The remaining six Republican candidates took the stage in South Carolina at the CBS Republican debate. The event was moderated by John Dickerson and held at the Peace Center in Greenville. The death of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia was an important topic as the news had only broke just hours before the debate. As a result, the opening question concerned Supreme Court nominees and a discussion of what an ideal candidate would look like to each candidate.

Saturday, February 13, 2016
CBS News Republican Debate

Moderator: John Dickerson
Candidates: Trump, Cruz, Rubio, Bush, Kasich, Carson

Here is full video of the debate:

Report from the Washington Post:

The ninth Republican presidential debate was in many ways the nastiest of the campaign, complete with raised voices, name calling, and criticism of family members Saturday night in South Carolina.

Donald Trump took sharp aim at former President George W. Bush’s foreign policy and his brother, former Florida governor Jeb Bush, rebuked him sharply. Sen. Ted Cruz called Sen. Marco Rubio soft on immigration and Rubio accused Cruz of not telling the truth. Trump flatly called Cruz the “single biggest liar” on stage while Cruz told him not to interrupt.

The biggest news story heading into the debate was the death of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia. But after consensus support at the top of the debate for a conservative to succeed him, Scalia’s death moved into the background as national security, immigration and the candidates’ records dominated the discussion.

In one word: brutal. This debate was, by far, the most aggressive of any GOP debate up to this point. I imagine that is because we’re down to a “do or die” point for a few of the candidates. Some of the exchanges between Trump and Cruz were rough as both men strongly attacked each other over past positions and campaign tactics.

I think Jeb Bush has a strong night and did fairly well taking on Trump. The one issue that may have some serious fallout for Trump was the exchange with Jeb Bush over whether George W. Bush kept the country safe during his tenure. There was a lot of audience booing during this segment and it seemed like a rough start of the debate for Trump.


  1. Why did CBS let Trey Gowdy be a “commentator”?? He’s a political hack who is a total Rubio shill. Likewise, Rick Davis, McCain’s former campaign manager. He’s got an axe to grind.

  2. This was like watching WrestleMania. I mean Trump was attacking everyone tonight it seemed and Bush was fighting back just as hard. The Republican debates are always so entertaining to watch. But, I think to most Republican voters, Trump still won this one, but to me, I think Kasich did. In fact, I think Kasich has a better shot at being the establishment candidate than Rubio or Bush, plus he is the more moderate candidate on stage, and that has normally been the one that wins it (McCain and Romney). But again, Carson is failing to make any impression.

    • Agree, Kasich is the only one I’d vote for out of the remaining pack. he could give the dems a run for their money. I doubt any of the others could win a national election,

  3. Once again, Carson pretended to know something he didn’t know. This time, it was a fake quote, supposedly by Stalin. This guy, no doubt, became a famous surgeon by going ahead and doing things nobody does. His patients didn’t die because he was lucky. But we can’t have a president who claims to know things he just doesn’t know.

  4. Wow, the debate is like watching real housewives. Everyone pointing out each other’s phoniness. Trump is like an infiltrated dem that shows how awful the rest of the pack is. Kasich is the only normal guy and repubs don’t want him, it’s sad but entertaining.

  5. RealClear Politics reports that Trump has his largest-ever lead, thanks to Saturday’s debate. According to the CBS/YouGov poll–it’s now Trump 42, Cruz 20.

    Meanwhile, Matt Drudge says response to him about the debate had Trump at 60.22%, with Cruz at 19.92%.

    Meanwhile, the British are amused, saying–

    “This debate veered fully into absurdity somewhere around the third time that Donald Trump told the actual truth about things that actually happened in actual history and was booed by the audience for his trouble.”

  6. Donald Trump is such at a disadvanatge with all this politician insider information. But the truth is all the information the politicians use as facts and strategy are all fabricated bullshit. Donald Trump is the most clear headed focused candidate in a long time. This South Carolina debate was staged against Mr. Trump and it will only serve as a rallying call to seat Donald Trump in the White House.

    • Spot on!

      The audience was filled with establishment shills — since the RNC gets to allocate the tickets.

      Trump’s constant attacks against dynastic-wannabe Jeb (with the expected back-and-forth exchanges) basically kept Latino Rubio and Canadian Cruz to minimum exposure.

      Kasich was a predictable RINO — a pathetic kiss-ass Neocon that’s going nowhere.

  7. This was the first professionally handled debate of all the Republican debates. It was the first evenly administered, and time wise rule system, and, for the first time restored a little faith in US media turning around their considerable bias. I was proud of CBS, when not so disposed due to any earlier such construct or conduct by any other media group. If they can do this well throughout all future campaign coverages, I will start watching prime time news once more. I had turned in the past to overseas media groups for unbiased and thoughtful coverage of events and responses affecting this Nation from around the world.

    • Professionally handled my ass, they let this turn into a bloodbath. Also, that question about Trump’s language was a bullshit question.

  8. Trump / Kasich won the night. Cruz needs to answered the questions with substance and not glass over them. Cruz numbers are dwindling because of his responses. The other candidates are making Cruz out to be a liar. Cruz needs to fix this issue. People do not want to think of Cruz as the same as Hillary – A liar.

  9. Predictions after SC:

    1) It’s bye-bye time for Jeb — even with his brother’s help, which will make it worse — there won’t be a turd Bush in the Oval Office. Pack your bags Jebby, and hide under a rock where you belong.

    2) Goodbye to honest Ben — as much as one admires your patriotism, you are just plain clueless.

    3) Bye-bye Latino Rubio — the robot factory has recalled your batteries.

    4) Canadian Cruz will hang on by his Zionist chinny-chin-chin… depending on his Goldman Sachs wife and their Super Pacs to make a go of a losing proposition.

    5) Kasich — what is it…?

    p.s. Trump will become unbeatable.

    • Why is it that Trump comes out unbeatable in your post? He is the man that supported your jail bird Hillary!

  10. Why is it at the 1:02:56 there pops up a graphic behind Rubio showing 3 points about his immigration stance. Three points I may add that are not controversial on the GOP side:

    Deport undocumented criminals.
    Finish 700 miles of the wall on the southern border.
    Eliminate funding for sanctuary cities.

    CBS put up no other graphic through the debate like that for other candidates. Why did they get Rubio talking points on immigration (the talking points that ignore the Gang of 8 bill) ready before hand then throw them up there for him. It appears CBS (and maybe the RNC) coordinated ahead of time to benefit Rubio. This reminds me of the 2012 debate with Candy Crowley and Obama setting up Romney. This had to be pre-planned.

    Trump’s complaints about the audience being bias may not mean much but this coordination between Rubio, CBS and probably the RNC does indicate the debates are set up to favor the establishment candidates.

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