Donald Trump is always bragging that he’s a winner and everyone else is a loser. We’ll see how much of a winner he is in a few weeks. On the other hand, we may see how much of a “loser” Hillary Clinton is. She walked into the 2008 campaign as the presumed nominee. Then, along came that little-known rookie senator from Chicago—an African American, at that!

Hillary was able to “put away” her ancient socialist opponent (Bernie Sanders) this year, but not easily, nor early—and not without a lot of help from the Democratic establishment, if we can believe the stolen Wikileaks emails, published by an avowed Clinton hater, Julian Assange, according to Newsmax.

And the almost-daily document dump is being orchestrated because of a grudge WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has against the Democratic presidential nominee, The Hill reports. . .

And while Assange doesn’t officially back Donald Trump, the real estate tycoon’s unofficial adviser Roger Stone told CBS Miami Wednesday he has “a back channel communication with the website boss.”

Now, Hillary is running against the candidate with the highest disapproval ratings since polls were taken in this regard. And she’s also getting a lot of help from Donald Trump, who often says things that make no sense at all—such as attacking some of the most popular Republican leaders, instead of Democrats.

And, of course, there’s the character issue. With all the salacious news, and Americans’ unquenchable thirst for prurient politics, the Wikileaks emails have gotten almost no attention from viewers and readers, so the media haven’t paid much attention, either. That leads to wall-to-wall discussions of what Trump did to whom, and whether either side can be believed, in those battles. Apparently, the public believes Trump’s accusers.

Trump’s campaign manager says that Hillary should have been able to “put away” Trump easily.

Kellyanne Conway, Donald Trump’s campaign manager, said Tuesday night she can’t believe Hillary Clinton isn’t pulling away from her candidate in various battleground states given her numerous built-in “advantages.”

Citing Clinton’s massive fundraising lead on Trump and claiming the Democratic nominee has the media on her side, a common refrain for the Trump campaign, Conway derided Clinton on CNN’s Anderson Cooper 360 on Tuesday night for not being able to build a majority in swing-states where the Republican nominee has tumbled lately in the polls.

“She has so many advantages. She has endless money. She’s got a lot of the media. She has a very popular president and first lady campaigning for her,” Conway said. “I will tell you, I am mystified as to why she can’t get to those 52, 53 percent numbers in some of these states given the disadvantages we’re handed every day.”. . .

“I don’t feel sorry for us,” she said. “I just think we’re going to win this because people love a comeback story.”

Conway is not the only one who is wondering why Hillary “can’t put it away.” Hillary asks the same question.

Hillary Clinton wondered aloud Wednesday why she wasn’t trouncing her Republican opponent, Donald Trump, in the polls.

After running through some of the core tenets of her campaign in a video conference call with supporters in Las Vegas, the former secretary of state said: “Having said all this, ‘Why aren’t I 50 points ahead?’ you might ask?”

The media have the same question, too.

A reporter asked Hillary Clinton at a press conference Thursday morning why the presidential race was so close, considering her characterization of Trump as dangerous and unqualified to hold the Oval Office.

“Madam Secretary, the latest RealClearPolitics average has you up by an average of 2.8 percentage points over Donald Trump,” the reporter said.

The reporter continued: “Given what you say are his historic inadequacies and his disqualification on the commander in chief point that you just made, shouldn’t you just be pretty much running away with it at this point?” . . .

In the immediate aftermath of the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia, Clinton surged to a double-digit lead over Trump. However, in recent weeks that lead has evaporated, putting Trump in striking distance.

Even Trump’s supporters seem to be acknowledging that Trump could lose.


Add another item to Donald Trump’s list of problems: More and more, his own supporters no longer think he can win, the USC Dornsife/Los Angeles Times Daybreak poll has found. . .

The Daybreak poll asks people whom they plan to vote for and which candidate they expect will win. The question of voter expectations has often, although not always, proved to be a more reliable forecaster of election outcomes than asking voters their candidate preference.

Hillary’s supporters are asking, in particular, why Hillary didn’t get a big bump back after the 2005 “Access Hollywood” recording showed Trump’s “access” with women. The answer is that the shocking news also reminded people of Bill Clinton’s old indiscretions, and charts show that the popularity of both candidates immediately fell—at about the same rate.

In fact, rallies have gotten more raucus on both sides. Recently, “protestors” have been shouting “Bill’s a rapist” at media events. Turns out, these people are motivated by cash, not ethics.

In the midst of this brutal and never-ending carnival of an election, you’d think we’d run out of new ways to humiliate ourselves as a nation. But you’d be wrong: Protesters wearing “Bill Clinton is a Rapist” shirts are disrupting Clinton rallies, because the conspiracy site InfoWars is offering them $5,000 to do so. . .

The official contest rules are on InfoWars’ own site; they’re framing it as “exposing” Clinton and say they’ll give $1,000 for yelling and $5,000 for yelling in a T-shirt. (They’re also selling shirts with Cinton’s face and the word “RAPE” underneath, in the style of the famous Obama “Hope” design.)

That’s the level of “political discussion” this year. But the Clintons are trying to cope.

During a rally last week in Detroit, a man wearing a shirt calling Bill Clinton a rapist shouted down Hillary Clinton and was removed from the rally.

“You know, I do hope somebody follows that gentleman out and stages an intervention,” Hillary Clinton said. “He clearly has not been following this election very closely.”

In Iowa on Wednesday, Bill Clinton said a similar protest was “what’s wrong with American politics.”

“Give that guy a hand — they’ve had a very bad week in the Trump campaign, and he feels bad,” Bill Clinton said as a protester shouted “you’re a rapist!” “Give him a hand! The problem is, if you only listen to one television station, and nobody ever tells you the truth, you get like that.”

And that’s why Hillary “hasn’t been able to put it away.” While Trump is the most disliked candidate in history, Hillary is second most disliked. And that makes it hard to vote for either of them this year.


  1. Why such a biased article in favour of Hillary ? What moral right do the democrats have in denouncing Trumps’s comments made more than a decade ago , when Bill as a President actually did ‘much more ‘ with Monika.I think never in any Presidential election in the history of the United States , was the media so blatantly partisan !

    • Cheating on your wife , even 100 times, consensually isnt even close to as horrific as trump admitting to sexual assault. That is the key difference, along with Trumps court case for raping a 13 year old girl starting in December as well and the 10+ other women coming out on top of that saying he molested them. Huge difference.

        • Is this something new? Hillary Clinton CONSENTED? well Whoopie do. I will tell you one thing, not all women did so with Bill. Because charges were put up, and HUGE amounts of money was paid out. By a “PUBLIC servent”. For Pete’s sake we have recordings of him stating that. But you all won’t listen.
          And what about his son? Why don’t you all care about that.

          • No, you moron. It has nothing to do with Hillary consenting. It only matters whether the participants consent. See, this is what I mean when I say Republicans genuinely don’t understand what consent is or how it works. That’s why you’ve spent so much time working against consensual love and sex between same sex couples. Like Ruadh Limbaugh confirmed, consent is a thing that doesn’t matter to Republicans.

            As for the Paula Jones settlement, there was no admission of guilt on Bill Clinton’s part. He hasn’t been convicted of sexual assault or rape, and unlike Donald Trump he also hasn’t admitted to committing these crimes. I’m certainly not saying that Bill is innocent, in fact I think he’s likely guilty, but it’s a tad bit ironic that Trump supporters has chosen to die on this particular hill, when they support a candidate who has admitted to assaulting women, and likely raped underage girls. Let’s keep things in perspective, shall we.

            • I just threw up a little in my mouth… Consensual love??? You sound like a pedophiles pamphlet.
              Again where is your proof. Show links or something. I will wait.

            • Children can’t consent to sex.

              Once again, you’re confirming that Repulicans don’t understand consent. This is why every single Republican needs to be on a sex offender list. They have proven they have no idea what is rape and what isn’t. Such morally bankrupt monsters should not be allowed near normal people.

            • And it has also not been proven to have happened. Like I said.

              Now, I tend to assume victims are telling the truth, and I have no problem saying Bill Clinton is probably guilty, as is Trump. Luckily, Bill is not running for President and Trump has no chance of winning.

            • Yeah. In the tape, Trump admits to grabbing women’s genitals and kissing women, without consent. This is sexual assault. Thus, he’s admitted to committing sexual assault. Which part of this is difficult for your Republican neanderthal brain to understand?

            • What are you talking about, Jilly? I put out the transcripts plus video.. if you listen to it AND read it then you can make up your mind. This is not edited, this is not right wing, this is not conspiracy.

              If you want me to put out a TRUTH about your HILLARY lets talk about her stealing from the White House, her lying about being “dead broke” or her landing under sniper fire. You are backing up a LYING & A THIEF. But what makes it worse is that she was WORKING FOR US at the time.
              Most people are particular about who they allow into their homes. Can you imagine letting one run this country?

            • Angelica: I still think you’re falling into the same trap that Trump always does. The more you argue a point like this, the more you keep it alive. Over the past few days, Trump has finally tried to provide a vision. You should ignore everything else and focus on his plans, such as his “New Deal” for African-Americans. Dems got over the impeachment hassle by just refusing to talk about it. That worked so well that Bill left office with high ratings.

            • Trump spent a few minutes alking about his vision, and a lot more time talking about sueing the victims of his sexual assaults. Yeah, he is a great candidate and an inspiration.

            • Lol. You’re so right. My head is head down in shame. It is so easy to get baited into some conversations, because I think I could”win” this one. But in reality, if we stop talking about the issues no one really wins.

            • The first lady is not an employee, so how was she “working for us” at the time.

              The charges you are putting out were debated and defeated long ago. The only place you can find them any more is on right wing nut sites, like the ones you always cite.

              I will concede the sniper fire story was not true, and I have no idea why she ever told such a story. The only explanation I could see would be the stress of the campaign. Not an excuse, but you have to admit that as lies go, it was pretty harmless. As lies go it does not hold a candle to sexually assaulting 11 women ( at least) after claiming on video that women let you do it if you are a star, and then denying all. Or to bribing a state’s AG who is about to investigate you for fraud and then paying the bribe with other people’s money in your family foundation.

              I guess you just have to decide which lie hurts more people.

              As I have said before, enjoy your coming defeat and thank Mr Trump for being such an inept politician that he not only gave us Democrats the presidency but three in the control of the Senate as well.

            • You make me tired, you need I try again. Your unreasoning support of the least qualified candidate in history, and your hatred of the most qualified, backed up by the least believable sources make you a fool. And a fool destined to e humiliated very soon by a complete loss in the coming election.

            • She was too. In fact she was in charge of coming up with “Hillary care” at that time. She was funded by our tax dollars. It is a shame that I know more about her then you do. I can go on and on but the truth is that regardless if I prove you wrong a 100 times your feelings will dictate your vote. No logic is required, no truth, nothing but “feelings”. I can’t fight those.

            • One, you have never come lose to proving me wrong.
              Two, the work she was doing might have been financed by the government, she herself, as first lady was not being paid. First ladies, down through the years have done much in the service of their country, and have helped their husbands very often. BUT, they do not get paid.

              You are right, supporting Clinton gives me good feelings, but that is not why I support her. I support her because she is honest and trustworthy and because I agree with her positions on the issues. You do not know more about her than I do since I have been following her since you were in elementary school.

              You must base your support for Trump on feelings, because if you considered the facts, real facts, you would drop him like a rock

            • If gay people make you sick, you have a serious problem with your brain. If you think homosexuality = pedophilia, you are a complete idiot.

            • When did I EVER say that??
              You SEPARATED THE 2 IN YOUR COMMENT you idiot.
              Here is your comment: “See, this is what I mean when I say Republicans genuinely don’t understand what consent is or how it works. That’s why you’ve spent so much time working against consensual love and sex between same sex couples.”

              You really can’t under stand that bringing hundreds of thousands of Middle Eastern Muslim Shaira law loving Muslims is BAD for our GAY community. When GENOCIDE is happening to Christian, Gays and Sunni Muslims as we speak.. You know that is what pisses me off about you so called stupid ass people. You should sit this one out. You obviously don’t have any clue on the injustice of what is happening around the world…
              This is MUCH more about Gay rights then you think. Yes we had laws about Gay marriage.. but we sure as heck never killed, jailed, or stoned someone for it LEGALLY!!! And as a country of PROGRESS, as well as LAW AND ORDER.. we passed laws accordingly and abide by such laws.
              People like you make me sick. Freaking Hillary supporters that claim to support our gay community… You freaking hypocrite.

            • Random link drop when you’ve painted yourself into a corner. Repuclican idiocy, ladies and gentlemen.

            • Nope, I’m busy.. happens from time to time.
              But if you read it you should understand that is what MANMA lines.. the
              “Consensual love” eww.. gross… Barf..

              I’m going to be busy with Football. Kids etc. I will be back on in a few hours.

            • The Republican party has spread lies, hatred and propaganda about the LGBT community since they became aware of its existence. Republicans have opposed LGBT rights every single step of the way, up to and including this campaign season during which every GOP candidate campaigned on hatred of the LGBT community and one of their biggest issues was denying trans people access to public bathrooms, some going so far as to threaten trans women with lethal violence.

              You yourself, just an hour ago, equated consensual gay sex with pedophilia, yet you expect people will believe you have sincere love for LGBT people. This is delusional thinking.

              After decades of hatred and tireless opposition to every LGBT right, suddenly Republicans believe we will forget all this ever happened and support their candidate, just because you’ve done some comically transparent pandering by pitting LGBT people against another demographic which you currently happen to hate q tiny bit more.

              But guess what? The LGBT community is neither stupid nor hateful enough to fall for this disingenuous garbage. ONLY Republicans are that dumb.

      • Nope not true… Please provide me the proof. For the following.
        Admitting to sexual assault?
        Raping 13 yr old girl?
        10+ other women that say he molested them.
        I think you are believing alot of lies.

        • Lewinsky did not claim non-consensual relations. Neither did Flowers. These are the only two extramarital affairs that have been proven for Bill. I.e. no non-consensual actions are in evidence.

          Trump admitted to sexual assault in the Billy Bush tape. You know this, so let’s not play stupid(er).

          Donald Trump has been accused of raping a 13 year old girl. This is publically available information.

          I don’t know exactly how many women have accused Trump of assault at this point, but last time I checked it was 10. Why do you question this? It’s been all over the news for a week or more.

          • Hi Goethe, seems like your doing the work of someone else. And 3 days late!!!! Lol. You would never let me get away with that.

            Yes I read the article. Still no proof. This is simply still an allegation. That could be dropped at any time. The damage would already be done…. It appears really one sided. Name of the woman isnt released. Who says their is one? Something is VERY fishy.

            With all the propaganda going on by the Democratic party…. I just can’t seem to find any truth.

            • When people ask questions, I try to provide an answer. I’m not doing the work of anyone. If you don’t want an answer, don’t ask a question.

              Apologies for the delay. I was at a seminar in Ohio.

              As for proof, a judge determined that there was sufficient proof to set a hearing. He would have dismissed the charge if there were no evidence.

            • i’m not doing your homework for you. That one just stood out, because someone else posted the actual lawsuit on here, elsewhere.

              I’m just pointing out that that point has already been answered on here.

            • Excuse me??? No you are doing “exposing Republicans” work. Not mine… Ugh. Please if you are going to gang up on me … Bring it. So sick of the liberal bs out there. How you all can stand up and make excuses for all the evil and corrupt actions of the DNC and Hillary are beyond me. I mean how much crap will you swallow before you notice what you are eating!

            • Angelica: Everyone is invited to get involved in every discussion. It’s not a private phone line.

              In this case, you keep saying you want to talk about issues, and then you get yourself stuck in the quagmire. Why even bring up the 13-year-old-girl’s rape case?? It’s certainly not going to help your case. It’s at best, a distraction. Instead, you deny that it exists, and that’s just false. Stop talking about it if you want to build a case for Trump.

              It amazes me that when I do a blatantly pro-Trump article, you pretend it doesn’t exist.

            • Ugh… I don’t know how you can possibly imagine that I would bring up such propaganda. For some strange reason you have gotten 3 characters that lay false narratives and when I asked them to provide evidence, they refuse. How am I supposed to let these idiots go around spreading bs? I was hoping by them researching it they will find the truth, or the originator. But you see this election is not based on knowledge, but feelings. And we have a lot of tenderhearts. We have lost our strong, proud, dependable men and women. We have bred instead alot if excuses, apologies, and hopeless attitudes.
              I watch how a small percentage of people control the media and the government. I am disgusted by it. We are bought and sold, we have sold out and many believe it is for the better!!!
              I mean for Pete’s sake this war on energy is one that by winning we lose. We added do many rules and regulations for our manufacturing jobs then made trade easier that it would be cheaper to ship then produce it here. I came from a long line of factory workers, those are the jobs that my father raised a family with and I did the same. But they are all leaving… Clinton did that… We must stop and think about what responsibility we have to each other and our nation. No nation will give us the same as our USA.

            • Both sides think the other side is stupid and irresponsible. Get used to it.

              It amazes me how zealots can only see their own “truth.”

            • What is funny is how you ask me and other Trump supporters to provide evidence, yet you let the Clinton’s supporters off Scott Free!
              What are you Goethe? Do you consider yourself a zeolite? Or just doing your job? We understand that we are commenting on a “Hillary” site. But the same rules should apply to both parties not just one.. how else could we communicate?

            • Nonsense. I am just as mean to zealots on the other side, such as the Hillarybot who fought with you and was banned from the site. You have, at times, been quite rational.

            • If it was just simply debating and informing without prejudice, Trump would win the election.

              The email server, everyone lied. Obama knew she had it. Wiki leaks proved it.
              Hillary said there was no confidential information. That was a lie.

              She failed as the Sec. Of State. We are facing one mess after another. While accepting millions of dollars from the Middle East, some countries with the WORST human rights violations.

              We talk alot about Trump here… We should have been talking about your “boring” Hillary.

            • She’s not “my” Hillary. I had a Republican favorite and a Democratic favorite–both of whom wiped out early.

              Regarding your comment that there are a lot of Hillary fans here, that is interesting. In 2012, our commenters were about 80% conservative, mostly for Rand Paul. This year, we seem to have an even balance between the two sides, although some are more active than others. You’re probably the most active poster here.

            • And yes you are…. I asked the other Clinton supporter who can’t vote but feels like he should have a voice in our election. Lol.

            • No, absolutely NOT! Freedom of speech is not limited to citizens of the USA. Americans want to hear from our visitors, too.

              And, actually, when it comes to politics, I’m more interested in what a foreigner has to say, since Americans are so notoriously self-absorbed.

            • Wow. Only a Republican would be stupid enough to believe that only Americans have the right to voice opinions. I keep thinking we must’ve hit rock bottom of Republican stupidity, but they always find a way to get even dumber.

      • By supporting Bill during impeachment proceedings , the democrats proved that they don’t give a dime for honesty/ethics/moral etc. of a person holding highest public office.Likewise they are ignoring the sources of funds into Clinton foundation.

    • It wasn’t like this before when this app was first created. They were bought out by an ad agency. Google “election central”. Or if your on a desk top.. well you get to see all the HRC ads.
      Money will talk.

  2. Trump’s comments were just that comments. Now we get to Billary, not only did she lie, cheat and steal, she and her Democratic cronies are what’s wrong with America.

    In your article you mentioned how the DNC screwed any Democrat not named Clinton. Bernie Sanders should be the Democrats nominee not Clinton. I just don’t know how anyone who supported Sanders can consider voting for her.?

    In yesterday’s debate Chris Wallace asked her about a speech she gave in Brazil for 225K which advocated for open borders. What was her answer, she said she was referring to POWER GRIDS, really. How does she propose these power grids from Japan to the mainland US?

    Nobody lives on this Earth for almost seven decades and is without sin. The major difference I and many others see is this. Trump’s sins while many were committed as a PRIVATE CITIZEN. Clinton on the other hand also has many sins, however her sins were committed in PUBLIC OFFICE. IMHO I just don’t think many people want her to get into another public office to continue her crooked ways.

    You ask why she isn’t 50 points ahead of Trump in this article, truth be told she is lucky to even have a slim lead. If she were running against say Mitt Romney or John McCain the Wicked Witch would be so far behind, she would probably concede before the election. In so many words she should thank her lucky stars that she is running against a political NEOPHYTE.

    • Except that they weren’t only comments. He claimed to be doing illegal things, and his story has been corroborated by 9 victims.

      • Are you talking about Gary ‘what’s Aleppo’ Johnson, it sure can’t be the Wicked Witch. Like you said you are an adult and you can’t admit that the DNC not only cheated on behalf of Clinton but screwed Sanders and his supporters. Do you live in a parallel universe?

        As far as the ACCESS HOLLYWOOD tape, are you that naive. If they are being truthful, most men brag about this sexual conquest or that sexual conquest, but it just that bragging. Is the American public so enamoured in JUVENILE TITILATION that it is going to decide the election?

        Finally do you look towards someone like Kim Kardashian for political advice?

        • No, Gary Johnson is only slightly more serious than Trump.

          The DNC definitely favored Hillary. But cheated? No. Even if all the allegations were true, which has not been proven, it wouldn’t come close to tipping the primaries one way or the other. Not even close. Sanders lost by a lot. I am a Sanders supporter, but I’m also an adult.

          Sexual assault is not a “conquest”. It’s a crime. Most men don’t brag about assaulting women. If you or your friends talk like this, I urge you to seek professional help immediately, or hand yourselves over to the police.

            • It’s sad to see how Republican politics have dumbed down the population of this country. I think you are probably technically an adult, and your mental age is clearly on a kindergarten level. It really is a multigenerational disaster, and it will take centuries to get the American population back to somewhat normal levels of education and intelligence.

            • It is near impossible to have any meaningful conversation with Republicans. They disregard evidence over belief and conspiracy theory. They live in a silo mentality. And their mindset is an inherently selfish, divisive and hateful one fuelled mainly by their irrational fears. What reasonable, logical argument can you deliver to one who has forsaken logic and reason?

            • You have to agree that the education system has failed the children of both liberals and conservatives. Let’s see for the most part the education system is run mostly by liberals. If the US needs centuries to get back to a normal levels of intelligence, who do you blame for the present young generation of intellectual dullard’s?

              As for me, my parent’s came here when I was entering 9th grade. At that time, the educational system in Canada where I was born was far superior to the one in the US. This was in the 1960’s and as you said it has only further deteriorated.

              As I said my first grade in school when my parents brought my siblings and I here was 9th grade. In ninth grade, I was taught virtually the same things that I had learned in fifth grade. It was pretty obvious, even to a 13 year old that I was surrounded mostly for lack of a better word MORONS.

              Alas under liberal tutelage the educational system has regressed since that time. Are you a product of that regression??

            • What’s your excuse for having reverted to a toddler level understanding of the world, even though you once allegedly finished 9th grade?

            • Why are you evading what I presented in my last post. It seems that if you cannot refute something logically you and most other liberals show their TRUE SELVES, something like the patients in ONE FLEW OVER THE CUCKOO ‘S NEST.?

            • Because I wasn’t talking about the school system. I don’t have time to be your babysitter. Why should I indulge your narcissistic wankfest when I have zero interest in it?

            • I guess you are a PRIZE product of a failed school system. I was elaborating on your post or did you forget it. Are you trying to say that you have the retention span of a GNAT.

              You are one sick and pathetic excuse for a human being. But I realize that we are all a product of our environment and apparently the swamp you crawled out of helped shape your WARPED VIEWS.

              Go on drinking the LIBERAL KOOL-AID and keep on avoiding rational conversations. I guess liberal and rational are ANTONYMS.?

              Trump for PRESIDENT 2016.?

    • Just a reading hint: I didn’t “ask why she isn’t 50 points ahead.” We just find articles that take a stand, and we ask you to comment on them. The shaded areas of our articles are just quotes from elsewhere.

  3. It should be noted that Rush Limbaugh – the de facto leader of the Republican Party for the last few decades – has recently come out in favor of rape legalization. This should probably be a bigger story.

      • That link is not remotely related to what I was talking about. In that clip, Limbaugh demonizes transgender people. It’s a separate issue.

        I was referring to the more recent show in which Limbaugh criticizes “liberals” for demanding consent in sexual relations, and lamenting “the rape police” (or, as non-rapists call it, the police) for stepping in as soon as a woman does not consent to sex and a man goes ahead and rapes her.

        In other words, Limbaugh is clearly stating that in his view rape should be legal, and he’s also proclaiming that only “liberals” oppose rape while conservatives are in favor of rape.

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