Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders met in Michigan on Sunday night for a debate sponsored by CNN and moderated by Anderson Cooper. The topic of trade was a point of contention with Sanders accusing Clinton of supporting policies which are detrimental to American workers. The trade issue arose this week based on more of Hillary Clinton’s emails released from her time as Secretary of State when she was lobbying privately in favor of a free trade agreement with the country of Colombia, a position she had previously vowed to oppose.

Sunday, March 6, 2016
CNN Democratic Debate

Moderator: Anderson Cooper
Candidates: Clinton, Sanders

Here is the full video of the Democratic debate from Flint, Michigan:

Report from CNN:

Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders angrily clashed over ties to Wall Street and auto industry bailouts on Sunday, as underlying tensions in the Democratic presidential race burst into the open in an impassioned CNN debate in Flint, Michigan.

The forum quickly turned into a heated philosophical argument about an economy that Sanders said is weighted against the middle and working classes and is abetted, he said, by close ties between politicians, such as Clinton, and Wall Street financiers.

Sanders accused Clinton of supporting “disastrous” trade policies that contributed to corporate America’s decision to move manufacturing from cities like Flint to low-wage economies in Central America and Asia. But she in turn said that he had refused to vote for a bailout for the auto industry that was included in the outgoing Bush administration’s attempts to stave off the financial crisis.

“If everybody had voted the way he did, I believe the auto industry would have collapsed, taking four million jobs with it,” Clinton said.

At one point, both candidates talked over one another in their determination to make their points about the economy.

“Excuse me, I am talking,” Sanders said.

Hillary still has a sizable lead in Michigan, upwards of 20 points on average. However, the most recent poll as of days ago showed her up only 11 points so perhaps Sanders might be making a little progress. There should be some final polls out on Monday just prior to the Michigan primary on Tuesday, March 8th. For a list of all the states voting on Tuesday, check the primary schedule.