In fact, Bernie has already accepted the invitation from Fox News and is currently lobbying the Clinton campaign to do the same. The debate would take place in California, though no other details have been released since Hillary has not yet accepted the invite. Obviously Hillary would like to avoid doing any further debates since it would only help to bolster Bernie at this point.

Report from USAToday:

Bernie Sanders has agreed to attend a Fox News debate and he wants Hillary Clinton to join him.

“Both campaigns have been invited by Fox News to a debate. We have told the network that we would accept the invitation with the understanding that we can reach mutual agreement on the debate moderators, the format and other details,” Sanders’ Campaign Manager Jeff Weaver said in a statement.

Fox News sent letters offering to host a debate to both campaigns Tuesday.

“More than half way through the month of May, we hope Secretary Clinton will soon make good on her campaign’s commitment and agree to a time and pace for a debate,” Weaver said. “There are issues of enormous importance facing the people of California and our nation and the people of our largest state deserve to hear the Democratic candidates’ opinions.”

Later Wednesday, Bill Sammon, the vice president and Washington managing editor of Fox News, released a statement on the offer.

“Fox News has suggested several debate venues in California to the Democratic National Committee and both candidates. We are also offering a variety of dates, being careful to exclude Friday and Saturday nights, per the agreement between the DNC and candidates,” Sammon said. “Fox will release further debate details as appropriate, given that only one of the two candidates has accepted our debate invitation so far.”

Hillary did agree in theory to holding a debate in May, and now Bernie is attempting to cash in on their prior agreement. No word yet on whether this debate will happen, but this is exactly why Bernie agreed to the earlier debate before New Hampshire in exchange for later debates added to the calendar.

The Clinton campaign may try to argue that since it’s mathematically impossible for Bernie to match or exceed her pledged delegate count, that he is eliminated from contention. However, Bernie would likely argue that the superdelegates are going to be the deciders this time around anyway so which delegate number can you truly point to in labeling a “presumptive” nominee?

We’ll follow this story and see what happens in the coming days.


  1. Give it to her Bernie… take her down. She is a puffed up blow hard and I can’t even stand to watch her.

      • Quit being a cantankerous old man and realize there is no fight. We talk about whether BS supporters would vote for Hillary. I think BS needs to come to terms whether a Hillary supporter would vote for him. Hillary needs BS supporters and BS needs Hillary supporters. The fight should be against Trump.

        • He should not give up. He don’t owe her or DNC a damn thing. He should quit and run 3rd party and beat both Clinton and Trump. That would be amazing. Give two fingers to them both and to DNC.

            • Lol nope. Sanders would win definitely. Stop bs the people. They don’t believe you. I am voting for Bernie Sanders in November no matter what happens. If Trump wins blame Clinton, DWS, DNC and Clinton voters in the primary. I don’t care about the Reagan republicans you call Democrats. I will vote Democrat down the ticket.

            • You sound just like Clinton supporters back in 2008. At the end of the primary Clinton did what was best for the country and accepted Obama was going to win the nomination. She helped to bring Democrats back together, starting at the convention. She would have had a much, much stronger case for a contested convention than Sanders does. Clinton actually edged out Obama in the popular vote, whereas Sanders is currently losing the popular vote by over 3 million, and I don’t think that number will shrink by the end of the primary. If anything, it’ll probably increase.

            • Lol what a ignorant thing to say. She did what was best for her and Obama offered her the secretary position which is the only reason she did what she did. Sanders has more of cause then Clinton had. Sanders is much likable and if it were not for the caucuses he would be leading by huge margins but keep thinking she has 3 million votes ahead. We will sneak past her since after all he is only 194 delegates behind her. Super delegates don’t count till they vote at convention. I am much smarter and informed than you take me for.

            • You need to learn the facts before you call other people ignorant. You have no clue what, if anything was offered to Clinton by Obama. Do you really believe Sanders wouldn’t be interested in an impactful position in the administration if offered? If you say no, then you are really naive, and don’t know Bernie as well as you think you do. Do you honestly believe with the limited number of people who participated in the caucuses that it would make much of a dent in Clinton’s 3 million plus lead in the popular vote? If you do, then you really need to do your homework, and gain a better understanding of which states had caucuses, how many voters actually participated in the caucuses, and add the splits to each candidates popular vote totals. You’d see that it would barely make a dent in the 3 million plus lead in popular votes. 194 delegates behind? Where in the hell to you get our information? Clinton currently has 1,768 pledged delegates to Sanders 1,497. If you can perform simple math, you’ll see she leads by 271 pledged delegates. Right, if Clinton wins California it must be fraud, even though she’s been up by double digits in the polls for both California and New Jersey. Tell me in all your infinite wisdom, what states did Clinton steal? I understand you’re passionate, and I respect that, but you really need to do your homework before you make such foolish statements. If you just look at pledged delegates, there are 936 available in the remaining states. Clinton would need 65.7% to reach 2,383 needed for the nomination, and Sanders needs 94.66%. If you split the remaining pledged delegates, which is honestly the best Sanders can hope for, that would put the total of pledged delegates for Clinton at 2,236 and Sanders at 1,965. Even if you split the total of 564 super delegates proportionally based on pledged delegates won, it would give Clinton a final total of 2,536 delegates, surpassing the required 2,383 delegates required for the nomination, and Sanders with 2,229 delegates would fall short of the required number. That’s an unlikely scenario, and over whelming odds are that Sanders doesn’t win half of the remaining pledged delegates, given the large lead in the polls Clinton has in both California and New Jersey with two weeks to go until those primaries.

            • Ok you’re just another Clinton supporter I take it that assumes all Sanders supporters are misinformed and don’t do there home work. Washington and Alaska he won within the 70 percent threshold. Bernie Sanders would be in the lead right now if there were no tampering of machines and suppression. If the primaries were all open he would be leading and with a huge margin. I don’t care about what you say I know the facts and not the manufactured ones you and Clinton want me to believe. Naive or not unless Clinton would do certain policies he may consider a position but only if the policies she helps gets passed. The difference between Clinton and Sanders is that Sanders fights for the people and is policy driven to help the people. Clinton is selfish and thinks she deserves to be president but she don’t. She is above the law. Her husband takes trips on the Lolita express and she got 75,000 from the same people who are investigating her. It’s a investigation of the FBI and not a review or inquiry by the way. They are Federal Bureau of investigations and not Federal Bureau of Inquiries after all. Clinton and it’s supporters alienated the Sanders supporters and won’t vote for her no matter what the MSM says and 66 percent of us won’t support her like they are spewing.

            • Seriously, trying to have a discussion with you, is like trying to have a discussion with a child. Do you care to share the link to support your claim there was tampering with machines and voter suppression? Each state runs it’s primary, and why would the Democratic party be obligated to have open primaries? I think mixed primaries are a good thing. In case you don’t know, that’s where a person can vote in a party’s primary if they are a registered member of that party, or an independent, but not if they are registered to another party. Nothing really wrong with closed primaries. After all it is “that” party’s process to nominate a candidate to represent their shared values and beliefs. That’s the downside I guess to being an independent, in some states you may not be able to participate in the primary process. Double edged sword, but independents have no party loyalty after all. Nothing wrong with being an independent, but there are pros and cons to having no party affiliation I guess is the point. Democrats aren’t mentioning Sander’s having praised Fidel Castro and his communist regime, as well as some South American dictators in a taped interview conducted in the mid ’80s. But, the Republicans would drudge up that interview, among other things. Not sure why some Sanders’ supporters seem to believe Bernie doesn’t have any ghosts in his closet that could be very damaging in a general election, that for various reasons the Clinton campaign hasn’t gone after. “Lolita Express”, give me a break. A neo conservative group called Judicial Watch was trying to make something out of nothing, with guilty by association. When Bill Clinton flew on that jet he was accompanied by several secret service agents. Are you going to tell me that everyone who flew on Jeffrey Epstein’s jet, did business with him, went to his home, or had other associations with him were all pedophiles? Sounds like your interested in pushing more Republican garbage. It sounds like you’re completely skewed when it comes to Hillary Clinton. If you’re interested in the facts, what the FBI was conducting was preliminary inquiry to see if information in their findings warrants an investigation. There’s only been speculation, primarily on the right, that it’s moved from a preliminary inquiry into an investigation, but the problem with that is, the FBI hasn’t officially announced that it’s moved from the inquiry stage into an investigation. It’s pretty obvious law is another area you seem to be lacking. The fact 66% of Sanders supporters in a recent poll expressed they’d vote for Clinton if she gets the nomination is legit. Just because you’re in the 44% that wouldn’t vote for her, and would rather see Donald Trump elected President, doesn’t mean it’s not valid. That seems to be the case with you. If it’s something you don’t personally believe, then it must not be true, not matter what the facts say. I was an Obama supporter back in ’08, and a Clinton supporter in this election. I have a few family members who are Sanders supporters, and although they are really pulling for Bernie, every singe one say they’ll vote for Clinton in the general election, because Trump the majority of what Trump stands for, directly conflicts with their core beliefs. Best of luck! Hope it all works out for you!

            • It’s impossible to have a discussion with someone who ignores facts, and embraces biased fabrications.

            • Besides numbers, counts and polls, who do you think would make the better CEO for the governement comparing just their actions over the last 3 decades? Take a closer look. Oh and try to listen to people with gray hair, they have experiance. And if you come up with a conclusion let the bernie bros know.

          • Kris, In case you didn’t notice Hillary has already kicked his ass all the way to Vermont and back..When you win by over 3 million votes, and 300 pledged delegates, they call it a landslide, or a blowout..He was never close. How the hell would we win as a 3rd party..He doesn’t even have enough money to by air time in California.. Snap out of it.

            • She is not ahead by 3 million votes. Some states don’t count individual votes, such as states that caucus. He won landslide votes in caucus states that don’t count toward total votes.
              It’s just another one of her lies.

            • Wht do I feel like I spend half of my life educating the ignorant Bernie Slanders cult
              “Nothing in the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity.” Martin Luther King Jr.

            • Speak for yourself. At least I am a informed voter and learned to see Clinton for who she is and Trump is just a entertainer with no substance.

            • That is the lowest form of argument there is. Instead of taking his points and refuting them, you are accusing him of being paid to converse with you…as though you are so important that anyone would pay anybody else to have tis conversation with you. What a loser.

            • The only states that don’t count individual votes are those who hold caucuses. Two reasons you’re off the mark. Hillary also received popular votes in this caucuses, and look at the states who held caucuses, and the number of voters who participated. Even if you added up all the voters from the caucus states and gave them to Bernie, he’d still be behind by nearly 3 million votes. But, we know he didn’t get all the popular votes from caucus states, so it would basically be a wash, and Hillary would still be up by more than 3 million votes at this point. What’s funny is you hear Bernie’s campaign complain about closed primaries, but don’t say a word about caucus states. If you do your homework you’ll learn that a caucus is a very undemocratic process, as it excludes a large number of individuals from being able to participate. LOL, how in the world can facts be just another one of her lies? Seriously, it’s troublesome how many voters don’t educate themselves.

            • It is not a lie. This is the thing that is so annoying about you Sanders people. Things are done the exact same way they have always been done, including the way popular vote is counted. But because none of you have ever paid the slightest bit of attention to a primary before, you are convinced that everything is a conspiracy. You come across as cognitively impaired. I don’t understand you, because my mind always wants to know the facts, the truth, even if the facts do not lead the way I want them to. If I am wrong about something, if I am laboring under a misconception, I want to know. You lot just desperately look for reasons not to believe what everybody else knows. At what point are you going to be able to accept that he lost? She will be the nominee. The Superdelegates, whom your cohorts have been harassing in the most vile ways, are not going to switch to Sanders, under any circumstances. They do not think he would make the best POTUS, if they did, they would have endorsed him sooner. In fact, a Superdelegate from the Virgin Islands switched from Sanders to Clinton just last week. This thing is as over as over can get. It will be completely over when she wins NJ, even if he were to win CA, which doesn’t seem likely. We have given you time to grieve, but you haven’t done that because you are stuck in denial, And it doesn’t help that your hero is downright lying to you at this point, trying to get your last dime.

          • Don’t be so ignorant. If Bernie ran as an independent, he’d single handedly give the election to Trump.

            • Ok gullible. Think that all you like. I am a informed voter and not ignorant. We don’t have satellite TV or cable TV to get brainwashed.

            • Well, you obviously have internet, so maybe you should spend some more time educating yourself. If you honestly think Sanders entering the general election as an independent wouldn’t be handing Trump the presidency, then you’re beyond ignorant.

            • Nice try. I am tired of your Correct the Record crap and you insulting my intelligence so do me and everyone a favor and stop talking to me. I just can’t talk to stupid.

            • It would be a kindness to simply insult your intelligence when it really deserves to be run over by a bus, which would back up and run over it again. That too would be a kindness to put it out of it’s misery. I am sure you are sick of fact checking, which is what CTR is, because fact checking gets in the way of your fantasies.

        • And Hillary should earn those votes, instead of assuming that the voters will vote for her come November because she has the D next to her name.

          • The primary is still going on. Do you really think Sanders supporters will start supporting Clinton while the primary is going on? Why is it okay for Sanders to assume the voters will vote for him come November? At the very least Sanders has injected an important dialogue back into the Democratic party, but he has no real plan how to achieve some of his key positions. Even increasing taxes on the top 1%, the numbers don’t add up. Also, he knows it’s completely unrealistic to believe we can repeal the Affordable Healthcare Act, and replace it with a socialized system, especially when he doesn’t seem concerned with helping to raise money for down ballot races to win the majority in the House and Senate. Instead he and his supporters criticize Clinton for participating in fund raisers to help bring in money for the Democratic party and those down ballot races. Does he really think he’d get any of what he wants accomplished in a Republican controlled House and Senate? Sanders supporters need to consider the whole picture, and if Bernie doesn’t get the nomination, I think he’ll have a loud voice in the Democratic platform moving into the general election, and hopefully help rally support for the part to stay in the White House. Also, if Sanders doesn’t get the nomination, independents who support him will have to decide what candidate in November more closely advocates for their core beliefs.

            • If Hillary can win their votes in the primary, then sure; is that not the goal of a Primary, to win more votes? After the primary is over and if Hillary wins (as all the evidence is pointing to), I do see most of Sanders’ supporters going Clinton’s way, but at the same time a large enough chunk will go vote for Trump, Green Party, or write in Sanders, but some can still be won over (A Warren as a VP pick for an example). And I do not think he ever assumed people will just support him on name or party-line.

              You are over simplifying Bernie’s tax plan. He wants to raise the top marginal rate to over 50% to those making over $400,000 a year, tax wall-street speculation, increase the estate tax and lower the amount of worth required to be tax for the estate tax, and of course working on tax loopholes along with reallocating funds (does there need to be 600 billion going to our military). You are using a Republican argument (we can’t afford it), but if we had enough money to spend 16.8 trillion dollars on fucking Wall Street, why not spend trillions helping the American people out?

              He never said he wants to appeal it, he just wants it replaced with a new system. Meaning the ACA will stay in place until a new health bill is signed. We also had a shot at having real healthcare reform when there was a Democratic super-majority, but what we got was a Republican plan from the 70s; hell we did not even get a public option. That is why before anything starts, Citizen’s United needs to be overturned and we need to get ALL money out of politics, not just dark money. Besides, a majority of the American people want a single-payer system.

              It is because it is a perpetuating the broken system, instead of fighting to end it. Also give this a read, for she kept most of the money.
              It was not as if this was fundraising from the everyperson, but instead was one from the upper-class and Wall Street. The Democrats should be the opposite of Republicans and take no Wall-Street money on principal. Just because it is Team Democrat taking the money, does not mean that Democrats are immune from corrupting influence of money, and if you think that, you are just a party loyalist.

            • Yeah to write in Sanders or vote Jill Stein. The money she supposedly was helping fund the down ticket was funneled back into her campaign. Nice try. Yeah I have internet but with biased media and fake sites it’s hard to decifer thru the garbage for the truth but I can see Clinton for the self righteous narcissists that she is. Obama boys to Bernie Sanders which is a republican playbook. Using fear for votes. California will be Sanders with the registration surge. If she wins it’s plagued with fraud and suppression. Just look what they did in Nevada. That changed lots of people to Bernie or Bust thank goodness.

        • No… The fight shuld be against Clinton after that comes the orange Blop.

  2. He can still catch up to her and pass her mathematicaly. Another attempt to suppress the vote and the truth. California alone can do it. Don’t be fooled.

      • Nope. He is nothing at all like Trump. The amendment king is nothing like Trump. You know nothing about Sanders if you think that garbage.

        • “BS people”
          Unfortunate initials.

          I went to see what his middle name is.
          I figure if it were “Elwood,” you could use BES (“best”).
          If it were “Oscar,” you could use BOS (“boss”).
          If it were “Arnold,” BAS (his people would be his “base”).
          If it were “Ira,” BIS (appeal to the LGBT community).
          And “Ulysses” would give you BUS (“get on the BUS”).

          But Bernie grew up so poor that his parents couldn’t afford a middle name for him.

    • He would need upwards of 90% of the vote in all remaining primaries since California, like all Democratic Party primaries, is proportional. Even if he wins California, by something like 60% to 40%, that won’t do it since she’ll continue gaining delegates also. Winner-take-all doesn’t exist on the Democratic side which means that even when Bernie wins, he’s still sharing delegates with Hillary, and vice-versa.

      • I know. That’s doable but we need the super delegates to vote for him at the convention. We will beat Trump with Sanders but not with her.

        • You may not know this, but Hillary polled much stronger vs McCain, who rolled through the Republican primary in 2008. What’s funny is listening to Sanders supporters is almost like deja vu, with regard to what Clinton supporters were saying in 2008. Accept, Clinton supporters had a much stronger case that year, because the race was sooooooo much closer.

    • Have you bothered to do the math on what percentage of the vote Bernie would need to get, in order to surpass Hillary in both the popular vote and pledged delegates? Sure, it’s not impossible, but improbable and highly unlikely. Not saying Bernie can’t make up ground, but he’s down double digits in both of the most recent polls for New Jersey and California. That’s a lot of ground to make up in two weeks.

      • He needs 65 percent to take over the delegates lead in the remaining contests and 67 or higher in California. He last I heard is 194 delegates behind.

        • What source are you using–and how long ago did you check it?

          The New York Times has it 1768 to 1494.
          Google has it 1768 to 1497.
          Real Clear Politics has it 1768 to 1497.
          The AP has 1768 to 1494.
          CNN has 1775 to 1485.
          FiveThirtyEight has 1771 to 1499.
          Wikipedia has 1771 to 1499.

          That looks like between 274 and 290.

          • Lol if they want to lose there money then bet on Clinton. What dates were said polls They have stopped exit polling for remaining 9 contests so hmm I wonder why that is. Suppressing the voters

    • I m sure California will bring surprising swing against establishment. Without Bernie there is no real democracy but the one being hijacked by elite with money from Corporations and wall street

  3. There is nothing more to be learned. We’ve heard it all. Don’t do the debate. Recommend town halls. Much much more effective/learn more. Debate or town hall needs to be requested by local press and not national. If both candidates promised not to use their same old tired campaign rhetoric then maybe it could be valuable. But BS can’t say anything but blah blah blah. I’ll give HC credit, she is going after Trump and leaving BS alone. If BS actually thought he had any chance, then move past the HC attacks and go after Trump. We are at the point….Trump has begun to use the BS attacks. BS supporters need to realize that Trump wants BS. He’s not attacking him yet to help BS’s numbers. If BS wins the ticket, BS will crumble under Trumps attacks.

    • She won’t debate. Just let Bernie Sanders speak for 3 hours. I don’t want to listen to that voice of Clinton. #bernieorbust

      • Great. Glad you like my town hall idea. Without someone else there, no debate. So you just want to listen to him, town hall is perfect. Like I said. Glad you agreed

        • Yep.Town halls make Bernie Sanders look great but that’s any time he speaks. Californians will vote for Bernie Sanders and he will win it. I am worried about New Jersey. They should debate their also.

            • He always wants to debate for the people. He is not at all worried. He beat her in Washington. He beat her in Oregon. He will beat her in California also. I hope he wins every state and DC that is left. That will give the super delegates something to think about.

        • They wouldn’t be anger if Clinton and the DNC did what they did. They alienated have of there potential voters and lied about violence and chairs being thrown in Nevada which of course no evidence of it. Of all the video cameras they can’t find anything. It was a fail for them and I hope it helps propel him to victory in the remaining states and convention. Go Sanders. I don’t care what anyone says and what these correct the record idiots say I will only vote Sanders for President. I don’t answer to you Lee Tomlinson either so I can speak however I like and be as angry as I like and what they did to us and Bernie Sanders rightfully so.

      • Amen brothers and sisters. Her voice sounds like finger nails on a chalk board! Yeebs!

    • That debate would be a chance to convince bernie suporters. Without them its going to be one hell of a fight for the WH not a walk in the park. Problem: clinton must show the BS suporter that she wants their vote by say adapting one of his pollicies and not just screm ” vote for me!”

  4. Clinton should do the right thing and drop out for the sake of the country. She is a narcissists so she won’t. She is self serving idiot that gets nothing done but negative and is sold to the highest bidder.

  5. Bernie Sanders is a sore loser! And his supporters are worse – blind support with no brains!
    If America elects this half past six guy or Trump, China is gonna laugh till the teeth drop.
    Future for America is not good, the youngsters supporting such low quality candidates.

  6. The old man has very low net worth. That’s why he needs the president’s job. But he’s gonna be disappointed.
    His wife is already in trouble with the University fiasco. And he’s gonna to be heavily in debt after spending the donors’ funds that he was supposed to return back to the donors. He’s gonna to be in a lot of trouble.
    China is laughing! Russia is laughing! Europe is laughing! World is laughing at the state of American politics.

  7. Let it Go! Let it Go! Let it Go! He cannot win and should go back as a very bitter, angry, frustrated and hopeless old man! Yay! Yay! Yay!
    China is laughing at America – in 4 years time, America will no longer be a super power!
    China will be number one!

  8. The debate will serve no purpose, no purpose at all!
    Same rhetoric with no facts to back his words – remember the NY Post interview?
    No facts at all! How did he even come so far?

  9. This proves how desperate Bernie has become. When a Democrat agrees to participate in a debate hosted and conducted by Fox News (AKA Republican supporter and mouth piece), it is either one of two things, complete ignorance as to nothing more than a desire by Fox News to further divide the Democratic party heading into the convention and general election, or desperation. Although Bernie only became a Democrat prior to entering the primary, I don’t believe he’s out to damage the party and insure Trump wins, so the only logical explanation is he’s really desperate at this point, knowing he’s way behind in both the popular vote and pledged delegate count. Hillary already agreed to one more debate than what was scheduled, that being the last debate held in New York. I don’t see anything wrong with Bernie staying in until the convention, but if he is unable to accept what the vast majority of voters have expressed who they want the nominee to be, and creates more division at the convention, instead of working to help bring the party together, then he could go down in history as the greatest single force to help Trump win the election for President.

  10. This is looking more and more like 1968.

    There are only two weeks left, and Hillary can’t have the number she needs until at least a week before the convention. And it’s still possible that Bernie could contest the Superdelegates.

    So, just for exercise, assuming that Hillary could get the nomination, is there ANYTHING that she could give Bernie to bring him on-board?

    Would it be enough to offer him Attorney General? He’d be in charge of the Justice Department–and could bring suit against Wall Street.

    Is there anything she could do to make Bernie fans happy?

    • I believe a law degree, being, and having been a licensed attorney is a requirement for some to be appointed attorney general. But, not certain.

      I’m a Hillary supporter, but I don’t really much against Bernie, just don’t agree with all his policy positions. It’ll be interesting to see how it plays out. If Clinton gets the nomination, it’s unclear what role, if any, Sanders would play in the administration. He could be content to remain a Senator, and have some of his policies included in the Democratic platform, and try to help get some of it pushed through congress.

      I’m curious though, if Sanders supporters would be happy with any perceived compromise.

      • Ironically, I don’t think there’s any requirement that the “Attorney General” be an “attorney.” At least, I can’t find it. However, the primary job of the office, created in 1789, is to represent the United States in front of the Supreme Court. Since that would be a legal action, seems that one would need a degree–or be guilty of “practicing law without a license.”

        When JFK was elected, he appointed his brother, Bobby Kennedy as AG. Bobby had a law degree, but was only 38. JFK, who had a great sense of humor, said he wanted to give RFK some “legal experience.”

        Bernie has fought for justice all his life, and has been helping to make laws since 1991.

        I did find this. There have been three non-lawyer attorney generals in British Columbia. Since our law is based on British law, we might be able to do the same.

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