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GOP Establishment Prepares for Possible Trump War

Imagine the race on the Republican side is frozen in the polls from now until January with Donald Trump on top and Ben Carson...

Bush, Rubio Locked in Battle for Establishment Support

As Marco Rubio has risen in the polls following quality debate performances, Jeb Bush has continued to slowly drop out of the top tier,...

Open thread: Welcome to the Fall campaign season

We've made it to the post-Labor Day portion of the campaign when things will begin to hit high gear as we run up to...

Sanders Drawing Huge Crowds, Putting Pressure on Hillary

While much of the media attention has focused on Republicans following their first debate, Democratic 2016 contender Bernie Sanders continues rolling along drawing huge...

Hillary Clinton losing ground among Democrat voters

I'd say this is probably inevitable to an extent, Hillary Clinton is taking on fire from her left, and the right. Bernie Sanders is...

Some Democrats showing worry over Hillary’s poll numbers

Certainly there will be a divide between Democrats who like Hillary Clinton, and Democrats who are not entirely on board when it comes to...