The most impactful opinion regarding Hillary Clinton’s State Department email scandal is the opinion of Democratic primary voters. Ultimately, they are the voters who will make or break Hillary’s candidacy, at least in the early primary months. So far, her support had been steady but has dropped notably over the past few weeks among Democrats.

Report from The Week:

Hillary Clinton, the Democrats’ presumed presidential darling of 2016, has lost favor with a chunk of her constituents since news broke that she had used a private email address and server while serving as secretary of state, a new Reuters/Ipsos poll shows.

Support for a President Hillary Clinton dropped 15 percent since the email scandal, and more than a third of Democrats say it hurt her politically. As of last week, only 45 percent of Dems say they want her as their candidate come 2016. [Emphasis added]

Moreover, 46 percent of Democratic respondents said they think there should be an independent review of all of Clinton’s emails to ensure transparency, and 41 percent said they support the Republican congressional committee’s effort to force the former first lady to testify.

The fact that she’s dipped under 50% as the preferred Democratic nominee is quite telling. Certainly other Democratic contenders are looking at the same polls and seeing an opening. Martin O’Malley is investing a lot of time in Iowa, as he has for several years now, where Hillary took a third place finish in 2008. The most overriding issue, I think, for Democrats, is the uncertainty at the present time. The Republicans have a crop of candidates going at it already. Meanwhile, Hillary has been sitting back and not aggressively visiting primary states or putting her campaign in motion.

At first, I had applauded her “take your time” strategy as a smart move. However, I think she underestimated the desires of other Democratic politicians to at least give her a primary fight, if not battle for the nomination itself.


  1. The newer post claims Rubio has upside. That’s Hillary’s problem. She has none. She has a core of ardent supporters, and some sympathizers, but she ain’t about to get more.

    Maybe she’s the Harold Stassen of the 21st century.

  2. She STILL is 30% + points above ANY Democrat….
    Around 10% above ANY GOPer…..
    Not a bad place to be 20 months out from the General Election Day in 2016….

      • I think Hillary is sort of seen as the “Queen Mother” of American politics. It’s not that she’s invincible, it’s that she’s sacred. Running against her isn’t foolhardy, it’s obscene.

        And that’s why she’s doing a disservice to her party. By the time she becomes an official candidate, and flubs it, there will be a lot less time for anyone else to get organized.

    • Hillary is done, finished, kaput — get that through your common-sense-unperceiving, thick liberal skull.

      20 months from now so much dirty laundry and ugliness will surface — that Hillary will be lucky not to be jailed for Life!

  3. I’ve said it before, and now it seems inevitable — Hitlery Clinton is done, finished, caput.

    The Dems need to look to someone else…or they’ll forfeit the 2016 election.

  4. Democrats will shoot themselves in the foot if they run from Hillary. She’s the only Democrat who can win the presidency in 2016, instead of a repug.

    • Hillary is done, finished, kaput — get that through your unperceiving, thick liberal skull.

      From White Water to Benghazi to Email Gate — Hillary’s trail of thievery, blood and lies will become too much for anyone to stomach her.

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