Governor Bobby Jindal, who failed to gain much traction appearing in the first four GOP debates during the undercard portion, has exited the race for the 2016 Republican nomination. Jindal hasn’t garnered more than one or two percent of the vote so his exit will be largely inconsequential to the field.

Report from the National Journal:

Long-shot pres­id­en­tial hope­ful Bobby Jin­dal “sus­pen­ded” his cam­paign for the pres­id­ency, he an­nounced Tues­day dur­ing an ap­pear­ance on Fox News.

“I’ve come to real­ize this is not my time,” Jin­dal said. Jin­dal is the third Re­pub­lic­an pres­id­en­tial can­did­ate to drop out of the pres­id­en­tial race, fol­low­ing former Texas Gov. Rick Perry and Wis­con­sin Gov. Scott Walk­er.

The Louisi­ana gov­ernor struggled to gain trac­tion dur­ing his cam­paign, sput­ter­ing in the polls and fail­ing to make the main stage in any of the four Re­pub­lic­an de­bates.

Jin­dal said a “crazy” elec­tion sea­son had made it im­possible for his can­did­acy to break through to voters, des­pite the many de­tailed policy po­s­i­tions that he out­lined.

“Clearly there just wasn’t a lot of in­terest in those policy pa­pers,” said Jin­dal.

The gov­ernor said he has not “giv­en a lot of thought” to en­dors­ing one of his former rivals for the GOP nom­in­a­tion.

Jindal’s endorsement would mean more in Iowa than anywhere else, a state which he has spent time in courting evangelical voters. If he were to drop his name for Marco Rubio, it may help him in the early contest but not far beyond it. I can’t see Jindal supporting anyone like Trump, Carson, or even Ted Cruz, though perhaps I’m wrong about the latter.


  1. The timing was due to the fact that the voters were in the process of rejecting him–electing a Democrat to replace him. He bowed out rather than have to explain.

    • With the usual exception of New Orleans, I disagree. From what I can tell most of the people who supported Jindel in the last two elections have simply stayed home, refusing to vote for a dem or a corrupt RINO. NO has not supported a Republican in Ages and is unlikely to change any time soon, but the rest of the state had shifted sharply Right, and will be furious with Jindel for letting such an unpalatable crook try to pull a fast one on them. “The Crook or the Shnook” is no choice at all. I for one like him a lot and had hoped he could get a cabinet position under the nominee, but this embarrassment may preclude that.

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