In yet another sure sign that Rand Paul will be launching a campaign for president in 2016, reports indicate that he has summoned his top strategists to Washington only a week after the 2014 midterms. The meeting will focus on what strategies Paul will employ in officially launching his 2016 campaign.

Report from the National Journal:

Sen. Rand Paul is summoning his top strategists and political advisers to Washington one week after the November election for a strategy session over his widely expected 2016 presidential bid.

The gathering of Paul’s top lieutenants in the nation’s capital has been quietly organized by Doug Stafford, his chief political strategist, who began reaching out to key figures in Paul’s political world earlier this month, multiple sources told National Journal.

Stafford has told invitees to reserve Nov. 12 on their calendar both during the day and into the night. Paul himself is expected to attend some of the meetings.

“This is the come-to-Jesus before the planned launch,” said one Paul insider, who has been invited to the gathering.

The meeting of the Kentucky Republican’s kitchen Cabinet has been kept under wraps, with most of the invitees not even told who else will be there. Stafford has yet to circulate a formal agenda, though few on “Team Rand,” as Stafford sometimes calls the group, need to be told the talks will focus on a presidential run.

A number of other candidates will be making similar moves and with the 2014 election coming up in 11 short days, the race for 2016 will begin shortly thereafter.