Eight candidates took the stage during primetime in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, in the fourth Republican debate, hosted by the Fox Business Network. The debate was moderated by Neil Cavuto, Maria Bartiromo, and Gerard Baker. The remaining candidates earning less than 2.5% in polling averages appeared earlier in the evening during the 7pm hour.

Tuesday, November 10, 2015
Fox Business/WSJ Republican Debate

Moderators: Neil Cavuto, Maria Bartiromo, and Gerard Baker
Candidates: Trump, Carson, Rubio, Bush, Fiorina, Cruz, Kasich, Paul

Here is the entire video of the Fox Business Republican Debate.

Note that it starts at “Part 5” which is the beginning of the primetime debate. The early debate is available here.

Report from Variety:

The debate on Fox Business Network is the fourth gathering of GOP presidential candidates. But there were only eight candidates on stage for the main debate, after Chris Christie and Mike Huckabee got bumped to the so-called “undercard” debate earlier in the day.

The stakes were perhaps highest for Jeb Bush, who entered the race as the presumptive front runner yet has lagged in the polls after previous lackluster debate performances.

He complained when Kasich tried to chime in on a question. “I got about four minutes my last debate. I’m going to get to my question now.” Bush said that he would repeal new regulations “in progress” by the Obama administration, including “regulation of the Internet,” or net neutrality.

There also was considerable attention on Carson, leading in some polls, who has complained that he has been treated unfairly as the media tries to corroborate stories about his background.

“I have no problem being vetted,” Carson said. “What I do have a problem with is being lied about.”

Undoubtedly it appeared that Marco Rubio had a good night, as did Ben Carson, Ted Cruz, and probably Rand Paul. Having only eight candidates on stage provided more time for each candidate and there was more depth in terms of policy and positions.

I have a feeling this debate will result in some polling changes, perhaps with Rubio finally breaking away from the second tier. Rand Paul finally showed some signs of life though Jeb bush didn’t do too bad. John Kasich commanded a lot of talk time but I don’t think it’s going to change much for him.

Donald Trump didn’t harm himself too much but he didn’t stand out on many answers during the evening. We’ll see how voters respond to all the candidates in coming days as the next round of polls come out over the next few days.


  1. I will keep an eye out on FBN channel on YouTube during India time and let you know, Nate. You are doing an awesome job. Thanks

  2. I watched the debates–and the interviews until 1am, and have a few thoughts.

    (1) They reported that men who were surveyed after the debate said that Rand Paul won. That surprises me, since Rand stood his ground on military spending waste, while all the other candidates tried to scaremonger.

    (2) In the first debate, it was pretty clear that Christie and Huckabee were head-and-shoulders above the Indian and what’s-his-name. Jindal seemed desperate, bordering on hysterical.

    (3) It was interesting that FBN went to the trouble of listing the most important issues, according to viewers, but while they asked about number one and two (Homeland Security and Taxes) there were no questions at all about the third most important issue, according to viewers: campaign financing. And this was supposed to be the debate about financial matters?

  3. Dissecting it (in no particular order):

    Kasich was an obnoxious interrupting loser — he’s done.

    Bush III is done — Jeb for the third time was like the tepid water one drains out of a cooler. The funniest part was Jeb attacking Hillary all the time, regardless what the question was… as if he was not destined to disappear into predictable anonymity, but, somehow would have a chance at facing her…so sad!

    The good Doctor Carson was out of his dept again — so nice, yet so clueless. The only reason he’s on top is that people can’t stand Trump acting like a punk.

    Trump was behaved, and logical rather than insulting for a change — so, did better than most would acknowledge.

    Rubio talked a good game — very fast talker, so covered lots of ground — said little of consequence, but managed to convincingly display effective emotions that connected, instead of logical replies that made sense. He also scored big points with the people who determine who gets elected in our nation — by kowtowing to Israel.

    Ted Cruz was great with snippets and digs — further displaying his superb skill to transmogrify lies into all-so-believable “truths”.

    Surprisingly Rand Paul won the debate — perhaps there is a chance for our Nation to be Saved!

  4. The minute that Cruz said he wanted to eliminate five departments, I perked up, because it sounded just like Rick Perry. The only difference is that he’s not as honest as Perry. Instead of saying, “oops,” he just said “Commerce” twice.

    • Yeah.. for anyone who was listening, it was a face palm moment.. I wondered if the moderators heard the flub or whether they decided to let him off the hook. At that moment, if someone had asked, “You only mentioned 4 departments, do you recall the 5th?” Then it would have been a Perry moment.. he dodged a bullet there..

      • That has been the real goal of the whining for the past 47 years. Stifle criticism, legitimate or otherwise.

        These two debates really showed that the moderators were cowed. They’d ask a question, and the answer would often be somewhere between incongruous and ridiculous–and go unchallenged.

        I would LOVE to see the BBC run a debate. The BBC will nail you to the wall if you screw up or evade.

        • That is what they wanted. They didn’t want to have to defend a statement within the debate, they wanted to lie and let it stand.

        • Very similar to when Trump was going on and on about China only to later corrected by Paul that the trade treaty has nothing to do with China. The WSJ moderator should have caught it..

          • Actually, I think that was an unfair shot. Trump was speaking in generalities, saying we don’t negotiate well–mentioning China, India, and even Mexico. When Rand pointed out that China is not in the TPP, Trump agreed (“true, that’s true”), because he wasn’t speaking specifically about the TPP.

  5. I am slow at listening to all of the debates but I am so sick of these warmongering Republicans! No, Putin is not a good guy but neither is Obama, Hillary or 99% of Congress. We need to stop the wars which are going to bankrupt us and just make the MIC and everyone involved richer. We need to stop sending our people to war to be maimed, lose their life or come back home with PTSD. We created ISIS and have funded them just as many other countries have. If these warmongers create their “no fly zone” they are very likely going to start WWIII with Putin. I’m sick of that whining Bibi and us thinking we have to, and Israel thinking we have to keep sending billions of dollars to them. Why is Saudi Arabia an ally that is one of the very worst humanitarian countries that beheads a 17 year old because he doesn’t agree with the government policies and all of the other killings of innocent citizens. And the TPP is the worst trade deal for America and it will remove our sovereignty. Rand Paul is absolutely the only one debating that has more than two brain cells to rub together. People need to quit listening to these war and fear mongering candidates and think long and hard about our country. These other countries don’t hate us because of what we have but because we do think we are the policemen of the world and are destroying their way of life and their countries. Live and let live and charity begins at home; take care of America and think and research people.

    • Spot on!

      Cut off all Foreign Aid — it is immoral to give away US TAX Dollars to ANY foreigners whatsoever, let alone before we have taken care of our own!

      How to stop Muslim terrorists coming to USA— simple, don’t allow ANY ONE from the Islamic region entry Visas!

      Cut the terrorist State of Israel loose — no more support of any kind to this expansionist pernicious nation that is the SINGLE CAUSE why we are being targeted by Muslim Wackos. Israel is a hornets’ nest that wants wars by other nations (USA 99% of the time) to protect its gains of illegitimate lands they’ve lost 2000 years ago! So, the US fights wars on their behalf, with nothing to gain for US Citizens! And their most powerful lobby in USA — AIPAC — gets to vet our leaders…?!?

      The jig is up — time for all Real Americans to wake up and just say NO!

  6. Good old Jeb Bush of the criminal Bush family. He had invested in the cell company and made millions off the free Obama phone, he had invested in Obamacare and made money off of it and has invested in Common Core, an idiotic government education system and is making millions off of it. No more Bush’s or Clinton’s please; they are in the top when it comes to political criminals. Rubio has foreigners, Hillary that have donated to their campaigns meaning they will be indebted for some prize to these people. Florina is one of the biggest warmongers in the debate. Ugh! Politicians make me nauseous!

    • Just the facts:

      In 1984 when Ronald Reagan was President, the Federal Communications Commission created the original Lifeline Assistance program (technically, Lifeline Assistance is still the official name of the present phone program). The first application of this program for mobile phones began when a company called Tracfone started their Safelink Wireless service in Tennessee in August 2008. True, Barrack Obama was elected president in November 2008, but count on your fingers, this program’s discussion and approval of the program occurred under George W’s watch, long before August 2008. Bush Phone, Anyone?

      Just as there is NO Obamacare in existence. It is the Affordable Care Act. Jeb Bush could not invest in the Affordable Care Program because it has no stock options. Jeb Bush took no salary from his Foundation For Excellence In Education (commonly referred to as Common Core), which is now
      headed by Condalisa Rice.

      All Politicians, regardless of party, are indebted to their financial contributors. How they repay these debts “is very interesting”.

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