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  1. Well, the mask is off the “Republican” Party, at least in Mississippi as of June 24th. That was when the Grand Old Party of Mississippi had to solicit votes from democrats to defeat a Constitutionally Minded Republican Primary Candidate in the state’s runoff for the “Republican” nominee in the November Election for a US Senate Seat representing Mississippi.

    The promise and accusation to encourage democrat voters to cast a ballot in the Republican Primary Runoff for Thad Cochran instead of the Rank-and-File Republican Party Favorite? Why Good-Old Thad would be more supportive of barack obama and democrat party initiatives and … wait for it …
    Chris McDaniel was a racist.

    I frequently get solicitations from Republican Party fund raisers explaining that a “Big Donor” has offered to match any contributions from “Small Donors” and would I be willing to contribute fifty or one-hundred dollars which the “Big Donor” would match? My usual response is to the effect, “Well, thanks for telling me who the candidate will be listening to after the election, but my current inclination is to make what political donations I have available to Freedom Works, the Senate Conservative Fund, or specific candidates of my choosing. Thank you for calling and please have a good remainder of the day.”

    Frankly I have my fingers crossed that Chris McDaniel will run in the General Election as a Write-In Candidate, a Constitution Party Candidate or Libertarian. I do have a couple of dollars that I can contribute to a candidate of my choosing. Chris McDaniel could be that candidate. Bad behavior, as demonstrated by the GOP of MS, needs to be punished; otherwise it is encouraged.

    • ebboone:
      The whole argument the establishment wing of the republican party was making was that they could NOMINATE A STRONGER CANDIDATE THAN THE TEA PARTY TO RUN IN THE GENERAL ELECTION. THEY FAILED! When you have to outsource the primary election to Democrats to get your candidate elected YOU AREN’T PUTTING UP A STRONG CANDIDATE. Especially when you paint your base as racist and need their support come November.
      Secondly it took $23 million dollars from outside groups on top of what the incumbent’s own campaign put up to CRUSH THE TEA PARTY IN PRIMARIES. IT WOULD TICKLE ME PINK TO SEE MR. MC DANIELS RUN ON A THIRD PARTY TICKET and have them spend even more money.
      Lastly if my memory serves me Rush Limbaugh advocated members of the republican party to use the same tactic to defeat Mrs. Clinton in 2008 primary against Barack Obama.

      • Yep, the Rushman did that … encouraged republicans to vote for Hillary in states with open primaries … But democrats didn’t openly recruit republicans to vote for Hillary in the 2008 democrat primary and democrats didn’t run primary campaign adds against one of the candidates in their 2008 democrat primary. What differentiates the two is that republicans did encourage democrats to vote against one of the republican primary contestants in the June 24th primary runoff, and the candidate apparently winning the majority of registered republican voters lost because of the cross-party voting encouraged by the republican party overseers.

        • ebboone;
          I see your point but either way it is a glitch in the system that permits to distort the results and purpose of the primary.
          The idea behind my post above was to point out the hypocrisy of the establishment republicans argument about nominating the best candidate. They have no intentions of nominating the best candidate but as you stated “the mask is off ” it is simply to re-elect the incumbent republican to the “Army of Occupation” in Washington.

          • You’re absolutely correct … to write “right” would be wrong in that I might be accused of being a “right-wing” extremist … as opposed to a “wrong-wing” extremist. It would please me to no end to see McDaniel run as a write-in or third-party candidate and leave Cochran and the democrat nominee to split the democrat vote between them :). Please enjoy your weekend and thank you for the exchange.

  2. Hmm.. anyone else having that issue? Once you create an account with Disqus and you login, that should be it. I’ve logged in once and can simply post away. Where is it asking you to verify your email each time? Give me some details…

    • I posted a few times. The first time, I wrote my reply to someone, and it dumped my reply. I had to sign in first. BUT after that, I was ok. It’s like the first reply of the day requires verification, maybe.

      No, wait. it says “sign in with” right now. . .

      OK, i just had to click the D, and then it sent me back.

  3. Sam Reusser — probably because you are on NSA’s list here…that you need to verify your identity each time….
    so they can send you a gift….

    I, on the other hand, have no problems posting — since I’m declaring my undying love to King Bama, his NSA spies, and all the good folks he has under his thumb that wanna turn US into his subjects!

    Sieg Heil Barabas!

    Say it!…and you’ll be fine, too….LOL!

    • There is a little star at the top of the comments section that says “Favorite” next to it. I think that follows every response. Otherwise the system emails you updates based on your account preferences. Like update me daily, weekly, etc.. on threads you participate in.

  4. Nate – at the top of the comment stack there is a gray bar w/ white lettering that say verify your email address before posting but it does say where the post would start (when i click in the box) after i’m done to “Post as Sam Reusser” – however my pic no ;longer appears

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