Sources indicate the President will travel to Las Vegas at the end of this week to announce his executive action on the topic of immigration.

Report from CNBC:

President Barack Obama plans to announce an executive order in Las Vegas on Friday to address immigration reform, CNBC has confirmed.

Another source familiar with the situation told CNBC that Obama could yet give a broader outline on an immigration order on Thursday and add detail on Friday.

The president has been long expected to make an announcement that would protect up to five million unauthorized immigrants from the threat of deportation and provide work permits.

Partisan fighting erupted in the summer over how to address the increased flow of unaccompanied minors from Central America at the U.S. border with Mexico.

I’m not entirely sure what the scope of this announcement will be. Some estimates have it being the equivalent of full-fledged amnesty for, perhaps, 5 million people. On the other end, it could simply fall within the scope of children and unaccompanied minors getting further delayed action on their pending cases.

How does this impact the 2016 presidential election? Will candidate Biden have to account for this action? Will Hillary Clinton be forced to agree or disagree with President Obama’s methods?


This story originally quoted Friday as being the day the President would announce his immigration changes. However, it appears the announcement will come on Thursday with a rally to support his changes in Las Vegas on Friday. This according to the Washington Post:

President Obama will announce Thursday that he will use his executive authority to expand temporary protections to millions of undocumented immigrants, according to several individuals who have been briefed on the decision. Obama will travel to Las Vegas on the heels of that announcement to rally support for his initiative on Friday.

Congress will receive official details on the move Thursday, according to a senior Democratic Party official.

Should make for some interesting Thanksgiving table conversations.


  1. Sam Reusser — long time no hear. Hope you are OK!

    Please, post and let us know.

    On Obama’s continued lawlessness — the only way to stop his madness is to IMPEACH this narcissist!

    • Surf: I’d love to hear from Sam, too, but your message won’t reach him. Nobody gets these posts unless they have pushed “subscribe” at the bottom. So you, Bob, Nate, and I are the only ones who can read this.

      We can ask Nate to forward an email from us, asking him to stop by set a spell.

    • Dumb article. Let’s say Obama schedules a speech saying he will eliminate capital gains taxes. Are you telling me it would be a shock if CNBC covered it??

      The speech is only about Univision’s main political concern.

      • Dumb response ! That’s your interpretation of the article that’s not what the article is implying nor am I implying.

        The speech may concern Univision directly but it is hardly the CONCERN OF ONLY THAT NETWORK. To imply that is to suggest the speech won’t be picked up on any other network nor we haven’t been discussing this topic in depth for the past 3 years. Neither of which comes close to the truth. It will have repercussions politically and socially for years to come and therefore deserves total coverage from all networks. The article gave reasons the networks aren’t picking it up but didn’t mention the networks wish to keep a low profile due to the extreme anti-amnesty feelings in the country.

        • Food for though: The Latin Grammy Awards will be interrupted in the middle of the broadcast by the President’s address on Univision:

          Univision says it will postpone part of the awards show to air Obama’s speech, while the big four TV networks, ABC, CBS, Fox and NBC, currently have no plans to air the address.

          So they will stop the awards show. Air the address. Then continue where they left off.

          • Food for thought :

            It isn’t like the major networks don’t have a precedent of pushing back the entire evenings broadcast EVERY SUNDAY NIGHT BECAUSE OF A FOOTBALL GAME GOING OVER THE EXPECTED TIME.

        • Bob: I didn’t say you were stupid. I just said the article was dumb.

          If the major networks had decided to cover it, the complaint would have been that the “media” were pandering to Obama. You just like to bitch.

          And I repeat, it was a matter of particular interest to the viewers of the network, and it is EXACTLY analogous to the propriety of a network like CNBC to broadcast a specifically financial speech.

          The speech is being covered by the “news” networks–Fox, MSNBC, and PBS. If you want to watch it (you clearly don’t) you could have seen it on those networks, plus Cspan and others. And I guess that’s the question I have for you–WOULD you have watched it? And if not, what’s your problem??

          • And you enjoy saying black when I say white. When you deal in snark you get it in return.

            I just guess the members of this site will have to read both our post and make their own decisions as to which one they find more truth in won’t they.

            • There’s a difference between being “contrary” and “contrarian.” I like to be “contrarian” to consider off-the-beaten-path options, which I think, can be both instructive and constructive, leading to creative discussion. And, yes, sometimes I am “contrary” when I think someone is simply parroting prepared, processed party line, without adding any thought of their own. But I am seldom offensive, except in response.

              When I showed genuine appreciation for a couple of genuine posts by you, your response was unnecessarily snarky. I wasn’t patting you on the head, I was patting you on the back. There’s a difference there, too.

  2. Did anyone hear Obama’s “new car smell” comment? The guy says some of he weirdest things. I wonder if it’s a cultural thing, or if the stress gets to him.

    When I read the headline, I thought he must be talking about wanting a new face–meaning Hillary is old news. But if you read the story, he’s just saying people are sick of him. Who says something like that?

    The idea seems to be that he wants to take responsibility for his poor popularity, hoping it won’t tarnish other Democrats. I’ve never heard anyone throw HIMSELF under the bus like this.

    • What I notice is that usually, his comments are always about him. When he speaks, he uses the term “I” more than most. The type of person who says something like that is the type of person who is trying to comfort themselves. In other words.. “It’s not me or my policies people don’t like, I’ve just been around here too long….”

      It’s a way of reassuring himself.. IMHO

      • I read somewhere that people who are insecure use “I” a lot. That’s what I read. I’m not sure it’s true. I could be wrong. I dunno.

        Obama is really not a great speaker. I’ve always thought thinking he was a great speaker is a racist opinion–not expecting a black man to be able to speak well. One thing he does that drives me crazy is repeating a phrase. He seems to do it when people applaud–so it’s as if he is patting himself on the back.

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