We keep hearing more and more that money is pouring into the anti-Trump media blitz. But why are they so lousy? It’s almost as if they want to look like they’re trying, but not.

For one thing, they’re just repeating the tired, old charges that have had no impact up to now. They are adding nothing to the discussion, and worse, they’re not convincing. I have written many hundreds of commercials, directing many of them. So indulge me as I critique.

You can see some of the ads, thanks to NewsMax.

The first is called, “Scam.”

OK, they tinted the ad blue, so Trump looks sickly, instead of orange. But what is it about? Trump University. Ho-hum. And you know what? People already know he’s a businessman. And they know he’s a shark. That’s why they like him. Trump supporters would laugh at those who would pay thousands of dollars and not have the intelligence or initiative to become successful.

The second is called, “Bob.”

Surprise, it’s also about Trump University. We see this white-haired, balding, “low-energy” person, frowning, saying no one gave him a list of lending sources. Like he doesn’t have a Yellow Pages? He probably looks like he couldn’t deal with Google. And—they “never contacted me. . .” We see him sitting on his overstuffed couch, waiting for the phone to ring. And he seems to misunderstand the entire concept. He complains that no one called him to offer him property owned by Trump. If the purpose of the “University” was to sell Trump’s unwanted properties, THAT would be a problem. Anyway, the guy is pathetic. Makes you want to ask for his phone number to see if he’d be interested in buying a bridge in Brooklyn. Oh, and again, they end with a blue-tinted shot of Trump, from below him, making him look “yuge”—just the kinda guy you’d like negotiating with Putin.

A third one is called, “Fools”

This one shows Trump in full color, but they hit twice the quote, “I love the poorly educated.” It hits him for using “sleazy bankruptcy laws.” Yeah? Well, our real problem is that bankruptcy has been made so difficult—and, no, you can’t get relief from a crushing college loan. Too bad for you. My guess is that Trump supporters will cheer that he has taken advantage of the banks. Who likes the banks?? They also run through three other charges, but they are unconvincing. They’re trying to use the old “throw it all against the wall and see what sticks” trick. Not working.

Again, people KNOW Trump is a businessman, and they think big business is all corrupt. What they’re hoping is that he will become president and use his slick ways to Make America Great Again.

It is so amazing to me that the “owner-manager” party, the champion of “free enterprise,” is trying to trash the poster child for capitalism.

You’ll find a few more of these ads posted by WBUR.

There’s one called, “Sherri.”

This is a version of the “Bob” ad. It’s a little more convincing, since Sherri is standing up—where? In her kitchen, of course. She’s supposedly a single mom. OH—I should probably take this opportunity to let you know that those sympathetic characters may—or may not—be real. Most people are not good on camera, so they hire actors. I have not been able to find out in this case, but don’t fall for someone because you like their eyes. Anyway, Sherri doesn’t complain about the fact that they didn’t do all the work for her. She really just says she spent the money.

And, finally, “He’s No Tough Guy.”

This commercial begins with, “he talks tough about China and Mexico,” so you’re primed for a real argument about his trade experience. For instance, the idea that he has outsourced his products was a strong argument in the debates—except that his answer is that today’s business climate makes it necessary, it’s legal, and it’s a smart business move (capitalism, remember?). Guess who made the same argument? Mitt Romney. When Romney’s vulture capitalism was questioned in 2012, he said, “it’s just business.” He also said that he took advantage of the laws. Sorta like when Al Gore said, in 1997, “There is no controlling legal authority that says this was in violation of law.” If it’s not illegal, it’s alright, right?

Seriously, folks, these ads—coming from groups like “Club for Growth”—really come off as “the pot calling the kettle black.”

Nobody questions that our laws favor the rich. But Trump points out the inequalities and unfairness, and his poor followers think the people who are criticizing Trump are exactly the same people who are responsible for the rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer. You are known by the company you keep.

Anyway, this was not meant to be pro-Trump. It’s also not meant to be anti-capitalism. Winston Churchill said, “Democracy is the worst form of government, except for all the others.” The same could be said for capitalism. It’s survival of the fittest—dog eat dog. It works because there is individual benefit, but that doesn’t mean people don’t get hurt. Trump supporters know that.

I just get annoyed when I see advertising being used so poorly.


  1. Republican Party does not support the voters , gop is telling who to vote for, to loose again with the same gop nominee stereotype ??? Romney advising gop voters??? Really gop how you gonna beat democrats with these moves ???

  2. To My Fellow TRUMP Supporters,

    After listening to Mitt Romney, Main Stream Media and hearing how the GOP Establishment is slamming Trump and telling US Citizens of this Great Nation how to VOTE! I feel even stronger than ever the we need Mr Trump in the White House! I feel that as a Nation that our Republican leaders should listen to the people and get behind us as we choose our Republican nominee! The people have spoken so far, and when it is my turn to speak and vote on June 7th in California I will be voting for Mr Donald J Trump! And if the RNC at the convention in Cleveland chooses to go against the People of our Great Nation than I will be WRITING in and VOTING for Mr Trump as a Third Party Candidate, and I ask all the other Trump Supporters to do the same and let our VOICES and VOTES be heard across the Nation!!! If you Support Mr Trump please copy and paste this post and than add your name and pass it on!!!

    Thanks Tom



  3. I agree these ads are ineffective.

    Instead, I think ads should also, for example, highlight the spectacle on Saturday of Trump asking people to raise their right hands in a pledge of support and juxtapose that video with film of the German masses raising their right hands to pledge support for Hitler. That juxtaposition should make it obvious that Trump is demanding blind obedience of the kind demanded by Hitler:



    It’s frightening, and will drive home in chilling fashion just what’s at stake here. People should be reminded that Hitler took power through democratic means, but once in power he ignored the laws (as Trump sometimes states he’d be inclined to do), and eliminated his opponents.

    Ads might also focus on Trump stating that he condones torture against our enemies. But who is to say he won’t casually expand the definition of the “enemies” of the United States to include his political opponents and justify use of torture against them – as Hitler did.


    Or that Trump stated at one rally that he could shoot someone on Fifth Avenue and his supporters would still support him.

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rMmiLWDpCno (at around 0:20).

    That’s also chilling – he’s basically saying he could commit murder and his supporters won’t care. That’s exactly what happened in Germany. Hitler murdered political opponents, and correctly anticipated that his supporters would not care because they were blindly loyal to him. That’s the kind of loyalty that Trump is demanding and there’s no telling how far it will go.

    So my personal opinion is that anti-Trump ads should hit again and again on the themes that Trump is demanding blind loyalty with hand salutes reminiscent of Hitler, and condoning torture and murder against “enemies” of the United States (whoever Trump determines that to be be in his sole discretion) and anticipating no protest from his supporters.

    Just play and replay the hand salutes, the endorsement of torture, and the casual joke about shooting someone without consequences juxtaposed with film of Hitler rallies, and people should (hopefully) begin to understand where this is headed.

    • Be sure not to remove your helmet or miss a single dose of your meds as shown here in your comment.
      Get real lady.
      If not before , you need psychological help. Seriously.

      • So Regina just posted a well thought out and well worded critique of Trump, along with several examples and sources to back up her statements – and the best you’ve got is “Get real lady”. And then on top of that you call her crazy. I hope that you aren’t one of those blindly loyal Trump supporters!

        • It is hard for some to comprehend but rest assured knowing that Trump is nothing like the German leader of the WW2. That is a lazy way of trying to disgrace a man who stands on principles and has the countries best interests at heart. What are you doing to help this country? What are you doing to help bring down the lies and defamation from the like of Regina?? Nothing probably.
          As far as my sight? I see the BIG picture. I am not tricked into looking through a path while wearing blinders.

          • Lyle – you say “rest assured that Trump is NOTHING like the German leader of the WW2.” Nothing like? Before smugly reassuring us, you ought to read the history of how Hitler came to power – you can check it out on Wikipedia – it happened through the democratic process, but then once Hitler had a grip on the reigns of power, he ignored the law and did as he pleased:


            Summing up the process, Wikipedia states: “Being one of the best speakers of the party, he told the other members of the party to either make him leader of the party or he would never return. He was aided in part by his willingness to use violence in advancing his political objectives and to recruit party members who were willing to do the same.”

            Trump uses the same tactics – riling up crowds with inflammatory rhetoric, demanding blind loyalty, and condoning or even encouraging violence (e.g., paying the legal bills of a supporter who punched a protester and warned, “next time we made to kill him.”; McCain “has to be very careful”), etc. He has even endorsed torture far beyond waterboarding. Sure, so far, it’s just against ISIS terrorists. But like I said in my prior post, once torture is okay for certain “enemies of the State,” it’s a slippery slope when it comes to defining who else qualifies as an “enemy.”

            Even the lines that Trump uses are shockingly reminiscent of Hitler. Example:

            Trump: “A lot of people have laughed at me over the years,” he said in a speech days before the New Hampshire primary. “Now, they’re not laughing so much.”

            Hitler: “Earlier they all laughed, those Jews. They thought it was a joke. But, today they don’t laugh anymore.”

            So, sorry, I don’t agree. Trump is endorsing the same tactics and employing the same oratorical style as Hitler.

            Now, to be sure, I really don’t know where Trump is taking this, and what he would actually do if elected President. But given the tactics he’s using, I’m not willing to take that risk.

            You want to take that risk? I don’t know how old you are, or if you have kids, or grandkids, but the way Trump talks, he’s going to be sending our sons and daughters off to plenty of wars over walls with Mexico and the like, and there will be extreme violence and rioting in American cities if he starts ordering the deportation of millions of illegal immigrants and the arrest of people who protest his orders. I’m sure plenty of Germans began to regret electing Hitler once Germany became a police state and surely once their sons and daughters starting dying by the millions in the wars he started.

            To be sure, I don’t take my analogy to the extreme. Specifically, I do not think Trump is the kind of person who would actually order people to be exterminated by the millions. He has a nice family, and is interested in money and power, not killing.

            But I do think that, like Hitler, Trump demands obedience and would not tolerate any dissent – so I see Trump ruling like Putin – that is, ruling the US with an iron fist through his control over the federal enforcement mechanism and the armed forces, instilling fear in his opponents (using show trials, or even torture or assassination, against particularly outspoken opponents as Putin has done), and generally turning the U.S. into a police state that we’d no longer recognize – like Russia, China or Egypt.

            Is that what you want? To be safe so long as you do and say exactly what Trump wants?

            I hope we never get to see who’s right.

            • To keep it simple, you go on and on about some looney in power 75 years ago with great detail of his flaws. Show me those same flaws in Trump a 70 year man?
              You cannot. You offer “expressed similarity” and some that are a stretch in only the imagination, because, you have no facts to go off of. Hitler expressed his ideals and worked towards them all his adult life. He hit his stride and sweet starting point around age 30 and pushed hard from there. Trump is not anti-Jew. He is not anti-national or against having other races in his own country. These are just a few things that are different. Actually , if you learned more about Trump you would never have said such defaming lies. That is a sin. It is against the law.
              Should you dig into the early years of Hitler (lost all 5 sibling extremely early) , his teen years (lost father then mother), the abuse, and how it shaped him early on without love, you will see Trump is NOTHING like that guy. Thanks and may God bless you.

  4. The GOP is running anti-Trump campaigns and not getting behind the voters and people have the audacity to associate Trump with Hitler? How absurd can you be? But of course they said that about Obama too….lol The GOP needs to get their act together, quit running smear campaigns to destroy someone that clearly the people want in the WH, We choose an American….not some naturalized citizen with foreign influence.

    • The difference between Obama and Trump is that Obama never used tactics reminiscent of Hitler (Obama is actually a pretty poor speaker).

      Sure, you may disagree with Obama’s policies – I certainly do. I think his unwillingness to act forcefully in Syria, or his capitulation to Iran (when he had them on the ropes with sanctions), was shameful and diminished respect for America. More recently, tolerating the humiliation of American sailors was disgusting. So if Trump was only about implementing a more muscular American foreign policy that struck fear and respect into the hearts of our adversaries, I’m all for that. American should command respect.

      But there’s a red line – and that’s respect for the rule of law. Obama may try and take advantage of the law to achieve his ends (e.g., not calling the Iran deal a “treaty” to avoid the need for 2/3 vote of Senators), but ultimately he operates within the law.

      Obama also did not win the election by race-baiting – i.e., trying to turn blacks against whites, or attacking certain segments of society. He was actually quite cerebral, even if I strongly disagree with his views.

      In contrast, it is clear that Trump disdains the law. Even on his gameshow, he breaks the rules if it suits him. That kind of attitude means the rule of law will not be safe if he is President.

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