamacare will never work. It’s very bad, very bad health insurance.
              Far too expensive. And not only expensive for the person that has it,
              unbelievably expensive for our country. It’s going to be one of the
              biggest line items very shortly.

              We have to REPEAL IT and replace it with something absolutely much
              less expensive and something that works, where your plan can actually be
              tailored. We have to get rid of the lines around the state, artificial
              lines, where we stop insurance companies from coming in and competing,
              because they want — and President Obama and whoever was working on it —
              they want to leave those lines, because that gives the insurance
              companies essentially monopolies. We want competition.

              You will have the finest health care plan there is. She wants to go
              to a single-payer plan, which would be a disaster, somewhat similar to
              Canada. And if you haven’t noticed the Canadians, when they need a big
              operation, when something happens, they come into the United States in
              many cases because their system is so slow. It’s catastrophic in certain

              But she wants to go to single payer, which means the government
              basically rules everything. Hillary Clinton has been after this for
              years. Obamacare was the first step. Obamacare is a total disaster. And
              not only are your rates going up by numbers that nobody’s ever believed,
              but your deductibles are going up, so that unless you get hit by a
              truck, you’re never going to be able to use it.

              COOPER: Mr. Trump, your time…

              TRUMP: It is a disastrous plan, and IT HAS TO BE REPEALED and replaced.

              Evidence, evidence, evidence. He LIED about repealing it, if what you say is true. Complete barefaced lie. He has said that he would repeal multiple times, even in this single debate, but he also said it in other debates and conferences.

              Thanks for confirming his lies. That’s the man you voted in to office. A downright racist, misogynist, xenophobic liar who will change his position every time he’s called out on a previous one. He’s weak and pathetic.

            • Thanks for the link and transcript.

              If it will make you happy Trump Will repeal Obama care and then replace it. He’ll repeal it, got it, and replace it with something much better.

              When he replaces Obama Care whatever he replqces it with just might, no guarantees, contain a provision that insurance companies must accept those with preexisting conditions.

              The wording will be different so as not confuse anybody, especially Mano, that preexisting conditions was a part of Obama one wants to confuse Mano.

            • Well, at least you admit you were wrong. That’s something at least. Why you bothered to lie and say that he hadn’t stated he wanted to repeal it when in fact that was his exact claim is beyond me. But you accept that you’re wrong now, so that’s to be respected 🙂

            • Trump said repeatedly that he liked those two provisions. He repeatedly disavowed the KKK but liberals contined to try and tie him to that group.

              I’m not wrong and neither is Trump. What he said he’d do he will do. But Republican establishment figures will continue to say he won’t do what he said. Liberals, like you, also think he’s lied. Nope, Trump is the real deal.

            • You claimed he wasn’t going to repeal the Affordable Care Act. He himself claimed that he WAS going to repeal it quite definitively several times during the debates.

              So… ergo… you were wrong. Why can’t you be adult and simply accept when you’ve been proven wrong? You were given the evidence that disproved your statement regarding him not going to repeal the act. He stated that he was. And now he’s back-pedalling on that stated claim by doing precisely what Clinton said that SHE’d do, which was to amend the existing act rather than repeal it.

              I’d also love to see evidence of him disavowing himself of the KKK (whilst promoting white supremacists like Bannon to his office, no less).

              Thanks for playing though *drops mic*

            • That had very n to do with it. She also didn’t have a vision for the country. All she talked about was how bad Trump would be. Oh, her agenda might have been on some website but the average person couldn’t be bothered with going to that.

              When it came time to discuss her health policy, for example, she said she’d improve Obama Care. Hun.

            • Face it. Most people hated both candidates. Whenever the news was about one candidate, that candidate took a dive. She just happened to be the last one in the spotlight.

            • I don’t think the Trump supporters wavered. They might have paused when the tape came out. But realized he air kissed the actress and so the other was just talk.

              He did after all merely air kiss the actress. And He had to be pushed by Bush to do that.

            • No, you don’t understand the difference between amending an existing thing as opposed to scrapping it and starting again.

              You claimed that Trump did not say that he was going to repeal the act. I provided evidence that showed that he did. Several times during the debates. So, you were wrong. Plain and simple.

              Trump is now back-pedalling on his claim of repeal and just amending the existing act. Which is what Clinton said that SHE would do. So, he lied about repealing it as per his debate claims. So, Trump is a proven liar.

              Asking red herring questions about why Clinton lost is irrelevant. We all know why Clinton lost. It was a combination of Democratic ennui, imagining that no one would actually vote for such an obvious monstrosity as Trump. Combined with ignorant, misguided voters who are either a) blind to his misogyny, racism, xenophobia and hate, or b) don’t care about it, or c) are actively and equally misogynist, racist and xenophobic. None of those scenarios given me any comfort as I believed that America was not as stupid, uncaring or as hateful as that. But, there you have it. Apparently there are sufficient morons and bigots in America to sway a reasonable election combined with reasonable ennui and apathy imagining that it could never happen here. But it did. Add to that the undemocratic Electoral College process which does not honor the votes of the people and you have a recipe for disaster where an obnoxious, in-eloquent, mentally retarded, white supremacist, misogynist xenophobe has been voted into office. THAT’S why she lost. We all know that.

              It’s still irrelevant to your false claim regarding repeal of the Affordable Care Act. He stated he would and has now reversed his position on it. And you were wrong. Face it. And own it like an intellectually honest adult. If you don’t, you’ll be blocked, as I have no time for bare faced liars who can’t accept when they’ve been proven wrong.

            • Trump clearly said he liked 2 of the provisions included in Obama Care. I don’t know how many times he’d have to say that same statement before you’d hear him.

              The average person knew he meant he was going to repeal the bill and come up with a better plan. Just because he said he liked 2 provisions in the ACHA doesn’t mean he won’t repeal it.

              He’ll come up with a better plan that will include competition for insurance coverage across state lines. Just because his new bill will contain two provisions that people like, that happened to be in Obama Care, is irrelavant.

            • Nope. That UK article was just an attention grabber. The article, which few read, went on to say that he told Obama he’d amend, or replace, the act. Obama wanted him to keep some of the popular features. Like the two provisions I’ve mentioned.

              He’s said all along he’d repeal and Replace Obama Care. He’s never said everything that would be in the Replaced version.

            • And I suppose we are going to see Hillary in jail? No, wait, that’s right. He isn’t going to do that. Why? Because we live in reality where evidence is what matters rather than conspiracy theory, wishful thinking and fevered imagination.

            • If he actually said, not reportedly said, that he wouldn’t prosecute Hillary that would be fine with me. I think there’s a lot more important matters that he needs to deal with than Hillary.

              Others have been demoted/reprimanded for far less. However, terrorism and the economy are more important. Don’t you agree?

            • The most disliked facet of the ACA is the mandate. You have to have insurance, just like states require you to have car insurance, if you drive. Most people think that is reasonable.

              In order to work, it has to include healthy people–who still risk unexpected catastrophe–in order to fund care for those who are less fortunate, healthwise. If you don’t have the mandate, insurance premiums will skyrocket, for those who have it. That will cause even more people to drop, and premiums to fly higher.

            • Very True.

              Perhaps competition, which the insurace companies understand, will bring the costs down.

              Your thoughts?

            • Do you mean eliminating state lines? I don’t see it. There’s no competition for sick people.

              Poor people should never have been included in the program. They should have just been covered by Medicare.

            • Ok. Eliminating state lines for insurance companies purposes.. That’s the way to go. Example: I’m healthy. My family is healthy. I was quoted a price for family coverage in the state of NV for X amount. I said that it was a lot to pay. The insurance rep said yes it is especially since our company, he actually dealt with multiple companies, just wrote the same policy for one third the amount in another state.

              That’s why Trump talks about eliminating state lines for health insurance purposes. Do you see that it will create competition?

            • One thing you overlook is cost of living, which is different in different states. If you get a lower rate, it just means that other people will get a higher rate, to maintain insurance company profits. It won’t reduce anything.

              A graphic example is our experience with global trade. Wages are lower elsewhere, so that’s where the jobs went. Their wages are coming up, and eventually, there will be equilibrium. The crime is that only the richest benefited from it. Likewise, if state lines are eliminated, people in poorer areas will pay more. It won’t really reduce costs–it will just shift them.

            • True wages in NJ, NY, CA, etc. Are higher. However, wages in many western states are about the same. Depending on ones profession of course.

              Excluding the extremely high paying states, which I pretty much listed above, getting rid of state lines for insurance purposes is a great idea. One could argue even in a state like NJ health insurace should also be reduced. Why? Because in a state like AZ prperty taxes run around $6000 where as in NJ property taxes run around $18,000.

            • The bottom line remains the same. Insurance companies demand a level of profit. So it doesn’t matter who pays what, the profit will remain the same, and so, the average premiums will remain the same. There are no “savings.”

            • The Kennedy liberals said the insurance companies got everything they wanted in Obama Care so they’ll probably get everything they want again. Which means huge profits in their favor. Somehow Romney care was passed and the insurance companies had their input I’m sure. They never lose.

              So I’d say we’ll have to wait and see what happens.

            • I could ask why but you say it ain’t going to happen. So end of story.

              I think it will happen but only with the insurance companies making the same or more profit. There’s no reason why health insurace in NV is 3 times as much as in Mississippi.

              You might say the people in Mississippi make less but their property tax is less, homes are less, etc. They shop at Wal Mart just like those in NV.

              But it ain’t going to happen as you said.

            • Yes, SOME people would pay less–but others would pay more, to maintain the profits insurance companies demand. So there is no net savings. Where do you think savings would come from?

            • The bottom line is I just have more faith in Trump getting things accomplished, like removing State lines, than you might. As you know todayTrump got Carrier to save jobs in Indiana.

              I believe insurance companies will remove the state lines when the federal government removes some stipulations. Maybe not. Stipulations that probably cost their companies money.

              A real liberal professor I’ve tweeted said Carrier is staying because the people of Indiana are going to pay them. I responded by say who mean give tax breaks? Tax breaks, as you know, have been going on for a very long time.

              For example: As you know Wal Mart has used tax breaks, etc., to bring multiple stores to communities for years. Along with those tax breaks comes lots of jobs.

    • Firstly Republicans don’t have 60 seats in the Senate, so some compromises will have to be made to get a 60+ majority for any bills.
      Secondly, many if not most, Republican representatives disagree a lot with Trump, so he’s not likely to be getting anything really off-beat through.
      Thirdly, Trump began moderating his language the moment he won. We will now see him transform into the career politician he campaigned against.

      • Yep. Every single claim he made will be broken. Or worse, he will follow through and be known as the worst president ever. He cannot win either way.

  2. Profoundly heartbroken, disgusted and disappointed. I can barely believe that America has so lost its way and denigrated its core values and constitution in electing a racist, misogynist xenophobe to office. How ill-educated, hateful or misguided people have become to allow this tragedy to occur. Apparently racism, misogyny and hatred are the values of America now. Make America hate again shall be the order of the day.

    I feel so bad for everyone who will be adversely affected by this tyrannical monstrosity. LGBT, Mexicans, Blacks, women and anyone who values their first amendment rights. All going to the wall unless we are vigilant or complacent and allow it to happen. Every single Drumpf voter should be deeply ashamed of themselves for this debacle.

    • SOUR GRAPES, will get you nowhere!!! As I have been telling you in our back and forth these past several months, Clinton was GOING DOWN. The American people are sick and tired of having the country run like a play thing to satisfy the MEGALOMANIA of their president. Billary would certainly been another to the list of megalomaniacs.?

      We don’t know what kind of president Trump is going to be. You however are already envisioning the worst. Why don’t you try to be optimistic and see what the future will bring. Being like a PETULANT child and holding your breath until you get your way is well CHILDISH.

      You mentioned that you felt sorry for several groups under what you term a TYRANNICAL MONSTROSITY. I don’t know how to break it to you cupcake, but here are some facts:

      1) Blacks were better off under George W Bush than they have been under O’Bugger. Imagine that!!!

      2) O’Bugger is known as the DEPORTER IN CHIEF for having deported so many illegal Mexicans and Central Americans. He is just following the law of the country. Don’t tell me that you want the law broken?

      3) As far as women go, they have never had so much power. Maybe you live in a cave someplace but for those who work, they know the reality. I have female coworkers who get paid the same wage as I do. In my department, 2 out of 3 supervisors are women. Some women are in upper management. You make it sound like they have to go through booby traps just to get to work. For believing Clinton’s propaganda, it is you who is the BOOB.

      Trump will not reverse or do worse than already is being done and will hopefully improve in many areas. Stop POUTING and accept your defeat like a man!!!

        • Yep. It should be based on popular vote. That’s what true democracy requires. That each person’s vote really counts. So many people feel disenfranchised when it comes to voting because of the unnecessarily complex system. It should be a simple count of the votes of the people, nothing more.

          • Nope. The founders were wise. They knew if it was just the popular vote the small states would become irrelevant. The candidates would just have to campaign in states like CA.

            • No, because every vote counts towards the final result. It’s not about the states. It’s about individuals voting for who they want to be president, not states.

      • That was a thing that made me almost fall off my chair during the debates. After talking about deporting millions, Trump berated Obama for deporting more than any other president. I was even more surprised when nobody questioned that non sequitur. The whole issue is ridiculous, since there has been a net outflow of immigrants since 2008. I don’t think we’ll see a “wall” anytime soon, since it would be keeping immigrants here.

    • Grow up. Your hatred towards anybody who doesn’t believe as you do is so obvious.

      Are you sure your not the one who discriminates?

      • I don’t hate people who don’t believe as I do. Straw man fallacy, And “grow up” is ad hominem, I’m afraid. I do however have a strong distaste for people who align themselves with racism, misogyny and xenophobia, all core values of Drumpf’s campaign and by his own admittance. So, if you align yourself with that kind of mentality, then you clearly are giving your affirmation to all those things and you are immediately tarred with the same hateful brush as him.

        If you denounce those things, then I’m fine with that, but act as apologist for it and you will be treated in the same manner. False beliefs require no respect and bigotry and hatred do not get free passes. If you use your freedom of speech to spout racist, xenophobic and misogynist values as Trump does, then you can expect others to use their equal freedom of speech to fight such outrageous, hateful, ill-educated nonsense. Freedom of speech is not freedom from opposition, nor is it freedom from consequence. Republicans tend to not understand that in any sense and think they should be allowed to speak hateful nonsense without impunity. Never going to happen, I’m afraid. It will be opposed. Always.

        • Your deciding what You believe is racism. The same with the other adjectives you used.

          I’m deeply offended, for example, by those who burn the flag. I’m deeply offended by those that don’t stand during the national anthem. If they don’t respect the US then go live someplace else and live. They won’t find a better place. But they come to really appreciate the US.

          In the Philippines, for example, foreigners can be deported for not showing respect for someone or something. The same goes for many other countries.

          Just because Trump said Mexico (the government) isn’t sending their finest. That Mexico (the government) sends rapist doesn’t make him a racist. It makes those who only reported a section of his speech ignorant. They are the guilty party. Not Trump.

          Cuba did the same back when the Cuban government had the chance to unload their criminals.

          • So, you’re more concerned about a flag which is a piece of material or a piece of music than the actual underlying values that those things represent and given to REAL HUMAN BEINGS. I see. Typical blind reverence that for the emblems of values that you don’t actually believe in, for you wish to deny the rights that are afforded to you to others. Sorry, freedom doesn’t work like that. But, again, this is very typical Republican hypocrisy. Enjoying freedoms whilst denying others the same freedoms. Or forcing others to accept your limited viewpoint. Liberals want EVERYONE’s rights to be respected, not just yours.

            Newsflash for you: stating that Mexicans are rapists and criminals and throwing in a pathetic subscript that some of them are ok is most definitely racist. And you clearly believe the same thing as you’ve made desperate attempts to apologize for it and justify it.

            • Veterans Died for that flag and what it represents. And you call it nothing but a piece of material. Shows us what you think of the United States. Shows everyone your values.

              You don’t have a clue about Values. You think symbols mean nothing. Again people died for those symbols and what those symbols represent.

              Go ahead hide your head in the sand. Just don’t pretend to be holier than thou.

              What is hypocritical is Hillary claiming to be for the poor and the working class.. Yet she is in bed with Wall Street and she was proud of it. The working class, democrats, saw through her hypocrisy.

            • Don’t bother trying to backpedal or misrepresent what I said. The underlying values are what matter. If you don’t think the underlying values matter, then don’t stand on ceremony to symbols. And voting for trump is about as Un-American as you can be.

            • Nope. The flag and what it stands for are both important.

              Just admit it the democrat party lost its way. They failed. The people threw them out.

              The democrat party used to, supposedly, stand for the average American. It changed to the social elite class. Hillary openly admitted she was in bed with Wall Street. She mocked the average working person. She said she’d put coal miners out of a job. And she said it proudly.

            • I never said that they were unimportant. I said that if you revere the flag and the anthem without respecting the underlying values that they represent of equality, hope and basic freedoms afforded to EVERYONE, then there’s no point standing on ceremony. When you place higher value in the symbols than in the underlying values they represent, then you have failed and fallen for blind reverence and patriotism. Fine to be patriotic, but just know what you’re being patriotic of and don’t disrespect the values. And voting in a racist, white supremacist misogynist who wishes to dismantle the first amendment to office is definitely undermining the values upon which America stands. And I will fight every single day to oppose that denigration of our values.

              Wait. You think that coal is a sustainable energy source? Woah. Welcome to the real world. It isn’t. Please provide evidence of her saying precisely what you said she did. I’ll wait.

    • Don’t be so depressed. Last year, Trump did everything to make more money. This year, he did anything to get more votes. Next year, he’ll do anything to be popular. Trump operates on a day-to-day basis, and on a day-to-day basis, you’ll probably be satisfied with what he does (despite what he has said).

      • I just hope he does what every other failed politician before him does: not deliver on their promises. However, if he attempts anything untoward, such as building a wall or tearing down first amendment rights then there will be massive push back.

        • What’s wrong with building a wall on the southern border? So many illegals come in though the southern border. True Many come in legally but then overstay their visas.

          The US has oceans on the east, and west, coast, right? So no need for walls there. Other countries, like Australia, are surrounded with water. The water acts as a type of wall or they’d have one. Plus they have immigration laws.

          The wall doesn’t seem like a big deal to me.

          • Yep. Racist credentials confirmed twice now. Building a wall worked in Germany, right? SMH.

            Let’s rewind this and see if you can get your head round this concept. This is difficult for Republicans, I know, but indulge me. What is the genuine problem that you perceive that immigration causes that REQUIRES a wall to fix it. Immigrants comes over here with work visas and work legally. Building a wall doesn’t make America look great. It weakens it. If someone comes over here illegally, what actually happens? They can’t get benefits, so there’s no problem there. All they can do is to work illegally, for low wages in jobs that other people don’t want to do. And it actually benefits the economy for this to occur. So what perceived consequence to this “yuge problem” do you see that is requiring of a wall built on the Southern border to fix it? Let’s do one at the Northern border as well, while we’re at it, right? By your sea logic, then this is also required. But not, it’s just those rapist/criminal Mexicans we have to deal with, right? SMH.

            We are a nation of immigrants. And perhaps you disagree with Lady Liberty? Take it up with her. You are a disgrace to American values and what makes us strong and united. Trump’s America is one of hatred, fear and division. The REAL America is one of hope, love and unity. You haven’t a clue what you sing the anthem for, nor why you respect the flag. You just do it out of a false sense of blind patriotism and tradition that doesn’t actually transpire in any real respect for the underlying values of America. Shame on you and your sexist, racist, hateful ideals.


          • I am seeing the BEST in American values. Anyone found denigrating those bright, hopeful, heart-felt altruistic values is deserving of our scorn. And Trump’s racist, misogynist, xenophobic extreme right wing ideals are the opposite of decent American values. I will never congratulate a racist misogynist. He will continue to be fought and opposed whilst he maintains those hateful ideals.

    • You are so full of shit it is unreal. All the verbs, adjectives, and adverbs were made up by lyin’, crooked, Killery!! Two years ago Trump’s personality and rep was just fine until Killery started in. This is the M.O. of the Democrat party – slander their opponent on a personal basis because their platform is crap and offers zero real solutions.

      • You managed to string a lot of words together, but sadly failed to make any point. Trump has always been obnoxious and a grand failure so I am unsure when you think he ever had any cred.

        And no real solutions? Seriously? Where is the Republican alternative to the Affordable Care Act? Oh, that’s right. There isn’t one. All you ever do is obstruct any real progress from occurring whilst offering no alternatives. That is the entire point of conservatism. It is an attempt at a superior moral justification for selfishness and the opposite of evolutionary or altruistic behavior, the natural manner of how life operates. Every single time liberals make life better for everyone, you end up dragging us back into the Dark Ages with your outrageously selfish forcing of your anti-human values on the rest of us. So, don’t talk to me about “no real solutions”. That is both a joke and an insult to the intelligence.

        • I repeat – you are a alien P.O.S. and have no right or business to comment on anything having to do with the U.S.. Legally immigrate to US, pledge your allegiance – until then keep your fk’g ass off our site!

          • Sam, you know that’s not how we work. Anybody can express an opinion. In fact, I like to hear from people living in other countries, since our media do not think we care about anybody but us (they’re probably right).

            However, we do reserve the right to delete obscenities. And we discourage personal attacks on someone who comments. We have banned three people this year for making personal attacks. Don’t like doing that, but we do want a free flow of ideas.

          • A) I am not an illegal alien. No idea where you got that lunatic notion from.

            B) I live in Mississippi and have every right to speak about US politics. First Amendment rights, remember? That thing that Trump wants to destroy? Freedom of speech. Even if I lived on the other side of the world, I would still be free to say what I like about the tragedy of the current US political situation. It is precisely BECAUSE I pledge my allegiance to the US that affords me the right to question and criticize bad ideas. And you better fucking believe that I will continue to do so, with or without your crazed, nutbag, tinfoil hat ass.

            C) You don’t own this site. So stop lying and pretending that you do.

            If you wish to debate, fine, but if all you have is xenophobia and insult, then I will simply answer in kind.

    • HC won the popular vote – most likely due to the thousands of illegals that Obama convinced to vote, with no penalty. This is not to even mention the thousands released from prison,- specifically to vote for her.

    • Hillary won fair and square. It’s just a shame that we don’t have true democracy in the US yet. The Electoral College is a disgrace. It should be “We, the people…”. not, “We, the states…”.

    • Yep. He certainly did. America is now the laughing stock of the world for having such hateful, stupid and misguided people who voted this racist, misogynist bigot into office. So, yeah, that’s a first. Never has there been someone so obviously unfit to be president of the United States. Now, we have an idiocracy that celebrates racism, misogyny and xenophobia. Even if he is disallowed from effecting all the outrageous policies he wishes to effect or disallowed from dismantling the first amendment as he intends, I will still be completely disheartened by the intense stupidity and blindness of the American people. I really truly thought America was better than this and it couldn’t happen, but sadly we have a heap of white, privileged, racist, sexist troglodytes who voted for him. It is historically inexplicable, I agree, but there you have it.

      • Are you so upset you will go back to your own country???
        Just like so many other people like Whoopie and Cher?
        I can help you pack.

      • You realize this is the United States don’t you? Even if somebody laughed they wouldn’t laugh for long. As even president Obama said, “Other countries come to us. It isn’t the other way around. ”

        Have you ever lived in a foreign country? If you have/had you’d soon realize the United States is in control. An Australian couple said, “We’re so glad the US has chosen a president. You’d kept us in suspense long enough. ”

        The American people were sick and tired of the Hollywood elite. This election was a big middle finger to them.

  3. We had a smug liberal on here in the spring, who was gloating with every post. I kept telling her that it would be closer than it looked. She finally just went away.

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