I’d say this is probably inevitable to an extent, Hillary Clinton is taking on fire from her left, and the right. Bernie Sanders is throwing cold water on her polling in some regards, and she’s got the entire Republican field, Donald Trump being the loudest, attacking her on a range of issues. Beyond that, she hasn’t done much to help herself in recent press appearances.

Report from the Associated Press:

Hillary Rodham Clinton’s standing is falling among Democrats, and voters view her as less decisive and inspiring than when she launched her presidential campaign just three months ago, according to a new Associated Press-GfK poll.

The survey offers a series of warning signs for the leading Democratic candidate. Most troubling, perhaps, for her prospects are questions about her compassion for average Americans, a quality that fueled President Barack Obama’s two White House victories.

Just 39 percent of all Americans have a favorable view of Clinton, compared to nearly half who say they have a negative opinion of her. That’s an eight-point increase in her unfavorable rating from an AP-GfK poll conducted at the end of April.

The drop in Clinton’s numbers extends into the Democratic Party. Seven in 10 Democrats gave Clinton positive marks, an 11-point drop from the April survey. Nearly a quarter of Democrats now say they see Clinton in an unfavorable light.

“I used to like her, but I don’t trust her,” said Donald Walters of Louisville, Kentucky. “Ever since she’s announced her candidacy for the presidency I just haven’t liked the way she’s handled things. She doesn’t answer questions directly.”

It is not uncommon for polls to fluctuate, especially as the campaigns ratchet up and attacks start flying. However, there is likely concern in some circles asking where the floor is in these polls if Hillary is to maintain her status as the “inevitable” nominee. Things will only get tougher as the campaign unfolds and the debates start on August 6.


  1. And the funny thing – 8 years ago:

    July 6–8, 2007
    Hillary Clinton 37%, Barack Obama 21%
    July 6–8, 2007
    Hillary Clinton 42%, Barack Obama 26%

    And now:

    July 4–8, 2015 Hillary Clinton 52%, Bernie Sanders 21%
    July 4–6, 2015 Hillary Clinton 55%, Bernie Sanders 24%

    But how my friend pointed out, there is a little bit difference now – Sanders is not African-American…



  2. I expect Hillary to trip up, and once Bernie shows that she’s not invincible, others will jump in.

    I’m thinking, if the Iran deal is viewed positively by the public, there could be a draft-Kerry movement.

    • “there could be a draft-Kerry movement.”

      Glad I wasn’t drinking anything as it would have been spit all over my keyboard in laughter. Kerry was a terrible candidate in 2004, he’d be equally terrible in 2016.

      • I agree. He was worse than Gore. (I’m obviously not a Democrat.)

        I’m just trying to figure out another viable candidate if (when) Democrats realize how bad a candidate Hillary is. If we’re saying being Secretary of State is what gave Hillary gravitas, then we might think the same could make Kerry viable.

        Don’t laugh. Remember Nixon? (Oh, of course you don’t. . .) Anyway, Nixon was a horrible candidate in 1960, and declared himself washed up after losing the governorship in 1962, but he went on to get the biggest landslide in history. Things change.

        Bernie is too old, and has tagged himself with the “socialist” label. Other than Webb, the rest of the Democrats are exceedingly forgettable.

        In 1968, after Gene McCarthy showed that LBJ was vulnerable, Bobby Kennedy jumped into the race. Bernie is showing Hillary to be vulnerable, so who is the other atractive darkhorse who could jump in?

        I’m thinking AL FRANKEN. He’s the only Democrat I can think of who is witty enough to be liked by enough people to be elected in November.

        As for Republicans, Mike Huckabee is the most “likeable.” As much as I like most of Rand Paul’s stands, he’s sort of another Gore or Kerry as a campaigner. Most of the other Republicans are somewhere between clowns and buffoons.

        • Franken has a lot of baggage. Prior to the Senate, he was a real jerk to a lot of people. I don’t see him as being a good campaigner or personality.

          I actually think Kerry is right where he wants to be…

          Sanders won’t amount to anything in the end, true.

          I honestly don’t know who else is viable at a national level. The dems have a very weak bench right now. O’Malley is not making any progress or gaining traction, I think the debate may really help him. He’s to the left of Hillary, but younger than Bernie.

          I think many Dem politicians are afraid of challenging Hillary, and then losing. They fear hurting themselves more than anything.

          Maybe the debates change things..

          • Yeah, as I said elsewhere, Hillary is being seen as “the Queen,” that is, wife of the King. People think they’ll offend Bill–and his supporters–if they run against Bill’s wife. Nobody challenges the Queen.

            But once she fumbles, it’s anybody’s game.

            The GOP has a gang of Freaks and Geeks running, while it’s hard to even remember the faces of any Dem. It’s a very odd year.

            • This shouldn’t be an image game. Bernie has the best ideas for the issues, and actually backs up his words with legislation. I agree that the age thing may scare some people, but if he had a good VP like Elizabeth Warren, he could be unstoppable. Enough of the country embraces social-democratic concepts now, and has grown out of the “Red-Scare” era fear of the word Socialist.

            • Please be historically accurate. The “red-scare” was about communism which is very different from socialism and it is extremely offensive to call a socialist, such as Bernie Sanders (safety net for the poor, mandate for basic human rights – such as healthcare, living minimum wage) a communist (no private property, dictatorship, breadlines, poverty, etc.).

            • Thanks, that needed clarifying. Part of my point was when people talk about fearing socialism, what they fear is really authoritarian communism

            • Sure, but how many Americans actually know the difference? Electoral politics is about image, not reality.

            • Has she really? If so, that’s a shame, especially if she is her running mate. It will take her power out of the senate and just strengthen Hillary. This would be perfect for Clinton, but not for progressives.

  3. Laden with too much baggage — Hillary won’t climb the hill….

    Bye, bye to her narcissistic megalomaniac dreams to RULE US — hello Jail Time instead (if there is any justice left in America)!

    • I’m not fan of Hillary, but do you have to post the same crap message over and over and over and over and over and over and over?

      Why not come up with something new each time, like she’s an alien from the planet Ork or something.

      • Come up with new charges for Hillary’s old crimes…?

        What an irrational sycophant you are, Goethe Kid….

        • You’re like the character on the sitcom who interrupts a conversation with some insane comment, and the other characters look at each other, and then continue what THEY were talking about.

          My point was that we want to hear thoughtful comments, not the same old recycled crap.

          Haven’t you noticed that you are almost universally ignored? Or at least, dismissed.

  4. Bernie,

    Dear Bernie,

    Please hang it up!

    You are a wonderful man and most dedicated.

    But it is now time for you to endorse Hillary!

    When I see all your crowds; all I see is 98% of the crowds
    as white. The 2nd Democratic primary is
    in South Carolina; where majorities of the Dems are minorities.

    As I had my Bar Mitzvah on April Fool’s Day and have been
    involved with politics all my life; after 8 years of a Black POTUS, I fear the
    GOP, the very sad GOP, is not ready for 4 new years of a Jewish POTUS!!!

    And giving free college education to everyone will NOT fly
    in this GOP Congress!

    Please realize all the above ‘thruthinesses’.

    I admire you. But
    please give it a rest!

    Your continued campaign can and is ONLY HURTING MS CLINTON.

    You really want the next GOP POTUS (like CRUZ) to appoint the next 3 Supreme
    Court Justices? Well, do ya?



    • Well, Cruz is one of the few people who seems qualified to do so. Like his policies or not, he has tons of experience in dealing with the Supreme Court. He understands how it works and what it takes to be a justice on the Court. I’d much rather have someone like him, who is more likely to nominate a constitutionally-based judge, than someone who will nominate activists.

    • Hilary is a corrupt politician, and most Americans know that. If Democrats want to win the general election, it needs to be someone else. Bernie Sanders is the only candidate to speak out about the recent events in Texas, he is the only one that actually marched with Dr. King during the CRM, he voted AGAINST the war in Iraq (unlike Hillary), He has publicly supported LGBT rights since the 60’s (Hillary supported and campained for DOMA, she changed her view on this for political reasons), Bernie is the only candidate that isn’t bought by large financial interests via a superPAC. Hillary’s top 10 donors are banks, and their lobbying firms. Bernie is the president we need.

  5. If we elect a president supported by either party establishment or an extremist, our reward is continual political gridlock and non-governance. The alternative is for common-sense citizens to pave a way to realistic Leadership (not moderate, but a mix of right and left, as needed). A third party won’t work, and the republican process is controlled by even a more extreme wing than the extreme democrats. Here is our path: Through Super Tuesday, there are 12 open primaries, 7 red states and 5 swing states, with the potential for “Reagan Democrats” and mischievous anti-HRC republicans to join other common-sense citizens in support of Leadership We Can Trust. Now we need the correct all-terrain bandwagon, and we nominate JIM WEBB: the only combat veteran candidate (highly decorated, but continuously correct on controlled use of the military), the only candidate that the “losing” party will even give a chance to govern (JEB and HRC are DOA), and the only candidate to bridge the cultural wars (He has one Union Card, two Purple Hearts, and three tattoos). He respects the constitution (see his comments on balance between the three branches), respects the need for leadership (even when it’s not popular) and respects the need to rebalance the economy (he is fed up with Wall Street). Yes, yes his campaign style can be aggravating, his speeches less than fiery, and his views complicated. But, and it’s a big but, He was Born Fighting and has been tested on the Fields of Fire. Strap on the combat boots and MARCH! Jim MARCH! down the “streets of a runaway American dream*” for citizens of all stripes that understand the need for governance for all 50 stars. (*used without permission of the Boss)

    • Why is military service necessary if we are not preparing for war? When did the leadership at the Pentagon quit? I’ve been to Mr Webb’s site and didn’t see a single piece on the issues. Where can I find his position on the things that matter here at home? I saw the article about ending the fair housing programs for minorities and the denial that white people are somehow treated differently anywhere while also speaking to economic disparities of class warefare

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