The battle for evangelical Christian votes in 2016, sometimes called “values voters,” is currently being waged by several Republican contenders including Mike Huckabee and Ted Cruz, to name a few.

Report from Charisma News:

The left-wing National Journal ran a piece on Sunday making the argument that the evangelical choice for 2016 has already narrowed down to a choice between Sen. Ted Cruz and former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee.

The National Journal is right.

Evangelical and pro-family leaders realize that if America is to be reclaimed, conservatives cannot wait to let the field sort itself out as we did in 2008 and 2012. It is close to midnight in America, and we simply do not have time even to think about waiting until 2020. There may be little left of our country to save by then.

It is imperative that social conservatives rally soon around one candidate and throw their energy and resources into his campaign. Given the timeline of modern presidential campaigns, this must happen early in 2015. The vetting needs to happen right after the turn of the year, a decision needs to be made by the spring, and then energy must be harnessed and focused on the efforts of that one candidate.

If the GOP runs another McCain or another Romney, the Democrats will win, the GOP will be toast and America will be close to being devastated beyond repair. It would take decades to undo the damage done to America by another moderate GOP candidate.

So based on this mindset, can anyone besides, say, Huckabee, Cruz, or Rick Santorum capture a strong majority of evangelical voters? Rand Paul may come close since he has stated he is pro-life and does not support gay marriage but is less fervent on the latter issue. Where does this vote land in 2016 if someone like Chris Christie or Jeb Bush lands as the nominee?


  1. Dems would love to have the GOP spend months vociferously condemning gay marriage, birth control, and the theory of evolution.

    • Goethe — spot on!

      I doubt the smart ones will commit such political suicide.

      All will AFFIRM their loyalty to the foreign state of Israel (since that is a MUST to have any chance of getting elected), and the ones that toot Big Military Spending will get the most $$$$$$$$ support.

      However, addressing the economy will garner the most votes, and unfortunately addressing our EVER VANISHING Liberties will play second fiddle.

      Let us hope the Silent Majority WAKES UP, and votes in a candidate that cares about OUR FREEDOM firstly, and above ALL ELSE — the only sane choice: Rand Paul!

      a day ago

  2. This Christian voter supports Senator Ted Cruz, whose father is a Christian preacher, for President in 2016.

    • Rand Paul — an American Born, Tea Party, christian is the only sane choice!

      Stop it with the Ted Cruz latino agenda — he has no chance, so you are only distracting the voters into believing this Cuban-Canadian Zionist has a snowball’s chance in hell!

      Watch Ted Cruz getting booed off stage for declaring his Zionist support for the foreign nation of Israel by telling Christians: “If you don’t support Israel, I can’t support you Christians!”

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