This is a turn around from July when Hillary was leading New Hampshire by six points in the same poll. So far, nothing has shown to be slowing down Bernie Sanders and his train just keeps rolling. A 16-point lead is nothing to sneeze at considering it’s well outside the margin of error.

Report from the Washington Times:

Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont has opened up a 16-point lead on former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton in the early presidential state of New Hampshire, with Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr. in third, according to a CNN/WMUR poll released this week on the contest for the 2016 Democratic presidential nomination.

Mr. Sanders had the support of 46 percent of likely Democratic primary voters in the state, followed by Mrs. Clinton at 30 percent and Mr. Biden at 14 percent.

The results are a complete turnaround from July, when Mrs. Clinton had been in the lead at 42 percent, followed by Mr. Sanders at 36 percent and Mr. Biden at 5 percent. Mr. Biden has not yet announced his 2016 plans.

Mr. Sanders was the best-liked Democratic candidate, with a 78 percent/11 percent favorable/unfavorable split. Mr. Biden was close behind with a 69 percent/17 percent split, and Mrs. Clinton’s net favorability ratings, though they have declined, were good as well. She had a 67 percent favorable/23 percent unfavorable split.

Sanders is cracking nearly fifty percent of Democratic primary voters in the Granite State with Hillary lagging and Vice President Biden rounding out the top three. Take Biden out and I’m not sure where the numbers stand, but here is a clue:

Forty percent of Biden supporters said Mrs. Clinton was their second choice and 19 percent said Mr. Sanders was their second choice.

So if we do the math and work that out, without Biden’s name we could add three more points to Sanders and about six more points to Hillary. That would still give Sanders about a 13-point lead if Biden wasn’t in the mix. Either way you slice it, Sanders is doing quite well in New Hampshire.