Despite her statements that she is not running, and her inaction on visiting early primary states or building a nascent campaign, supporters of Elizabeth Warren remain undeterred from attempting to draft her into the 2016 presidential race. With Hillary Clinton’s State Department email questions still lingering, Warren supporters are pushing more strongly than ever.

Report from the Washington Times:

With Hillary Rodham Clinton’s poll numbers sagging and questions about her honesty and integrity creeping into the presidential race, analysts say it’s an ideal time for a Democratic challenger to make a move — and a growing number of influential liberals want that challenger to be Sen. Elizabeth Warren.

More than 40 current and former lawmakers in the key states of Iowa and New Hampshire signed letters this week urging Ms. Warren, Massachusetts Democrat, to enter the race. The freshman senator and progressive hero consistently has said she won’t run, but support for a Warren candidacy now is extending beyond activist groups such as and Democracy for America and reaching into the political power structure in crucial early-primary states.

At the same time, Mrs. Clinton’s poll numbers are slipping as she struggles to explain why she used a private email address during her four years as secretary of state and faces a dogged investigation from Republicans who openly question whether she deleted messages related to the deadly 2012 Benghazi terrorist attack.

Warren supporters keep sending letters, holding rallies, and launching petitions, but so far, the answer continues to be a strong negative. There are two possible scenarios here:

Scenario One: Elizabeth Warren has no desire to run for the presidency. I can’t believe that since, like nearly every politician today, they always want to seek higher office.

Scenario Two: Warren has made a pact with Hillary or decided she’ll sit out 2016. This is plausible, I suppose.

Scenario Three: Warren is simply biding her time, playing hard to get, and waiting a while to see how Hillary’s campaign or non-campaign continues to evolve. This is also plausible.

It’s interesting since most politicians with Warren’s profile would jump into a race with both feet. From the outside looking in, she’s got nothing to lose and yet, she resists.