On Thursday night, at the Al Smith charity dinner in New York, both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump were invited to give some “lighthearted” remarks consisting of jokes and a little humor to lessen the seriousness of the campaign. This quadrennial tradition dates back several years and worked well in 2012 when Mitt Romney and Barack Obama delivered some good humor for a good cause.

This time, however, the jokes weren’t selling. According to CNN, the room wasn’t buying it from either candidate:

No one would confuse Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton for happy warriors.

The rivals showed up Thursday night at a fabled staging post on the final stretch of presidential campaigns — the Al Smith charity dinner in New York.

Smith, the former New York governor and 1928 Democratic presidential nominee, was once dubbed the “happy warrior of the political battlefield” by Franklin Roosevelt.

But Trump and Clinton looked anything but happy when they limped off the 2016 campaign trail Thursday night.

They struggled to disguise the anger, bitterness and sheer open dislike that has pulsed through their recriminatory White House race, perhaps not surprisingly since he has threatened to throw her in jail and she says he’s a threat to the republic.

Here’s the full video of each candidate so you can judge for yourself.

Donald Trump took the podium first to deliver his comedic remarks:

Next, Hillary Clinton got her chance at the podium, with similar but perhaps less cutting results:

For a flachkback comparison, here is Romney and Obama in 2012:

Trump had some funny lines, but he went a little too far and lost the audience. Coming literally off a heated debate on Wednesday night into this lighter setting on Thursday night probably didn’t help all that much. Instead of getting the candidates to take a breath from the campaign trail, the campaign simply followed itself into the jokes.


  1. In such a setting most anyone can seem likeable. Truth be told, even I chuckled at some of Billary’s jokes. But I then remembered that she is the embodiment of all that is evil. I just don’t know how the Cardinal could sit next to her and not sense a DEMONIC presence??

    • Because only the dumbest of Republicans are dumb enough to blame a failed campaign on demons.

      • You do understand the analogy I was presenting right? The Cardinal=GOOD and Billary=EVIL. Why do I have to explain such seemingly simple things to you? Are you that DENSE??

        • No, I had no idea that demons were supposed to represent evil. Your analogies are simply too original for me to follow.

        • Why ,do you need to mangle Clintons name ,can’t you find the wit within yourself to actually come up with a original and substantial retort without resorting to childish things .?

      • As usual you make no sense. If there are no such thing as demons, how can Trump be demonic? What are you basing the similarities between Trump and the non existent demons? Another liberal BITES THE DUST trying to be witty!!!?

          • I read very well, it is you I have my doubts about. Selective reading just isn’t what it’s cracked up to be. Alas, I think that is how liberals get through the day, by reading what they agree with and ignoring that which doesn’t conform to their ideological beliefs.

            • Then you should probably scroll up and re-read that comment. You missed a few very important words.

        • And another Republican fails to understand the difference between the abstract and the concrete embarrassing themselves in a public forum in the process. SMH.

  2. I’m very proud of Mr. Trump. He went against protocol for a reason. Here he is in the middle of this festive gala filled with the city’s uber elites (the haves & the have mores), and the so called righteous elites headed up by Cardinal Dolan & the Archdiocese’s first team. Mr. Trump starts off with the expected type of humor which was not only funny & acceptable but downright charming. Then he turned and shared blatant -t r u t h s- which were harsh but beautifully aimed at a crowd that wasn’t ready for it. Why weren’t they ready? Nothing could be more important than the honest account of Hillary’s diabolical, criminal behavior right up until that very moment with Holy Cardinal in residence a few feet away. My God the trainwreck of truth was there for every elite to choke on, & by the grace of God they did. They booe, not for what he said it was undeniable but Trump had upset the decorum of theupperclass playworld they were frolicking in. The Archdiocese team should be elated with such lucent truth being related so boldly and genuinely. These men of the cloth should no doubt see that the matter of greatest importance here is that she is not capable and infinitely unworthy of the presidency. -E v e r y o n e- there knows she’s dirty. Decorum hell, wake up, a greater reality is before us even here at this fancy shmancy dinner for the rich & religious snobs to hob nob.

      • Thanks, that means a lot to me. Be sure 2 watch Trump @ Gettysburg; it’s awesome, I’m watching it a 2nd. time. Also, I’m watching the worried pundit’s faces on a muted CNN. Very funny.

        • The symbolism of a delusional Trumpist muting the news is pretty powerful. If you block out all outside information, you can stay in the bubble where all is well in the Trump campaign. Could be a premise for a very sad poem, actually.

            • This is a pretty crude remark I guess ,but perhaps you would be better shagging hogs and driving that tractor a rather then enter what is supposed to be a reasonabley intelligent
              Argument,at least hogs look good I hear after drinking hillbilly hooch

    • Do you not care about the countless times he has demeaned women , deprived workers out of there contracted to pay honoured,he has created a multitude of small company’s so any debt remains within that company,and he can go bankrupt,lts legal but morally corrupt ,and what about the upcoming trial of child sex abuse ,his lack of any empathy a how do you think that will translate when it comes to you ,you will certainly be ignored,unless it was politicaly good for him ,there are so many things wrong with that man ,I have no doubt that the security services have NOT given him all of which is sensitive issues,he is not a demon ,just a morally deficient and sociapathic thief and fraud ,people have said he says it as it is ,Not even remotely true !all he has done is targeted all the lower educated men and women of America and ranted as a drunk would in a bar about what he would like to see and happen ,it’s such load if codswallop to imagine that Mexico will pay for his ” wall”har har !
      I don’t think he has the level of integrity or intelligence to trade meaningful discussion around ,say a summit meeting,with REAL leaders who have not only studied related subjects at university,but also has the judgement of decades of experience,he won’t be able to shout his way through any meeting
      The buffoon!!!

        • Which one are you referring to?the one ken Kesey was handing out aboard his famous bus that was laced with LSD or the madman quasi preacher who persuaded a large group of individuals in the jungle somewhere,his name was Jones I believe and he laced cool -aid with cyanide ,it matters you see how you perceive a threat to your vocal ” barely ” reply ,you really should look ahead at least a couple of sentences ahead before making any kind of reply ,good or bad
          But i dont think that your remark contains any substance thereby barring yourself from a proper discussion

    • Have just noticed that you had the audacity to praise his timing ….!!!!!wtf it wasn’t timing it was when his inner craziness came out without any thought on his part ,are you as stupid as you write ??you sure sound it ….keep off the hooch and drink something less potent like a 9% mix instead of that 22% a v a, made from worm wood

  3. As O’Reilly said Trump’s a hard working guy so his lack of style is acceptable. But Hillary should have known better.

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