Following decisively positive reviews of his Iowa Freedom Summit speech, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker now leads the latest poll of Iowa caucus voters. Interesting to note is the disconnect between Iowa polls specifically and the overall primary polling nationwide which shows Jeb Bush as the current leader. Not so in Iowa where Bush doesn’t top 8 percent.

Report from Bloomberg:

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker is surging, former Florida Governor Jeb Bush is an also-ran and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is dominating in a new poll of Iowans likely to vote in the nation’s first presidential nominating contest.

The Bloomberg Politics/Des Moines Register Iowa Poll, taken Monday through Thursday, shows Walker leading a wide-open Republican race with 15 percent, up from just 4 percent in the same poll in October. Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky was at 14 percent and former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee, who won the Iowa caucuses in 2008, stood at 10 percent. [Emphasis added]

Bush trailed with 8 percent and increasingly is viewed negatively by likely Republican caucus-goers. New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is in even worse shape, with support from just 4 percent. More troubling for Christie: He’s viewed unfavorably by 54 percent, among the highest negative ratings in the potential field. At 9 percent, retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson pulls more support than either Bush or Christie.

Granted he’s only leading Rand Paul by 1 percent so we’re well within the margin of error in a wide open field, but he’s moved up from 4% back in October to the leader as of today.

Also noted in the poll, Hillary Clinton leads handily in Iowa:

On the Democratic side, the race among potential candidates isn’t competitive. Clinton was the first choice of 56 percent. Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts, who has repeatedly said she isn’t running, stands second at 16 percent. Vice President Joe Biden had only about half as much support as Warren, with 9 percent.

Wipe Elizabeth Warren out of that mix and where do her supporters end up? Do they move to Hillary, Biden, or Bernie Sanders?


  1. Iowa is hardly representative of America. My guess is it’s one place where JEB would just as soon lose, rather than pander–and maybe make that point in his publicity, in fact.

    • Pffft.

      Iowa is part of America’s heartland — as such it represents what Real Americans want!

      Scott Walker is just a flash in the pan today…to become nobody come 2016.

      What’s great is that Rand Paul is tied in first, and that Jeb has gotten his first kick of many to come — NO MORE BUSH, the people are tired of warmongering Bushes (that invade nations at a drop of a jewish hat) is the clear message here!

      Fat Rino Christie — the Jersey Pig — never stood a chance, so all is well.

      What’s most intriguing is that No-Run Warren still garnered 16% — how will this change if Warren risks her life and runs against the killing Clinton machine?

  2. AP, MSNBC, CBS, CNN, Huffington Post, ABC, Reuters, the NYT and Union groups have already made every possible false allegation, smear, personal attack and wild accusation against Scott Walker during his first election, recall, and second election. They have spent millions, even Soros added a few of his own. How will the left wing media destroy him after all the lies were discredited? He may have the best chance as a conservative since the media will be busy covering up for Hillary’s failed tenure as Head of the State Department. She has to run on her ‘ I knew nothing’ or ‘Who cares’ testimony about the death of Ambassador Stevens at Benghazi. Do we want another President that never takes responsibility for issues or a Leader that stands up and fight against lies, tyranny, and anti-US forces.

    • At the Koch Bros bidding Walker went right after unions collective bargaining rights. Thats what we need, another anti-worker/ pro super rich Republican president.

      • Time to Impeach Obama — and save our Nation!

        Thomas Jefferson said it best:
        “The two enemies of the people are Criminals and Government, so let us tie the second down with the chains of the Constitution so the second will not become the legalized version of the first.”–— and that’s what Obama has become, the Legalized Criminal of our nation!

        • If Bush and Cheney weren’t impeached for lying to the world and attacking the wrong country, no chance of impeaching Obama. By the way, documents from the petagon and CIA today show ISIS created in 2006 after invasion of Iraq. Something else for Republicans to be proud of.

  3. Yesterday on ABC’s “This Week,” Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker was ask his thoughts on ISIS in Syria and Iran. He said “I think anywhere and everywhere, we have to be – go beyond just aggressive air strikes. We have to look at other surgical methods. And ultimately, we have to be
    prepared to put boots on the ground if that’s what it takes, because I think,
    you know–“

    To keep Wisconsin going through mid-2017, Governor Scott Walker and lawmakers have to come up with $928 million in spending cuts or tax increases. This news released Friday by the Legislature’s budget office.

    Scott Walker’s new state budget slashes three hundred million dollars from the state’s public universities over the next two years. In exchange for these cuts, Walker is offering the University of Wisconsin–Madison — where his own son currently attends — more autonomy, such as control over (lower) employee wages and benefits.

    Basketball takes priority over Education as Walker is asking the taxpayers of his state to take out $200 million in bonds to help pay for a nearly $500 million dollar basketball stadium in Milwaukee for the Bucks.

    At the Iowa Freedom Summit, Walker said “. It doesn’t matter what your parents did for a living. In America, the opportunity is equal for each and every one of us. But in America, the ultimate outcome is up to each and every one of us individually”. Slice and dice this fairy tale data any which way you chose and it will still show that opportunity in America is neither optimal nor acceptable. Family structure matters. School quality matters. Where you live matters. Stable families that live in the better neighborhoods can send their children to high-performing schools. Improving the upward mobility of all people should be the core goals of every elected
    government official.

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