I use the term “reform” very loosely here because the full details of this legislation have yet to be revealed. We don’t know exactly what it will entail but the GOP has given hints by providing their “standards” memo to guide this process.

Report from Politico:

The House Republican leadership is trying to sell their colleagues on a series of broad immigration principles, including a path to legal status for those here illegally.

Speaker John Boehner’s leadership team introduced the principles at their annual policy retreat here. Top Republicans circulated a tightly held one-page memo titled “standards for immigration reform” toward the tail-end of a day that include strategy conversations about Obamacare, the economy and the national debt.

In the private meeting where the language was introduced, Boehner (R-Ohio) told Republicans that the standards are “as far as we are willing to go.”

“Nancy Pelosi said yesterday that for her caucus, it is a special path to citizenship or nothing,” Boehner said, according to a source in the room. “If Democrats insist on that, then we are not going to get anywhere this year.”

Boehner said the standards represent “a fair, principled way for us to solve this issue.”

The strategy marks a shift for House Republicans. In 2013, Boehner’s chamber ignored the bipartisan immigration reform bill passed by the Senate. But toward the end of last year and early this year, Boehner, Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-Va.), Whip Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) and Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) began hashing out this approach to rally Republicans toward reform.

“It’s important to act on immigration reform because we’re focused on jobs and economic growth, and this is about jobs and growth,” Boehner said in his pitch in the closed meeting. “Reform is also about our national security. The safety and security of our nation depends on our ability to secure our border, enforce our laws, improve channels for legal entry to the country, and identify who is here illegally.”

Is this the right course of action the GOP should be taking? Does the country need new laws or, as some argue, simply to enforce existing laws? Does this hurt the Republican chances of taking the Senate if conservatives in the party stay home due to this immigration push?

I think the answers will hinge on how far this package pushes citizenship versus a “legal status.” However, I’d assume that anything can be incrementally turned into citizenship by a future Democrat-controlled Congress or White House so what benefit do Republicans see in passing anything to do with immigration? Remember, Democrats held both chambers the first two years of President Obama’s first term, why didn’t Democrats pass an immigration package then?

Finally, let’s put this in the perspective from recent polling which indicates a mere 3% of Americans say immigration is a top problem facing the country. This is far behind issues such as the economy (18%), unemployment (16%), health care (16%) and even growing federal deficits (8%).

So, why the sudden push from the House?


  1. Why are the rinos “selling out” to big business who wants cheap labor and the dollars contributed by big business?
    In the short term, it may look good, but in the long term it may destroy conservatives for generaltions to come.
    They have been using the 11 million illegals figure for years, losing sight of the fact that illegals have continued to pour over our borders.
    They are draining our:
    1) unemployment funds by taking good paying jobs (many make good money) Agricultural workers should go home when not working as they used to instead of collecting social services)
    2) social service funds,
    3) education funds
    4) medical services funds
    5) police enforcement funds
    6) pay little or no taxes
    7) we are subsidizing the cost of our food through draining those services
    8) demanding subsidized education before citizen students of other states who may be just as needy
    The list could go on and on.
    Why do we want to encourage criminals who provide an example to their innocent children of how to break our laws?
    I would rather replace them with those waiting legally in line who will make good citizens who will be proud to be
    Cause them to self deport by taking away their good paying jobs and not allowing them to collect free social services.
    Help save our Republic.

    • Evelyn;

      You are 100% correct!

      It is criminal to allow illegal criminals to stay in our country, and on top of it to be rewarded with benefits from our own taxpayers moneys that belong to US citizens!!!

  2. The trouble with “most important” polls is that all they really tell you is–what is the ONE most important thing. For instance, if you’re unemployed, jobs are job-1. But that doesn’t mean you don’t care about anything else.

    It would be more telling to have people list their top five issues, and calculate that way.

    The fact that only 3% consider “immigration/illegal aliens” as the most important thing is not the same as saying we only care about it 3% of the time, or that 97% of our attention is to other things.

    Also note that the issue is “immigration/illegal aliens” NOT “immigration reform.” Does that mean we have 0% interest in immigration reform? Or that we only barely care about illegal aliens at all?

  3. The way I feel is Part 1 of the GOP house proposal as a separate law and complete before anything else, Changes in Immigration allotments favoring Mexico should be made, but illegals go to back of line and if have an additional criminal record, even misdemeanor – AMF (Adios mi amigo/friend)

  4. Boehner is an idiot !! The law is not enforced now;what is passing another enforcement provision in another new law? This is just an end run around doing what most people want. A new so called bill to seem to add more stringent requirements for enforcement is just smoke and mirrors!

  5. I have it on good authority that the “specific enforcement triggers” in the GOP plan include having an Hispanic name, dark hair, or knowing how to speak Spanish. The GOP reform plan includes flogging any suspected undocumented immigrants with 50 lashes with a cat-o-nine-tails, dumping them into the Sonoran desert with a half pint of water, and telling them to go home and apply for citizenship, which will be automatically denied in about 40 years.
    Meanwhile, billions of dollars of U.S. crops will go unpicked because lazy American welfare bums would rather mug hard-working Americans than pick vegetables in the hot sun for $5000 a year.

    You heard it here first!

  6. The illegal Mexicans — let’s stop calling them Illegal Aliens (which sounds all encompassing and thus politically correct), since it is Mexicans that comprise 99% of the illegals here — are nearly reaching 30,000,000 in the USA, and thousands more are INVADING our nation by illegally crossing our borer each week!

    30 million illegal mexicans is about 10% of our 312 million US population — that is an extraordinary HUGE number of criminals that live in our land, collect OUR wages and OUR benefits while breaking The Law, by the very fact that they became criminals the moment they crossed our border illegally!

    Mexico has about 116 million population (THESE STATS are reported by the Mexican Gov WITHOUT DEDUCTING THE PEOPLE THAT LEFT THEIR NATION (these they do not count, since they do not track them) — so, IN REALITY Mexico’s current population is LESS than 86 million, and gets smaller each month !!!

    30 million illegal mexicans here represent that OVER a THIRD of Mexico’s population have left their nation and have invaded ours!


    If this train-wreck continues on its current path — Mexico will be depopulated in a few years and will become a non productive desert. USA will be overrun by an additional 80 million illegal Mexicans (on top of the 30 million that are already here), and will collapse under bankruptcy — since only so many real Americans can work so many hours to support all the politicians AND the extra Mega-Mexican-voting-block they want HERE, so these politicians get to be elected ALL the Time by the Mexicans they brought here!

    That this is the Democrats goal is easily seen — since Dems don’t care about our Free Republic, but only care to get elected, no matter what!

    What’s worrisome is that the Rino Republicans are are taking a page of the Dems book — and want that Mexican voting block here, to vote for them! Silly as it sounds, these Rinos think they can steal them away from the already entrenched Dems that love criminals in USA to prosper!

    THE INSANITY of all of this is that in order to curry votes, both the Dems and the Rinos are willing to sacrifice two nations (Mexico and USA) just to get elected (or reelected) to office!

    As kids growing up we were taught that if you broke the law, you got punished, and when you obeyed it you got rewarded.

    Now these SICK politicians have turned it all upside down — if you are a lawbreaker (an illegal mexican) you get rewarded with many, many freebees; BUT if you are a law-abiding US citizen, you get penalized (work some more so your EXTRA taxes get to pay for the criminals that are illegally in your nation)!

    Time to vote such scuzzy politicians out of office, and Save our Nation, before it’s too late — 2014 is the start to vote for the Tea Party and Libertarian candidates!

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