Another one of the “possible” status candidates on the Democratic side may be turning into a “likely” candidate in 2016. Maryland Governor Matin O’Malley says he is currently exploring the possibility of a 2016 run, despite whether Hillary Clinton decides to run or not.

Report from UPI:

Democratic governor of Maryland, Martin O’Malley, told the Washington Post in an interview that he is exploring a 2016 presidential run. In the interview he says he respects Hillary Clinton but cannot wait for her decision because he said, “I have a responsibility to prepare and to address the things that I feel a responsibility to address.”

O’Malley has already started meeting with domestic and foreign policy experts to lay the groundwork for his potential campaign. O’Malley is the first Democrat to say directly that he is going to pursue the White House in 2016.

I’m not sure what O’Malley would bring to the table which offers much contrast to New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, who also noted he’s considering a run. O’Malley’s record in Maryland is pretty weak, the state is ranked number 44 out of 50 in terms of business climate.


  1. O’Malley is a Democrat known for being tough on crime. Now governor of a former slave-state. And just 50 years old–and good lookin’. All good stuff, nationally.

    Supports gay marriage and calls undocumented immigrants “New Americans.” That could help in the primary

    As for economy, CNBC says it’s in the middle, “Maryland owes much of its drop to tepid growth and a slow housing recovery, the Old Line State slips to 33rd from 24th in our Economy category. In the period we measured, 2011 to 2012, Maryland’s economy barely budged. State GDP growth has since rebounded and is now above the national average, giving Maryland some hope for next year.

    Here’s his speech at the 2012 convention:

    He seems to have the fire in his belly, and as Woody Allen said, 80% of success is showing up.

    • I can assure you, living in the DC Metro area as I do, I don’t think O’Malley is much known for being tough on crime. See City of Baltimore as example. Also see violent crime rate higher in Maryland than in Virginia as another example.

      Good looking for a politician, yes… that’s 1 point. Maybe 2 given how image obsessed our culture is.

      Former slave state? Yeah.. but.. who cares? Does that help him in some way during a primary?

      Maryland owes its economy to the federal government. If federal jobs and money were missing, Maryland would be a ghost town economically. It has lost many fortune 500 headquarters to Virginia across the Potomac. Also, see Maryland ObamaCare exchange disaster for which people are being fired under O’Malley’s watch.

      Someone once said in politics you don’t attack your opponent’s weaknesses, you attack their perceived strengths and expose them as weaknesses. I think O’Malley is a paper tiger and other Dems in a primary, like Hillary, will take notice.

      This is all off the top of my head from local news reports on a daily basis.

      • Nate: The “slave state” reference was just to point out that he has the advantage that Carter and Clinton had–and Dukakis and Kerry did not. And that was for the national election, not the primary.

        Regarding crime, I was relying on Wikipedia:

        As Mayor, he focused his attention on public safety, and by implementing crime response reform, violent crimes in Baltimore were reduced by nearly 40%.

        Anyway, I don’t see O’Malley as a strong candidate. He’s as wooden as Gore. I watched a Crossfire on YouTube, and he let Rick Perry walk all over him–and Perry is not the sharpest knife in the drawer.

        Jim Webb would be a good candidate. He’s tough and direct. But he has said he’s not interested in a way that’s believable, and more importantly, he’s a year older than Hillary.

        But I still think someone will pop up to grab the brass ring out of Hillary’s hand.

        • Wikipedia!!! Clearly O’Malley’s people have done a good job touching up his bio then if they got you touting him…. I kid, I kid..

          Yes, crime generally went down in Baltimore, with the exception of recently, to a still higher than average level.. Going from worst to better than worst is an accomplishment of sorts.. However, as of Jan 1, 2014, the murder rate in Baltimore is “soaring”.. Drug trade out of control.. Sure you can blame the city leaders as much as the state I suppose.

          Some Obama aides agree with your Hillary assessment:

          • Nate: Looks like we’re alone here. . .

            Anyway, I did find this:
            Wash Monthly says he should be prez.–


            Back to Hillary, my own opinion is that like any other “job interview,” you look better asking for the job of president if you HAVE a job. I think that’s one of many things that sank Willard. People like to think they’re rewarding a good worker with the higher job. But if you take a few years off, you’re not taken as seriously for the job you want.

            Of course, there’s also the Nixon model. He ran ALL over the country, campaigning for locals in 1966. Since he had just been defeated for governor, he seemed to be doing it out of the goodness of his heart–and the loyalty for his party. And a lot of people “owed him” by 1968.

            If someone is governor or senator, he or she can’t spend all his/her time on the campaign trail for others. It would seem to be “not-doing-their-job.” But Hillary could (and should) get out there and be as visible and vocal as she can be. It’s a little risky, since the more you say, the more you can screw up. But it would not hurt her to be seen as “unselfishly” helping other campaigns, while at the same time, piling up “chits” for her campaign.

            It would also take a way the “sitting-on-her-butt” image that Willard suffered from. [Of course, it didn’t help him, speaking to a group of unemployed people, to have the tin-eared multi-millionaire joke that, hey, he was “unemployed,” too!]

            • Sam: I’m at least half Kraut. Don’t know about the other half. Probably Kenyan.

              Anyway, I was watching something about Il Duce the other day, and I was surprised to find that Hitler’s salute was actually taken from the Italians, and that they had come into power earlier. At first, Mussolini looked down on Hitler, and Hitler looked up to Mussolini.

              As it turns out, Mussolini took the ancient Roman salute, of the arm extended upward, palm down.

              Also, of course, the Swastika is also ancient. I was surprised to see it everywhere when I went to India, where it is still considered a sign of good luck.

              And, for your sake and mine, we should point out that Hitler was not German, but rather Austian. . . .

            • Goethe – we both been around enough that were both just American, no dash anything American. I have two really good friends, one 1st Greece then Canada, then US & another, Canada then US and they have never considered themselves anything but just plain Americans, that is the beauty of the US were all just plain Americans. I have Rels in Switzer-land where my name is common and Swiss/US pronounce it with a long e but Germans pronounce it like Reuters (oy).

              I know Hitler came from Austria but they probably kicked him out. For sure, his soul energy was just absorbed back into the Source and that soul no longer exists.

              Didn’t know where the “Hail” salute came from – interesting! I like ours, neutral, no open or closed, an imperceptible bend at the knuckle.

            • Goethe – definitely a hot young lady!! Hotties don’t marry oldies because of their brains or bodies, tho.

              I really don’t know what can stop Die Hündin though. She’s locked up the Dems, celebrities, and most of all the group that selects all political offices, the Media.

              Condi Rice is way more qualified and much better looking, but I’ve been told on here that voters and media wouldn’t elect another black pres. – I think an adjective was left out – a black CONSERVATIVE pres. I really don’t see anyone who can take on Die Hündin, especially a conservative, qualified, smart, good lookin’ woman.

              The Media will destroy any conservative just like they did to Palin, Cain, Romney, and tried to do to Cruz.

            • Sam: Naw. Clinton’s support is a mile wide and an inch deep. As I noted elsewhere, a CNN/CRC poll Monday says that three out of ten Democrats say the won’t support her, even without an alternative candidate. And, the other seven of ten say they “would” vote for her, but again, that’s without an alternative choice.

              The Dem problem is lack of other options. The two tough candidates, Jerry Brown and Jim Webb, are too old, and have said they’re not interested in a believable way.

              Elizabeth Warren has been mentioned


              –but she’s seen as too liberal, and doesn’t have a strong enough resume.

              Cuomo is an option, but he has no national import, except name recognition. We’ve talked about Martin O’Malley on here. And, of course, there’s Joe Biden–who would benefit from low expectations. His power is with white working men, who have abandoned the party for decades.


              I was the one you mentioned who said that I don’t believe the United States of America will elect two African-American presidents back-to-back. And that sinks Corey Booker.

              Antonio Villaraigosa is a smart choice, solidifying the Hispanic vote. I’d bet on his being picked for VP, but I don’t see him topping the ticket.

              There’s also Mark Warner, Amy Klobuchar, Kirsten E. Gillibrand, and Brian Schweitzer–but I don’t see any of them catching fire.

              Hillary’s “expected” to win, and that’s her heaviest problem. Few had heard of Obama three years ahead of 2008. Anything can happen.

            • SAM:

              I just thought of an interesting scenario.

              This site mentions Rahm Emanuel.


              –but I don’t see him going against his former boss.

              HOWEVER, if Hillary fails, we could have a replay of 1968. LBJ was expected to walk to the nomination, but McCarthy challenged him, and once LBJ looked beatable, RFK jumped in. Then LBJ dropped out and supported Hubert Humphrey. That did more harm than good, but the party rallied around LBJ’s choice.

              THIS time, I don’t see Emanuel challenging Hillary–BUT if she fails, he would pick up the same support.

              Emanuel is young and attractive. But he’s also known for being tough and aggressive. He would put down the “pansy” image Democrats usually have. He’s also ethnic, which is a plus with Dems, and could get curiosity support in the general election. We have never had a Jewish president, but we may be ready for it.

              So that’s my forecast for 2016: Hillary will trip up, there will be a “jump ball” among lesser candidates, and Rahm Emanuel will take it to the hoop.

            • Goethe – Emanuel looks strong enough to challenge Die Hündin, but I doubt the party would let him because he could destroy her – but if for some reason she fades, I think you are correct – On the surface and with all the connections and Party backing – he could be more damaging than the hündin to the Pubs. An only issue that Pubs could glom onto is Chicago Crime. But MSM would support him.

    • goethe — Governor of a former slave-state…?!

      do you come up with this stuff on your own, or do you google it…?


      • Oblivious:

        You don’t have to giggle and titter out of embarrassment. There are probably other people who didn’t know that, as well.

  2. Sam:

    According to the CNN/CRC poll released Monday, Hillary now leads Christie 55-39 (he led in December 48-46).

    But most of that has to do with the traffic jam.

    To give you a hard time, I’ll note that the same poll said that 7 of 10 Democrats would support her run.

    Sorry. Couldn’t resist. BUT–that’s with NO opponent. So what it really means is that 3 in 10 will NOT support her. Once we have a viable alternative, that 7 of 10 will split, leaving her with minority support.

    So relax. Hillary will not be president.

    Dennis Kucinich wil!!!

    Ha, ha, ha. Just jerkin’ you around. But I tell ya, I would love to have the HOTTEST first lady eve! See picture of her here:

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