Many candidates have attempted to avoid or soften their approach to the question of immigration reform within the GOP’s 2016 field. Jeb Bush has tried to take the issue on with some statements offering support for various aspects of guest worker programs, border security, and a desire to see some kind of immigration bill come out of congress soon. Apparently, many donors like what they hear and would like to hear more of it from other candidates.

Report from The Hill:

Top Republican donors and party strategists are urging prospective 2016 GOP candidates to follow former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush’s lead on immigration reform.

Spencer Zwick, the finance chairman for Mitt Romney’s 2012 presidential run, was among the GOP heavyhitters on a conference call Tuesday who praised Bush for taking a stand on the issue.

“Gov. Bush has decided to lead on this issue,” said Zwick. “It’s very early in the campaign process. We have not yet heard from every potential or likely presidential candidate [but…] I give Gov. Bush a lot of credit.”

The donors didn’t go into a specific critique or endorsement of Bush’s immigration policies, but their message was clear: the 2016 presidential candidates must strike a more moderate tone on the issue and avoid controversial “fringe” remarks to appease to the far right during a primary if they want to win the White House.

Zwick, who has yet to signed onto any prospective Republican candidate, said that if another GOP candidate “wants to be taken seriously, they need to be in a similar place.”

Bush is largely seen has having more moderate immigration policies, which puts him at odds with the more conservative GOP factions.

Earlier Tuesday, Bush criticized President Obama for overstepping his presidential authority on immigration. He has previously argued that reforming the nation’s immigration system would help the nation’s economy.

As far as many donors are concerned, any prospective candidate must take a moderate tone and espouse moderate views on this topic to be taken seriously in a White House bid. Of course, this runs at odds with much of the conservative base who would take a harder line on immigration and border security. The difference maker will be how well Jeb, or other moderates on this topic, can explain themselves and make a case for a “comprehensive” immigration policy which contains some provisions conservatives loathe.


  1. Jeb Bush’s thinking is of the corporate fashion. Their format is to make tremendous profits and they are mostly unconcerned about skin color. Just the executive order on immigration that the senate is so busy condemning would have reduce the federal budget by 2.5 trillion over the next ten years. It costs $8,000.00 to deport one individual (and they soon come back). Even the poorly written bill by the “gang of eight” would have saved 410 million over ten years. When illegals have work permits, they pay social security and income
    tax. More money in the treasury. Undocumented workers (illegals) contribute 15 billion per year to the US
    economy. If legal, the sum would be greater. More than one quarter of the technology and engineering business’started between 1995 and 2005 had a foreign born owner. Example: Jerry Yang, founder
    of Yahoo. (these facts from the conservative American Action Forum)

    What the United States Congress should have to explain to every person that makes under $150,000.00 a year and carry a high tax burden is how Corporate America who make millions, many billions, have
    legal loopholes (granted by our Congress) that allow these corporations to pay NO taxes or practically none. To me, the greatest, most crooked cheat is Apple. They had a net income of $30 billion over the four-year period 2009 to 2012, Apple Operations International paid no corporate income taxes to any national government during that period. The profit at foreign subsidiaries are out of the reach of the IRS.
    Apple is just one of many large corporate business’ legally stealing while using all the benefits paid for by the average taxpayer. Add Hewlett-Packard and Microsoft Corp to the list. There are too many to name them all.

    • Tess:

      I have no argument with your theory on why Jeb Bush and the GOP want to pass any kind of immigration bill. It has to do with donations pure and simple.

      We have gone over this argument numerous times and while you look at it as your usual goblin corporations taking advantage of the system and naively believe all those dollar figures politicians throw around to support what would in reality benefit them PERSONNALLY the American public look at it differently. They look at it as a loss of jobs and a major expense to local, state and federal taxpayer funds by ILLEGAL MEANS. And there isn’t anything that could change our minds.
      We need not throw dollar figures or other statistics around because it would impress either one of us and we all know the real beneficiary of this exercise. The politicians on the left would benefit from a major influx of new voters and the right from a major influx of cash from corporations and agencies like the Chamber of Commerce. Your liberal trust in the excesses of government is only surpassed by your naïve belief that the result of passing along the cost to your theory won’t come back and bite the middle class on the behind eventually.

      • Bob…I want to address your statement of “passing along the cost of your theory to
        corporations won’t come back and bite the middle class on the behind eventually”. In no way did I suggest passing the cost on to corporations. What cost? I simply said corporations shouldpay taxes under the same rules as the working man. A man making 150,000.00 will pay 33% of that in income tax. A company making billions and pays 0.00 in income tax. The middle class doesn’t need to worry that it may come back and bite them on the behind
        for they are already “snakebit.

        I am one of the members of the American public and I try to keep an open mind on all subjects. I think accurate dollar figures should be on public display online of each government expenditure, big or small. I would appreciate some accurate summation on the actual cost of illegal immigrants from any government source you may be referring to. Does it not upset you that illegal immigrants from Cuba are not illegal once that walk on American soil? They are immediately recipients of all government welfare programs. All other illegals in the United States cannot draw ANY welfare programs. Where are the major loss of jobs and what are the major expense to local, state and federal taxpayer funds by ILLEGAL MEANS. I live in a state that has an estimated 1.68 million undocumented immigrants. Only California has more of the undocumented. A 2006 report by then Texas Comptroller Carole Keeton Strayhorn found that undocumented immigrants paid $424.7 million more to the state in taxes and fees than the state spent on them in education (by far the biggest expense), health care (emergency rooms), and incarceration.

        • Tess:
          If indeed your original post wasn’t attempting to equate corporate America with picking up the tab on the cost of illegal aliens then the entire second paragraph is moot. It is once again veering the topic off in another direction (corporate America) and your entire case rest on sketchy statistics. As I stated above there is little need for us to throw around statistics because I’m sure if we Google “cost of illegal aliens to local governments” we would find conflicting statistics in every county of the southwest United States and would no doubt prolong the discussion for weeks.If the tax contributions of these illegal aliens are what you say then I find it hard to believe the entire southwest United States is so strongly opposed to it.

          Also the CBO determined the amnesty bill would lower wages of the American worker and the Civil Rights commissioner Peter Kirsanow repeatedly warned President Obama and the Congressional Black Caucus that an amnesty bill would hurt Black American workers. And finally according to the latest Gallop poll only 7% of the people polled want an increase in immigration.

          • And finally a new report from the “Federation for American Immigration Reform” finds that the cost of providing education, health care, law enforcement, and general government social services to ILLEGAL ALIENS IN TEXAS AT $12 BILLION DOLLARS PER YEAR. not including federal outlays.
            The FAIR report can be found at:

  2. Nate

    By law, Apple
    (and the others you mentioned) must employ all and any available legal means
    to reduce their tax burden and increase return to shareholders (i.e. profit).
    Nothing complicated or crooked there.

    Do you claim any
    tax credits or exemptions which lower your tax bill? I know you do, because
    the way the tax law is, you can’t NOT claim them. Which means you’re a
    crooked cheat by your own assessment.

    Those few companies you mentioned have added more growth and
    jobs to our domestic economy, and the world economy as a whole, than all of
    the governments combined whom you think are owed some share of the pie.

    3:31 p.m., Wednesday Feb. 18 | Other comments by Nate

    Reply to Nate


    By law, Apple (and the others you mentioned) must employ all
    and any available legal means to reduce their tax burden and increase return to
    shareholders (i.e. profit). Nothing complicated or crooked there.

    Do you claim any tax credits or exemptions which lower your
    tax bill? I know you do, because the way the tax law is, you can’t NOT claim
    them. Which means you’re a crooked cheat by your own assessment.

    Those few companies you mentioned have added more growth and
    jobs to our domestic economy, and the world economy as a whole, than all of the
    governments combined whom you think are owed some share of the pie.

    Nate…I received the above in an email yet when I strike reply your comment is not to be found. So
    here is my answer: There is no law in any country that dictates Apple (and others) must employ all and any means to reduce their tax burden. The Chief Financial Officer of the company makes that determination. There is no law as to any amount that must be paid out in dividends. Sometimes what any CFO might choose to do could be complicated…could be crooked…but it should be honest and fair.

    What tax laws are you talking about that reads there are credits or exemptions “you can’t NOT claim them”. Tell me what you are talking about and I will defend myself as being a crooked cheat.

    Apple has added no real growth to the US economy. Apple does employ 700,000 people in foreign countries, paying over 600,000 of this number measly wages, some as low as 10 cents an hour. That is no economic boon to any country. Apple says 61% of its sales come from overseas, which is why
    two-thirds of its $144.7 billion in cash and equivalents is parked overseas to avoid paying US taxes. Apple’s Irish holding company and its Irish principal company claim tax residence nowhere therefore claiming they owe no taxes. It is the old shell game at it’s best.

    • Tess: I assure you I had nothing to do with sending messages to members private “E” mail addresses……………”B”

    • I typed a comment and deleted it deciding it wasn’t worth the discussion. Yet, here we are thanks to email notifications.

      I’m aware of Apple’s tax setup. It’s brilliant and it’s legal. So what’s the issue? Change the law if you don’t like it. Perhaps congress should wise up and lower tax rates so corporations won’t be inclined to work within the law to legally avoid paying higher taxes like every company does, big and small. Every single company from Apple to the car wash down the street hires accountants to reduce their tax bill to keep more of their profit.

      Your assertion that Apple “has added no real growth to the US economy” is indisputably wrong. Apple says there are over 1 million jobs created or supported by them in the United States alone. That could be everything from software developers, to retail associates, to accountants, you name it.

      Of people who write apps for Apple products, they’ve earned some $8 billion dollars since the inception of the iPhone. That’s $8 billion created out of an entirely new marketplace earned by mostly individuals and small software firms. Those are people like me who work in software development but don’t work for Apple.

      Apple has added so much growth to the US economy (as has Microsoft, as has Google, etc..) that it’s hard to even begin measuring it. People like me in software have a job because companies like Apple exist. So please, put the lie to bed that Apple simply takes and takes while producing nothing. It’s a total and complete falsehood. It’s like saying Ford, Chevy, and Toyota add nothing to the US economy, it’s just not true.

      Your assertion that Apple’s foreign jobs do nothing for those countries is also wrong but I don’t care or have the time to bother getting into that.

      Regarding your personal tax credits, like everyone else, I’m sure you take a standard deduction and pay a lower rate on your taxes than your income would otherwise dictate. Very few people actually pay a 25%, 33% or 35% rate after deductions, tax credits, mortgage deductions, etc…

      If you don’t do your own taxes or don’t bother to check, you may not be aware of how your personal federal income taxes are calculated. You pay on taxable income which determines your bracket. I know you’re in Texas so you pay no state income taxes (good for you, I’m jealous).

      $100k gross income filed as individual = 28% taxes = $28k

      However, after deducting a personal exemption, maybe mortgage interest, maybe child tax credits, it looks like this:

      $100k gross income
      -$13k personal exemption given to everyone
      -$4k mortgage interest
      -$4k property taxes
      -$1k child tax credit
      =$78k taxable income which is the 25% bracket

      So this individual in the example just skipped out on something like $8.5k in taxes with all these crooked deductions afforded legally in the tax code. Go much further running your own business and add business exemptions or buy an asset and deduct even more. The entire tax structure is a shell game and everyone is forced to play. I’m betting you don’t run your own business simply based on your comments.

      Is that person a crooked cheat because they did everything they legally could to reduce their tax burden? I didn’t even factor in the health insurance deduction… and much more..

      My point here is that everyone, including you, pays less than what your income should dictate because the law judges you on taxable income. On paper, Apple has no taxable income because of the way they cleverly and legally structure their operations. Don’t be angry at them, be thankful they produce amazing things that consumers want to buy which creates jobs, sales tax receipts, and untold other benefits to society.

      • Nate….Everybody is obliged by US law to pay taxes. Everybody is obliged by God’s law to be honest.

        That it has become a money game to defy the principles of democracy, is
        not acceptable reasoning. To say (or indicate) that a company, or person, breaking
        these laws by subterfuge, is deserving of adulation and redemption is

        You misjudge me. I never suggested that I do not believe in deductions that are allowed under the IRS code. They are generous unto themselves. What I find abhorrent is when $144.7 billion in cash and equivalents are held in an overseas account for the sole purpose of defrauding United States tax obligations.

        From your post “Apple announced Thursday that more than 1 million jobs have been directly or indirectly created by the company in the United States”.
        Analysis Group, the firm Apple hired to conduct the study, then looked at the company’s spending and business practices and concluded that it helps supports 257,000 jobs at other companies—including the
        UPS guy who delivers your iPad, suppliers who sell computer chips to the
        company and the folks at Corning who make the gorilla glass Apple users swipe
        all day, to name a few.

        Apple operates 424 stores worldwide, including 255 in the USA. A United States Apple store employee makes $12.00 to $13.45 hourly wage. Not a living wage.

        Apple’s decision to manufacture its products in foreign countries was driven by more than cheap labor costs, but also by the ability to find 9,000 trained (foreign) engineers in one place and the desire to have factories near markets in Asia.

        You offered up a bad bet. I do know what it is to operate a business successfully.

        • You’ve completely failed to demonstrate how anyone has broken a law besides the law of your opinion.

          Interesting you invoke God when it suits you. Does God govern the rest of your life or do you bring him out as a political baton when needed while you simultaneously criticize Christians when they invoke God’s law on social issues with which you disagree? Who gets to decide which of God’s laws we get to apply and when? Don’t bring God into this discussion unless you’ve brought him into your life in a meaningful way.

          You also demonstrated EXACTLY what I just said about the economy Apple supports far beyond their direct employees. Corning Glass, based in Corning, NY, for example, is one of the only things keeping the Southern Tier of New York State alive, thanks primarily to Apple and other large evil corporations like Samsung and Google.

          Furthermore, no company or individual is required to provide what you think is a “living wage.” That is an entirely socialist concept. There is a labor market, just like everything else, that dictates wages. Running a cash register is not worth the same as running a nuclear power plant. If an employee doesn’t like $12 an hour, then find a better job, go to school, move somewhere else with new opportunities. Better yourself, don’t victimize yourself or blame Apple for giving you a job that doesn’t pay what you want. If $12/hour is so bad, then quit, go on unemployment. I grew up in upstate New York and promptly left after college because there is no opportunity so I have zero tolerance for victim-hood.

          You choose to ignore the massive, unquestionable economic growth and jobs Apple supplies because you don’t like their tax structure. I can’t help you if you won’t be intellectually honest about the benefits they provide to society.

          If you can simply admit that Apple does in fact add all sorts of growth to the economy, then I can respect your opinion about their tax situation, but do not pretend they don’t offer serious growth to the world economy or pretend their doing anything illegal.

          • Nate…Was I assuming too much to believe this is a forum of
            debate and ideas? That we have very different, very strong political views is
            obvious. However, I have never attack you as a person. Yet you called me a “crooked cheat” as well as saying I was not paying correct amount of income tax “pays less than what your income should dictate because the law judges you on taxable income”. “Don’t bring God into this discussion unless you’ve brought him into your life in a meaningful way”. Now, I take no offense at being told (to ask would have been nicer) not to bring God into a discussion but you go beyond decency to say “unless you’ve brought him into your life in a meaningful way”. You have no glimpse of my lifestyle, if I am a crooked cheat, or if God and I are only cordial when convenient. I have no interest in your personal standing with God, or if you cheat once in a while. I do have a strong interest in Apple, and their many counterparts, who want to personally live in the United States, enjoy all the freedom and entities that our country offers, and then stiff the provider when it’s time to pay the check.

            You misunderstood my remarks about the economy Apple supports. Example: Corning’s, in the Southern Tier of New York State, sales to Apple (2013) were not substantial proof of individual support from a company. Apple’s
            purchases was just 2.3% of Corning’s overall sales.

            I have never said that Apple does not produce exceptional products.
            Supposedly, Apple is working on a driverless car, as is Google. It is
            not their ability to build a better mousetrap that I question…It is Apple’s known orchestration of oppressive and unconscionable deceptive business practices that I deplore.

            • Tess Liehard — the Googling sciolist — shows her ultra-liberal dead dogma again.

              Post some more, it only exposes you for what you are…..

            • Lighten up. I was using your words against you. I called you a crooked cheat as a tongue-in-cheek joke about you calling Apple the same thing. Writing doesn’t always convey the sarcasm, sorry, no offense meant. You do legal things to reduce your tax burden (like take a deduction) and so do they. Just illustrating that everything is relative since it is your opinion against theirs as no laws have been broken. If you say, Apple broke code 721 section B, line 12 of whatever US Code and have proof, then you can call them a crooked cheat. Until then, they’re no more guilty when filing a tax return than you or I are, they’re just better at it.

              You brought God into this, not me, and proceeded to shame me as standing against “God’s law.” How did you become the arbiter of “God’s law?” Does God have other laws you like to follow?

              Many use “God’s law” to oppose gay marriage. Do you share this same belief or do they have it wrong and only you know what “God’s law” is? That’s the problem with bringing God into this debate over…. corporate taxes.

              Anyway. Your argument is based on a flawed premise that Apple adds nothing to the economy and only takes in the form of profits. Since that is not factually correct, and you refuse to admit that, and you ignore 50% of what I write if you can’t refute it, this is a waste of time.

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