With the 2016 field still churning as candidates stake out positions on the field, New Hampshire Republicans appear willing to settle on a familiar name from 2012. Settle of course, because the field is still taking shape but, for now, Mitt Romney still has support in the Granite State.

Report from Politico:

Republican voters in New Hampshire are apparently still ready for Mitt.

According to a Suffolk University/Boston Herald poll released Thursday, 24 percent of the likely New Hampshire Republican electorate would vote for Mitt Romney in the state’s 2016 GOP presidential primary. Every other potential candidate received less than ten percent of the vote, with New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie coming in second with just over nine percent.

Romney, the former Massachusetts governor and 2012 Republican presidential nominee, has said repeatedly that he is not planning to run for president again. He has run in the last two election cycles, losing out on the 2008 Republican nomination to Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) and losing to President Barack Obama in the 2012 general election.

Romney won the New Hampshire Republican primary in 2012 and finished second to McCain in 2008.

Probably should read this that 76 percent of New Hampshire Republicans want someone other than Mitt Romney. 24 percent probably recognize his name the most on the list. Maybe if he were clearing 50 percent it would compel him to run again.


  1. Nate — silly topic, so no response.

    Here is a controversial topic:

    *Black Cops Kill White 95 year-old WW2 veteran*


    Not a peep from Main Stream Media to be heard nationwide, like the Trayvon Martin hullabaloo that did not stop for months!

    IF YOU ARE BLACK THAT GETS KILLED BY SOMEONE THAT LOOKS WHITE — THE NEWS IS ALL OVER IT, even Obama called Trayvon Martin ‘a son he would be proud of’, regardless that he attacked an Hispanic who would not become a victim, so shot his attacker.

    But if you are White, and 95 year-old WW2 veteran, that presents no danger to ANYONE, getting killed by black cops is Taboo Subject by our PIGS Owned Media…?!

    Where is Obama’s outcry in defense of the life taken away from a 95 year-old WW2 veteran…none heard, because he was White and the cops that killed him were black! Obama, YOU ARE THE BIGGEST RACIST OF THEM ALL — SHAME ON YOU!

    How many CURRENT politicians are against individuals protecting their lives by force of arms when attacked, and how many are for a Police State that takes lives from citizens that do not resist?

    This will make a difference in the 2014 election.

    “Unfortunately what the Japanese military failed to do to Mr. Wrana during the war, the Park Forest Police Department succeeded in doing 70 years later—they killed him”!

    • Surf: it’s ridiculous to turn that story into a racist rant.

      Park Forest is a relatively affluent Chicago suburb, median family income, $54k. The cops were Black because the village is 59% Black.

      Wrana was in a nursing home. He had a serious bladder infection. They wanted to take him to the hospital for treatment. He refused treatment and got belligerent beyond what the home security could handle. The home called police for assistance.

      Seems to me, the home should have been able to sedate him. And, of course, not knowing the circumstances, it seems that the police used excessive force. But it’s idiotic to claim racism.

      • Don’t be ridiculous! Why deny the obvious…?!?!?!

        Had it been * White cops kill 95 year-old Black veteran* — it would have been on every TV station and the trial covered for months!

        You know it, and everyone else knows it.

  2. I think even Romney knows he’s not running

    BTW – Surf & Goethe – it isn’t just color, it is the MSM => good for Republican news and bad for Democrats news doesn’t get covered!

    • Sam: You’re both so full of crap.

      The story had ZERO to do with race. We do NOT know the details of the story, but at most, the cop PROBABLY overreacting when CALLED to the nursing home.

      And it is hilarious to use the story to pump up media hatred. How can you say the story was “not covered” when even Surfisher used a link from NBC?? Go on the web and EVERY media outlet is covering the story. ARGH!!

      • Goethe Behr — what a sickening, pathetic response you our part. Are you so full of liberal crap that you’ve lost your ability to think, again?!

        How mentally sick are you to excuse the cop, Craig Taylor, shooting 5 TIMES from arms length, shotgun beanbags that would crush ribs and do tissue trauma to a healthy young male, from such a short distance — for you to state: “the cop PROBABLY overreacting when CALLED to the nursing home.”

        What kind of sicko are you not to recognize that a 95 year-old decrepit unarmed veteran posed ABSOLUTELY NO threat to the SEVERAL ARMED TO THE TEETH cops that put him down (including getting him TASERED — a 95 year-old WW2 veteran twitching on the ground from electrical tasering, AFTER being shot FIVE TIMES with shotgun bone-crushing beanbags)!

        Your lack of compassion is UTTERLY DISGUSTING!

        You Sir, disgust me!

        Adding insult to this horrible criminal act — you state yet another sickening falsehood: “And it is hilarious to use the story to pump up media hatred.”

        It is not media hatred, just plain truth.

        MSM covered the Trayvon Martin trial because he was black (and Obama even called him the son he would have wanted to have — a drug-dealing trespasser on private property that attacked a Hispanic that was patrolling his neighborhood)!

        Had it been: “White Cops kill 95 year-old Black vet” Obama would have cried out, again: “Had I had a American grandfather that was black like him, I would have been proud to call him my own”.

        No outcry from Obama, or anyone else of his ilk, has been heard on this MOST GRIEVOUS Killing of an American WW2 95 year-old Veteran by our police state — what the Imperial Japanese military failed to do to Mr. Wrana during the war, the Park Forest Police Department succeeded in doing 70 years later—they killed him!

        And MSM will NEVER cover this like that did the Trayvon Martin trial (for it was not a young black man that got killed by a white-looking man…just an old white veteran killed by young black cops…by “mistake”)!

        Shame on you, shame on Obama, shame on MSM !!!

        • Surf: You’re insane.

          I did NOT “excuse” the cop. I said he should be investigated on the LOCAL level. The nursing home should also be investigated for incompetence. Why would it possibly deserve more than that??

          And I see no comparison at ALL with the Trayvon Martin case.

          If you want to compare it to another incident, compare it to the Henry Louis Gates story, in which the cop overreacted. NEITHER of those stories deserved national attention. They were just local events that got national attention because the 24-hour news cycle has to be filled.

  3. Goethe Behr — the story appeared on MSNBC at about 2 am and disappeared 3 hours later. In the wee-hours, when nearly no-one was supposed to see it.

    If this doesn’t show MSM’s constantly sweeping under the carpet what Americans “should not hear” clearly to you — than you are full of PC bull….

    Get some coffee to clear up your mental backup….and not orally…..

    • It’s a non-story on the national level. You’re just a lot more racist than most people. It should be pursued on the local level, but it has no meaning on the national level.

      The guy needed to go to the hospital. He objected and went nuts on them. The nursing home was incompetent, so they called the cops. The cops did what they were told to do.

      On the local level, they should investigate why the nursing home couldn’t handle the situation, and they should investigate whether this cop, or other cops on their force, have caused unnecessary death.

      People die every day. everywhere. It should be investigated, but I don’t see why anyone more than a hundred miles away should care.

      • Goethe Behr — only a racist when losing an argument would attack others as racists. And that’s what you are.

        Keep on posting your blather why it’s OK for national media not to cover cops killing 95 year-old vet — you only dig your hole deeper….

  4. *Boehner to sue Obama over misuse of executive orders*

    FINALLY — some gumption! Sounds like great news for all Real Americans!


    1) Will Obama be forced in a court of law to show his real Birth Certificate (to verify his true identity, which is the norm in any lawsuit)?

    2) If found guilty of abusing the office of the presidency, will Obama face jail time?

    3) Is this laying the ground (once we win big in 2014) to start impeachment proceedings against Obama come 2015?


    • Surf:

      (1) Jesus! Give it a rest! Would you please stop wasting our time with that silliness!
      (2) Jail? Based on what law??
      (3) EVERY president since (and including) Washington could have been impeached–if that’s how you want your tax dollars spent.

      It makes sense to sue, since Congress has been abdicating it’s authority for years, including war powers. So, yeah, a lawsuit makes sense. That will force the Supreme Court to draw lines about signing statements, executive orders, and so on.

      But it’s a gamble. What if the Supreme Court decides presidents do now have expanded powers? Also, you have said if “your guy” (whoever it is at the time) gets in there that you would give him powers most people would consider dictatorial. What if the Court ties his hands before he gets there?

    • Bob: You may have something there.

      But what does impeachment do? It will not be upheld by the Senate. It will waste a lot of time just to make the guy look bad. Big deal. Are we going to impeach every president from now on?

      I think the lawsuit is a MUCH more logical response. The only problem is, if you go down that road, you risk having the Supreme Court rule against you, and with that precedent, any presidency will be that much more powerful.

      • Goethe:
        My comment wasn’t to advocate impeachment but to point out the political logic of Speaker Boehner moves.

        • Sorry, Bob. We had a discussion on another thread about impeachment. I guess I had hangover from that.

          I agree with you that it’s long WAY past time for Congress to assert its authority over things, such as war declaration.

  5. Does anyone know the legalities of the Boehner suit? Someone said he would have to submit it for a vote by the whole house and senate and be signed by the prez.

    Seems to me, he could do a class-action in the name of the house Republicans, and submit it to the DC federal district court.

    Anybody know?

  6. Mitt Romney escapes from…

    …Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum, and may on the loose — if you find this wax statute, please, return it to the museum.

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