Seemingly out of nowhere, or perhaps in response to Christie’s faulting, Florida Senator Marco Rubio has somehow worked his way into the top tier of candidates according to some analysts. Rubio has always been popular with the conservative base, but his immigration push cost him dearly and he still struggles to recover fully. However, new polling indicates he has wide appeal among Republican primary voters which could propel him far in the primaries.

Report from the Washington Post:

Marco Rubio isn’t exactly the buzziest candidate in the 2016 presidential race. In fact, ever since the senator’s effort to pass comprehensive immigration reform failed, he has been pretty quiet. Then fellow Floridian Jeb Bush got into the 2016 race, and suddenly the one-time future leader of the GOP is an afterthought — a second-tier candidate.

He shouldn’t be.

The fact remains that Rubio, more than anybody, is the guy Republicans should want to earn the nomination. That’s not to say that he’s definitely their best candidate — just that he’s the one with the most of what is described by pro-sports draft analysts as “upside.” [Emphasis added]

And it’s not just because he’s young, a gifted messenger, Hispanic and comes from a swing state. All of those things are important to making Rubio the GOP’s upside candidate, but it’s also because he’s the kind of guy who could — in theory, at least — unite a fractured Republican Party.

Case in point: a new Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll.

Although Rubio hasn’t been at the top of GOP primary polls for many months, the new poll shows he’s the guy most Republicans could see themselves voting for. Fifty-six percent of Republicans say this about Rubio, and while that’s hardly a resounding number, it’s more than what anybody else received.

Having the opportunity for upside and being able to capitalize on the upside are two different things. Rubio is a charismatic speaker, but then so is Ted Cruz. He’s very conservative on social issues, but then so is Mike Huckabee. He’s also quite strong on defense, but then so is Scott Walker.

The question is whether Rubio can take his likability and stand out among a field in which his views are shared by many other candidates. The same could be said for Walker, Cruz, and some of the others, so the challenge exists for nearly each candidate.


    • Goethe — LOL, good one!

      In the news:
      Glenn Beck: ‘I’m out of the Republican Party — I am not a Republican’

      Glenn Beck exposes the Republican Neocons for what they are — the other side of the socialist coin minted by the Dems and their Barrack Obama Beloved Leader.

      Now Barry Soetoro (aka Barrack Obama) — the Kenyan born usurper of our White House — wants to mandate that ALL Americans MUST vote without exception! Making it a law like his Obamacare forcing All Americans to buy health Insurance — or be criminally charged for failing to do so (the example he gives is Australia’s mandatory voting law)!

      Instead of catering to Obama’s nonstop American hating anti-constitutional ploys, Obama MUST be Impeached NOW — but the Republican neocon scum won’t even allow this to be discussed, let alone be implemented — no wonder Glenn Beck gave the anti-American GOP the finger!

  1. Marco Rubio made his case yesterday on the Senate floor: President Obama is nicer to Iran than Israel! His spoiled child rant went like this “If there are differences, they need to be dealt with privately, (must have forgotten that Cotton public letter he signed and the one he, himself, wrote) like you do with other allies. And more than anything else, they deserve to be treated with more respect, not less than the respect this President and this White House is giving the Supreme Leader of Iran. For he would not dare say the things about the Supreme Leader of Iran now that he is
    saying about the Prime Minister of Israel because he wouldn’t want to endanger his peace deal or his arms deal that he’s working out with them”.

    If Senator Rubio is so hung up on respect why doesn’t he offer a bit of respect to the
    Office of the President of the United States to which he aspires?

    The facts are: President Obama treats Israel much, much, much better than he treats Iran. His
    plan with Israel is to consider the possibility of ceasing to stand alone blocking unfriendly United Nations resolutions, while continuing to provide several billion dollars a year in aid, and also providing aid in the case of attack, as happened when Hamas launched a rocket assault.

    President Obama does not provide a diplomatic umbrella for Iran; indeed, he has pressed other countries to toughen their stance toward Iran. The United States continues to support international sanctions against Iran, unlike Israel. Obama’s administration has threatened the possibility of military attack against Iran. He has never threatened to bomb Israel. He has insisted Iran has no right to a nuclear weapon but he has never questioned Israel’s possession of the nuclear bomb and strong military

    This Israeli exercise of control
    over Congress on Iran and issues of concern to Israel resembles the Soviet
    direction of its satellite regimes. It
    is no longer a democratic process.

  2. Neither Rubio, nor Ted Cruz are going anywhere, but in the ash heap of history.

    Americans are getting sick and tired of having minorities trying to REDEFINE our nation!

    The outcry against Illegal Immigrations says it all — enough is enough, go back to your countries, and make the changes THERE, don’t come HERE and try to destroy our nation!

    “multiculturalism” is a BS euphemism used by the liberals to make American Hating a politically correct acceptance….

  3. My take on how to save our Republic, and make it FREE again:

    1) We, The American People, must take back control of our Government, and hold all government officials accountable for any Law Breaking and unconstitutional transgression they do — 20 years imprisonment to life (without parole) for any official that is found guilty of such (example: Bohner & neocon cohorts in jail for life for breaking the Logan Act by having the Foreign Leader Netenyahu address Our Congress, Hillary Clinton in jail for life for breaking the law and using a private server ONLY for all her Gov emails, and about 90% of all other politicians and officials that break the Law and the US Constitution on a daily basis)!

    2) Returning to the Gold Standard for our US Dollar — shutting down the Federal Reserve Board (and jailing most of their top echelon for 20-to-life)!

    3) Abolishing the IRS — what we earn is ours to keep and do as we please…if we are to be acknowledged as free people. No Taxman can come and take under duress any portion of our income! If we wish to contribute some of our income to what we find worthy, that is OUR VOLUNTARY option.

    4) The immediate stop by any agency spying on us! Remove the Gov cameras from all streets and buildings, stop the NSA snooping of all US Citizens Permanently, ban all drones in USA, even ban red traffic light cameras (for when they take a pic of the red-light-runner, they also capture several others license plates that did nothing wrong, but can be viewed by anyone because of such Orwellian monitoring)! Privacy is a Constitutional Law — so even minor cogs that abuse it, must be jailed for 20 years.

    5) Total deportation of ALL illegal aliens. A 5 year stop on any immigration — the world is getting overpopulated — why should we be also! There are plenty of Americans to reproduce, why bring in the least desirable foreigners to replace us, and put a strain on our population and economy! After 5 years, allow only top-notch intelligent cadres to immigrate here.

    These are just a few starting points to return our nation to sanity.

  4. “Marco Rubio the most underrated on the GOP side?”

    Hard to tell. Let the moron-a-thon kick into gear and I’ll get back to you.

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