As we start looking toward the general election, the speculation over vice presidential choices is now a worthwhile topic. Hillary Clinton has a decent bench of prospects, but one name that many progressive activists often float is that of Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren.

Report from Mic:

Hillary Clinton-Elizabeth Warren 2016?

Don’t count it out, the Clinton campaign says.

In an interview with the Boston Globe, campaign chairman John Podesta said that the former secretary of state isn’t ruling out a female running mate — hinting at the possibility of a historic all-female ticket and generating speculation about Warren, the Massachusetts senator and progressive favorite.

“We’ll start with a broad list and then begin to narrow it. But there is no question that there will be women on that list,” Podesta told the Globe.

The case for Warren: For a campaign seeking to woo progressive supporters of Bernie Sanders, who continues to soldier on in the Democratic primary contest despite a landslide loss to Clinton in New York on Tuesday, Warren may be an attractive option.

Her stemwinders against big banks and free trade agreements have endeared her to many of the same populist-minded voters drawn to Sanders’ candidacy, and her liberal luster was such that some progressive groups urged her to mount a presidential bid of her own.

Warren resisted those entreaties, but she has inserted herself into the 2016 debate with gusto — leveling withering attacks on Republican candidates Donald Trump and Ted Cruz, and applauding elements of both Clinton’s and Sanders’ proposals to take on Wall Street.

For voters wary of Clinton’s Wall Street ties, a Warren pick could provide some measure of assurance that Clinton is committed to financial reform — and may go a long way toward inspiring enthusiasm from the Democratic base.

You could look at this one of two ways. You could argue that an all-female ticket might be too much to push on the electorate after a couple hundred years of all-male tickets. However, it will depend on whether Hillary needs some serious draw to try and cobble together the Obama coalition that brought victories in 2008 and 2012.

Perhaps it’s worth arguing that one woman, even being on the top of the ticket, is not groundbreaking enough to bring out a mass of new voters on the Democratic side.

On the other hand, it may be worth arguing that Hillary needs some “balance” on the ticket, as is often conventional wisdom in running mate selection. Perhaps she needs someone who is, in fact, male, and perhaps younger than she is. Maybe the age doesn’t matter, but maybe the female-male ticket with a popular VP choice would be a draw in the general election.

All of this speculation points to what may be a very likely reality that whoever the Republican nominee is, they’ll be inclined to select a female vice presidential nominee to balance the “awe” factor of the first female as a nominee of a major party.

This is all speculation, Hillary hasn’t quite clinched the nomination yet and there are several primary contests to go. We could be talking about a Bernie-Warren ticket in upcoming weeks depending on how things shake out.


  1. If Warren were to become the VP nominee I would vote for Hillary!!! Not sure yet otherwise! I would have liked Warren as a presidential candidate! I am a registered Independent!

  2. My first impression was that a two-woman ticket would turn off guys, but Democrats don’t attract white men well, anyway, and minorities might feel a kinship to women, who are also struggling for equality.

    We have only had Ferraro and Palin, up to now, and they were relegated to veep, so a top-of-the-ticket Hillary is already record-breaking.

  3. Such a ticket would be indicative of just how corrupt, banal, and amoral the so-called “democrat” party has become.

  4. Steal Bernie’s ideas.. might as well steal his potential VP pick just so you can get progressives on board. The thing is she seems to think people don’t like her ideas. No it’s not that.. it’s people don’t like her lies, pandering, criminal activity. How about Bernie-Warren running as Independents when Hillary gets Nomination. THAT will beat both Trump and Hillary in a General Election no doubt about it!

    • Something about Bernie seems to inspire the hate-filled, hysterical, spittle flying,types. Small in number, but big is misdirected rage

  5. I think Senator Warren has been smart by not endorsing a candidate. That will allow her a great deal of flexibility. She’d be an excellent VP. Not just because she has the stamp “progressive” across her forehead. If not VP, then she needs to be in President Clinton’s Cabinet to help the country. Senator a Warren has a passion for her beliefs but she also doesn’t shout herself in the foot. I had hoped that “the old man” would slowly withdraw from the race, giving him the upper hand on shaping the future. But if he does do what he says he will do now…..he will have no leverage at the end. Not even a say so in the next VP, cabinets, etc.

    • Backing out of a race in the hopes your enemy will take mercy on, and employ you is the most cowardice thing I’ve ever heard.

      The Vice President has no power over the President anyway. So the idea that Warren will “keep her in check” is about as effective as senator Hillary telling the big banks to “cut it out”.

  6. Warren for VP is an idiotic idea. To take an aggressive, can-do Senator, who sits on an important committee, and stick her in a glass case with a sign that says “Break glass if the President dies,” is an incredibly stupid waste of resources. Do we really have so many great Senators that we can throw one away?

  7. Now it becomes clear why Warren refused to run after the Clintons called her to their DC townhouse where Warren was sequestered for several hours — to make a deal, or else!

    Warren — just another pathetic sell-out!

    • Or she cut her losses…? Not everything is so simple. Look how well Clinton hides her lies and mistakes to the average citizen
      She would have won with her super PAC money either way in a senate race.

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