Coming at a Democratic fundraiser aimed primarily at women, what more would you expect? Identity politics are ingrained in our daily lives now whether it’s a run for a city council seat, the 2014 midterms, or the 2016 presidential election.

Report from the Washington Times:

Hillary Rodham Clinton urged Democratic voters not to be complacent about the November midterm elections, saying Monday that working women and their families will lose out on a better future if Republicans gain control of both houses of Congress. [Emphasis added]

The former secretary of state made the remarks during a sold-out women’s luncheon in San Francisco that raised $1.4 million for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.

The fundraiser was hosted by House Democratic leader and former speaker Nancy Pelosi, who joked that she was ready to give up her own title as the highest-ranking woman in U.S. politics to elect a female Democrat as president “and soon,” a crowd-pleasing reference to the possibility of Clinton running for president in 2016.

“It is not easy serving and every year it seems to get more challenging, but these candidates and many more across the country have a plan to jump-start the middle class and once more make it work for everyone,” she said. “These elections in two weeks and one day come down to a simple question: who is on your side?”

Clinton reminded the audience of the state the nation’s economy was in when President Barack Obama took office and Pelosi presided over the House and accused the Republican Party of trying to rewrite history by blaming Democrats for the slow recovery.

Interestingly enough, Democrats have continued the “war on women” meme in several races around the country but many candidates are not finding the same traction as witnessed in 2012 and 2013. I think part of the reason is that many Republicans, like Gardner in Colorado, have learned how to respond and go on the offensive for female voters. Another reason may be the overuse of the same election platform against any and all Republican candidates.


  1. I think it shows Hillary’s weakness. You don’t say the thing that’s obvious. What she should have done in front of that group would be to chide them for not being more aggressive. Tell them to take responsibility for their own success. It seems counter-intuitive, but it would have been the message women would have thought about, and would have been on every front page.

    Republicans have done an amazing job at shaking off their woman-hater image. I’m surprised that Democrats haven’t done something to appear more “manly.” You know what would do that? Nominate Jim Webb. . . .

  2. Snake woman raises her ugly head again….

    It is amazing that instead of being in jail for her role in the Benghazi massacre of Americans…snake woman may actually run for President …sickening!

    How low have we sunk as a nation where the Rule of Law applies only to the little guy — but the “high-and-mighty” can get away with murder?!?!

    If you catch the “wrong” fish you can be actually jailed! This happened to a fellow fisherman who caught a protected specie sand shark (which to most newbie fishermen looks like a thresher shark (thresher sharks are OK to catch and make steaks out of)). He was next to me surf fishing in the morning and used his fancy phone to take pics and post it on his Face Book thingy. This happened about two years ago. I release all sharks since I fish for game fish, and sharks are just a nuisance. But he kept his and cut it up in steaks. Later in the day not only the Park Rangers came, but also State Police with drawn guns and arrested him (someone had seen the pics on the Face Book Thingy).

    So, if you are a citizen and catch the “wrong” fish — The Law descends upon you in full force, FOR JUST CATCHING A FREAKING FISH!!!!!!!!

    But, if you are a Big Shot Politician that was responsible for the deaths of Americans, you not only get A FREE PASS, but, can run for US President!

    How sick and wrong is this!


  3. File under “HUMOR”:

    Los Angeles street artist “Sabo” who in the past has made posters mocking Gwyneth Paltrow hosting Democratic fund raisers among other celebrities is at it again. His latest creation is a poster of flying monkeys with the words “Hilary 2016” on them. I’m sure we all know where he is going with the connection with the flying monkeys comes from originally. The more exclusive (liberal) neighborhoods in Los Angeles don’t appreciate his humor and had them taken down in advance of Secretary Clintons visit.

    From the article entitled: “Los Angeles Street Artist Sabo: Hillary Clinton Flying Monkeys Posters Removed In Advance Of Potential President Los Angeles Visit”.

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