There are a handful of nationally-known Democrats waiting to jump at the opportunity of the Democratic nomination should Hillary Clinton prove unable or unwilling to clench the mantle in 2016. One of those figures, who has openly affirmed his desire to run, is Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley. O’Malley recently spent some time in Iowa and received a pretty warm reception.

Report from The Des Moines Register:

Polling shows Clinton is the Democratic front-runner in the 2016 race, but she said Friday she won’t make up her mind until her first grandchild is born this fall and she can “figure out how that feels.” So far this presidential election cycle, she has avoided the implied desire for the Oval Office that an Iowa trip brings about.

Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley is pointedly not avoiding Iowa.

“Any campaign still comes down to one individual meeting with and talking to another individual,” he told about 45 Democratic activists at a pre-door-knocking rally at a Beaverdale bar Saturday morning, “because the most powerful beliefs we share are those beliefs that come alive in the context of relationships with one another.”

Malley was pressed for time, but he didn’t leave the venue without shaking hands with everyone he could reach. [Emphasis added]

The last boldfaced line may be the kicker for anyone wishing to challenge Hillary Clinton. Be a candidate of the people and relate to the average voter. Hillary Clinton has struggled with that, especially given her recent gaffes about being “dead broke” while purchasing a home in the upscale bastion of Chappaqua, located in Westchester County outside New York City, for her 2000 US Senate run.

O’Malley may be more relatable along the lines of Vice President Biden, who always projects that blue-collar attitude when immersed in voters on the campaign stump.


  1. That’s the thing. When you go into a campaign with one candidate being the obvious choice, it’s hard for anyone else to jump in. It seems an affront the the person everybody is expecting to win.

    That always used to be the GOP way to run a campaign–there was an “anointed” candidate. The GOP establishment is trying to get back to that, stifling the grassroots, and ready to discourage prospects until they can find a consensus choice.

    But back to Hillary, exactly how badly does she have to screw up before others can get away with openly saying they’re also interested?

    • But the press didn’t turn on McGovern until after the convention. Before then, he was portrayed as the “Prairie Preacher” who was going to clean up Washington of all the nasties, but once he got the nomination, they slammed and second-guessed him, and, of course, “the Eagleton Affair” sealed his fate. As with all politicians, he would have been better off standing his ground. There was nothing wrong with Eagleton except that he got depressed and needed help. That’s actually a good thing–to act on it.

      Anyway, I don’t think the media will “turn on” Hillary–unless some upstart comes along first. She was, after all, the reincarnation of Mother Mary until the Black guy showed up.

  2. Hillary will be a nonentity come 2016 (too much ugly baggage for a successful presidential run), but it’s good to know that few Dems will dare oppose her until it is too late for them… by then.

    O’Malley testing the waters is great news — the NRA have declared him justly a Constitution Shredder in Maryland; and if he goes national, the NRA will then be able to nationally negate this socialist Gov.

  3. Maryland — the “Free” State — is so screwed up!

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