With polls showing support for Christie dropping since the “bridgegate” scandal, it appears some backers of the New Jersey Governor are getting nervous about Christie’s prospects against Hillary Clinton. The polling data, which had been showing a very close race if Clinton and Christie were the respective nominees, is now tilting toward Clinton’s favor.

Report from CNN:

In late November and early December, in the wake of Chris Christie’s landslide re-election victory, the Republican governor from New Jersey was riding high in the polls.

Christie topped the other potential GOP 2016 White House hopefuls in surveys of Republicans’ choice for their next presidential nominee, and he was knotted up with Hillary Clinton in hypothetical general election showdowns.

Now, after month of intense media scrutiny over a couple of controversies in his state, Christie’s numbers have faded, according to a new CNN/ORC International survey.

In a possible 2016 matchup with Clinton, the poll indicates Christie trails the former secretary of state by 16 percentage points, with Clinton at 55% and the Governor at 39% among registered voters nationwide. That’s a dramatic switch from December, when Christie held a 48%-46% edge over Clinton.

Conventional wisdom among the party establishment held that Christie could be a lock for the nomination and then at least have the best chance at toppling Hillary Clinton. However, the “bridgegate” has softened those hopes. Now, apparently, the establishment is looking toward the junior senator from Florida to potentially fill the void. Report from The Hill:

Sen. Marco Rubio’s (R-Fla.) political stock is rated a buy by major Republican fundraisers in Washington, who are bullish on Rubio’s future as a 2016 presidential candidate.

A group of Republican fundraising heavyweights and wise men in Washington’s business community are solidly behind Rubio, and see him not only as someone who could win the White House, but someone they can work with.

The fundraisers include Bill Paxon, a former New York lawmaker who is now a senior adviser at Akin Gump; Dirk Van Dongen, the president of the National Wholesalers Association; and Wayne Berman, a big-time donor with a knack for picking winning candidates in presidential primaries.

All three are a party of the business wing of the Republican Party that has clashed with the Tea Party. Their support for Rubio suggests they seem him as a possible ally going forward.

Christie’s fall could create an opening for Rubio, who saw his stock with conservatives fall last year after he helped move an immigration reform bill through the Senate. Rubio has trailed Sens. Ted Cruz (Texas) and Rand Paul (Ky.) in straw polls of grassroots conservatives, which could make a play for the establishment wing of the GOP more enticing.

But first, Rubio would face the difficult choice of whether to opt for a presidential run when it could cost him his Senate seat.

Florida law does not allow Rubio to run simultaneously for the Senate and the White House in 2016, when his seat in the Senate is up.

So Christie out, Rubio in as the “centrist” candidate to run against the Tea Party stalwarts like Rand Paul and Ted Cruz? Rubio used to be the Tea Party favorite prior to his crash-and-burn push for an immigration bill.


  1. Rubio is definitely not my choice. When speaking to a hispanic group, he told them he supports amnesty.

    That big business will pour money into an amnesty supporter is not surprising because I believe they are behind Boehner and the Republican’s leadership in caving to the Democrats on amnesty because they support cheap labor.

    If you look at it carefully you will realize that big business is simply transferring the cost of their so called “cheap labor” to the tax payers in the form of subsidizing the illegals. Even if the illegals become citizens many will still collect tax payer paid social services, health care, education of their children, extra law enforcement, costs of unemployment for our citizens and destruction of citizen’s homes & families and on and on.

    If you care enough, look up the costs to the States and the Federal government that this nation has endured due to illegal immigration which was done several years ago — it’s millions and possibly billions of dollars which we do not have.

    Remember that illegals are law breakers who provide an example to their children of how to break our laws, come first before citizens and others waiting legally in line to come here. Those waiting legally in line are providing an example to their children of how to be a good moral citizen,. be proud to be an American, and will fly the American flag. Previously, immigrants have blended into our society and in a generation or two you can’t tell them from any of us whose families have been here longer. If we need immigrants, I would prefer to replace the law breakers with those waiting legally in line to come here.

    Because there are so many illegals, they are creating a cultural divide that has never been seen before in this country but is well known in other nations to last for many generations. And if amnesty is given, even more will replace them. It is surprising that many illegals have stated they don’t want to become citizens — they like it the way they are with their tax payer paid social services.

    Basically, the illegals and their supporters are destroying our country as we have known it. Previously legal immigration has made this country stronger.

  2. Ugh. So sad to see that the GOP old guard *still* can’t read the Constitution or supporting contemporary documents. Maybe more of them should have been home-schooled, like Jefferson and Washington. But they are dying off, so change is inevitable.

  3. I fully support Evelyn’s comments – we need LEGAL immigrants not illegal immigrants. I don’t think Rubio would secure the boarder before any immigration changes take place.

    I still wonder why Koch (not just FreedomWorks) won’t open the purse strings and.get behind a conservative candidate.

    • samreusser — spot on!

      Seems LEGAL immigrants are NOT allowed nowdays — since they are white Europeans (the original founders of our nation). And being white is a big NO, NO in todays upside-down politics!

      English speaking engineers, scientists, qualified people from Europe, that can improve our nation by their abilities, are nowdays REFUSED to Legally Immigrate to the USA!

      Instead, Illegal Mexicans that speak no English, have no education, and no skills other than manual labor or criminal disposition, are welcomed in the US by the MILLIONS …and are considered TO BECOME US CITIZENS!!!

      How INSANE is this?!?!

      Time to vote the Dems and the Rinos out of office, in order to save America!

  4. Sam & Neville, Thanks for the support.
    I believe I know why Koch won’t open the purse strings and get behind a conservative candidate — They WANT illegals who will provide cheap labor for them and thereby transfer the extra cost of that labor to the tax payers instead of those who employ them. Read Paragraph 2 & 3 again in my above post. Possibly Koch is a big government guy. This cheap labor is desired by big business to illegals in good paying jobs as well as agricultural workers. Most agriculture is now owned by big business.
    I believe that Boehner and the Republican leadership have been bought off by big labor money because they donate to their campaigns, not direct “buy offs.”
    It’s bad enough with the complete corruption in the Democratic Party, but now it looks like the Republican leadership is joining forces with them.

    Another critical issue is that we must have term limits in Congress because most them are professional politicians in which many have become rich on their salary (corruption) and have lost touch with the voters they represent. they also train the new ones on how to do it.

    As I see it, Congress will never vote for term limits on themselves, so I was wondering if it could be done through the Convention of States which is now working on controlling spending.

    We have mostly lost our Republic (government by “We the People”), which we were established and are governed as a Democracy (government by politicians).

    I Googled the Convention of States yesterday and signed up with them and will be volunteering to help out with it. If we spread the word and get enough conservatives involved, we can help to direct them to the most important issues facing this nation now.

    We are in grave danger of losing our country as we have know it. I hope and pray that we can save our beloved country. Losing our country is not inevitable but if we don’t fight with everything we have, we may lose it. It’s really close with the liberals indoctrinating our children in socialism instead of teaching the 3 Rs has dropped our children from being 1st in the world to being 17th since they took over educating our children. Curtail or limit the NEA and curtail the teachers union which doesn’t care about the children — just themselves.

    Look over the Convention of States site and let me know what you think.

    I am looking at supporting Rick Perry, Governor of Texas, for president because he has made his State Congress into citizen representatives with term limits, moved to close the Texas border with Mexico & advocates sending most powers to the States where our Consititution placed them. Look into him. He’s done it — not just talked about it! Let me know what you think.

  5. While Rubio has some merit, the establishment is going for the wrong candidate as usual. The one they need to unite behind for the nomination in 2016 is Senator Ted Cruz, who already has established himself as the candidate that stands for We the People against the socialized medicine bill, in addition to which we know that he will do the right thing about immigration. rather than just passing blanket amnesty as unfortunately might end up being the case with a Rubio nomination. We could beat anyone put forward by the DNC with Cruz as our candidate, which is why the media, DNC and rest of the left is into damage control on steroid overdrive trying to do everything possible to prevent a Cruz nomination. The latter in itself should be enough to tell our party why Cruz is precisely THE best candidate for the nomination. He scares them witless. Ted Cruz for President in 2016, to the rescuing of America!

    • Victoria, Ted Cruz was born in Calgary, Canada. Do you think this will pass muster with ‘The Donald’? A Southern Baptist Evangelical Christian?? The coloring book fiasco, the 21 hour filibuster. …. and he’s the best the GOP has? The Democrats are scared witless?? I’ll give it to you that he’s smart, clean and a good family man but so was Santorum and look what ‘the machine’ did to him. Like it or lump it, IMHO if you don’t want HRC, Christie is the only possible person that can do it. The basic question is how far is a wavering democrat willing to jump? To Christie I think yes, to a Tea Party Christian, not in a million years.

  6. Victoria, I agree with you but I would like to throw Rick Perry, gov. of TX, into the mix because he has already accomplished in Texas what most conservatives want:
    1) turning the TX Congress into term limits, AKA citizen representatives who have not lost touch with “We the People” and there is less chance of corruption
    2) advocates sending most of the powers back to the States where missteps will not cause as big a crisis as the feds.
    3) right to work state
    4) working vigorously to close the border with Mexico
    5) the economy is one of the most booming in the USA, etc.
    Unfortunately, the Republican leadership and big business will not support such a candicate and will attack him visiously because of items 1 & 2.
    He has already demonstrated what he can accomplish.

    • Evelyn – Perry’s problem with trying to run again (as was Bachmann’s) is letting religious issues get in the way of political issues – Dems and MSM will take him out. He may get the middle to far right vote – but – I’m of the opinion that any Pub must take the Libertarian stance on the 1st & 2nd Amendments and stay out of the bedroom and neutral on abortion to capture moderate Conservatives -> Libertarians -> a few Liberals.

    • Evelyn – From memory (tongue firmly in cheek) it’s not a question of point one or two it’s if he can be trusted to remember point three in the candidate debates. Even if he could can you imagine how many times that fateful night in 2010 would get played?

  7. Sam, I have never heard that Perry is that deep into religious issues. Where did you get that? I certainly am for reinstating morality into our government and citizenship.

    Although I strongly support the liberatarian platform on finanacial issues, I strongly disagree with them on such issues as illegals and our standing on foreign issues. That is a stand that many conservatives have and thus I don’t think a libertarian could win. Although, I would like to adopt their financial platform.

    That moderate Conservatives such as McCain & Romney did not win at this time is telling so it looks like we are “between a rock and and hard place” as the saying goes. Of course that assumes that voter fraud was not rampant, which I believe it was, so who knows who actually won?
    We must be huge over achievers in an election to overcome voter fraud. I personally know it occurred in a big way.

    One thing that we should consider is: Do we want a Republican candidate who can win but continues the “slippery slide down to the slope” to socialism, big government, big business and a general decline in the morality and freedoms of this country?

    We do know that any strong conservative will be demonized and that will be by the Democrats and the big business & the leadership Republicans who want to keep their power!

    As far as I can see, Perry is none of those things so he may not be able to garner support. Perry was coming on very strong last election until he lost support when he couldn’t answer a simple question in the presidential debates. What everyone didn’t know is that he had just come out of back surgery and was on pain medications. I know that is true from personal experience.

    It is going to take someone who is strong to “turn this country around” and return to our Constitutional Republic. I know we can do it but will we?
    Few even blink at lies now.

  8. Sam, Thank you for your referrals which I read. I see no problem with religion. Most of our presidents have been members of religions, including Kennedy, a Catholic and and the writers of our Constitution as well as most presidents since that time.

    Of course the liberal/socialist media will demonize any candidate we run: consider Romney and look at Christie in which nothing has been proven against him yet — “Guilty until proven innocent” looks like to me. It will only get worse because they have been very successful at it. There is nothing they won’t do to win.
    Your references make Perry look by far the most qualified out there.
    The BIG question is will Republican big business (money) & big government (party leadership) support him?
    Let’s see what happens.

  9. Evelyn – outside of carefully worded ‘suggestions’ by Fox news that voter fraud was rampant, I don’t recall any independent body even suggesting as much. From memory there have been a few proven minor examples in a few voting areas but the figure is always .000something which hardly constitutes “massive”. If as you claim you “know it happened in a big way” I’m sure your local police, FBI or election monitors would be only too pleased to discuss it with you.

    • TT — “Evelyn… I’m sure your local police, FBI or election monitors would be only TOO PLEASED to discuss it with you.”

      ‘TOO PLEASED’ — what a “VEILED” THREAT you make to Evelyn!

      TT — the only word I have for you is: SCUMBAG!

  10. TT.
    If we had an attorney general who would investigate or bring charges against any liberal/socialist, things would not have sunk to the level they have. I know of no investiagations or charges being brought against liberal or their causes. Hundred of suits have been filed against conservative causes, including but now limied to, requiring voter ID. Why would that be needed if there is no voter fraud?

    Furthermore, if you take YOUR liberall/socialist media as the gospel, you will come to the same conclusion. It’s not your fault!
    But if you listen to what comes out of your president and his minion’s mouths, common sense will tell you the answer to what is happening in this country.
    Just to name a few of them:
    1) “If you like your health care policy, you can keep it.”
    2) “If you like your doctor you can keep him.”
    3) “ACA AKA Obamacare will save American families $2,500 a year.”
    4) “ACA will cover everyone.”
    5) “ACA will create jobs.”
    6) “Benghazi was caused by a video.”
    7) “I learned about it from the media at the same time you did.” Was used numerous times. He knew or he should have known something about HIS administration.
    8) “There’s not a smidgeon of proof of corruption at the IRS.”

    You have probably heard little about the above statements on the liberal media. Need I go on? They will do anything to win.
    But you say, that is just the president, it doesn’t prove anything else. Please put your common sense in gear.

    Note that the Democratic Party and the liberal media still cover and lie (repeat the talking points given them from the Obama Administration). I suspect that #8 was Obama’s directive to his minions to make it happen and we now know, with proof just released by letters, that is not so.

    Notice that the Democratic Party & the liberal media sent 50 attornies and reporters to AK to investigate Sarah Palin, a vice presidential condidate and turned nothing not already known and not one to IL to investigate the president. You can tell where their bias lies.

    Furthermore, Fox News is owned by a liberal, Rupert Murdock. He won’t “kill his cash cow,” just let it operate with one arm tied behind their back.

    But let’s get back to discussing a conservative presidential nominee.

    • Evelyn – Lets not get carried away here. I have no issues with your points 1 to 8 but rather than see them as some grand conspiracy I afraid that as at Feb 2014, irrespective of left or right (Obama in reality is not even close to being any sort of socialist, you probably need to do a bit of reading there as this rhetoric devalues your argument) this is modern day politics. I have little or no trust in either side as they both spin, mislead, obfuscate and generally lie their buns off 24X7. That it’s the other side that’s currently in power and it’s them that’s making the decisions, in my opinion, should not distract any rational sane person who wants and deserves better than is currently being served up the simple fact that both primary parties only have one priority one item on their agenda’s, ‘get in power by saying or ding anything you think you can sell to a public more interested in personal gossip about candidates than policy or integrity’. Quite honestly Republican or Democrat, Obama or Cruz/Rubio/Perry is tantamount to asking whether you’d like to be shot or stabbed to death.

  11. TT, I did not want to get into this but you have “thrown down the gantlet,” so to speak.
    You do not suggest one thing that can be done to improve the situation — just tear down everyone, with the exception of not believing.in a “grand conspiracy.”
    Thus you are intimating that this country is not being systematically destroyed as we have known it. I agree that there is the struggle of one party over the other. But that is NOT what I’m talking about here. Our education, financially, culturely, etc. do not need to be destroyed in that Democratic/Republican or party truggle and party struggle has been going on since the inception of our country. What’s new here?

    Under the on slot of of the liberal/progressive/socialist/Marxist media, the Obama Administration and the Democratic Party, this nation is being systematically destroyed as we have known it. Being the most powerful in the world is not enough, they are destroying this country so they can control us. And in a few cases the Republican Party is complicit also. Think bigger.

    Those most to blame are the media because they are lying (diseminating Obama’s talking points) and covering for the voter fraud and every other form of destruction the socialists can think of. 1/2 of the citizens don’t really know what is happening because they believe everything “fed” them by the above media.

    They have educated our children for several generations in their agenda and we have let them. Why have we gone from #1 in education to 17th in the world — because they are “dumbing us down” so we can be controlled as every communist/totalitarian country has done before.

    Where do you think a lot of the 7 trillions dollars has gone? To “buy” everyone they can! That by itself doesn’t prove anything other than party struggle.
    And that includes the illegals who are draining state and federal budgets to the tune of millions if not billions of dollars every year in:
    1) social services,
    2) free medical care,
    3) education for their children (in some cases before citizen children),
    4) law enforcement,
    5) unemployment of citizens (in the case of good paying jobs held by illegals)
    6) transfer of the cost of their work in the case of low paying jobs to the tax payers by the draining of social services. Big business loves this.

    Please, please do your research and study say Hitler, or communism, but you can use others as well. How did they gain power?
    What is happening is out of their “play book” point by point. Disarm the public, dumb down education, make the public dependent on government, destroy the country financially, etc, etc. What has that to do with Party struggle?

    Remember Bill Ayres, who got Obama started in politics. What did he believe in? What did Ayes do? How about the book Obama wrote (now Bill Ayres said he wrote it for Obama) “Dreams From My Father” who was a muslim with proven communist ideology. What were Obama’s father’s dreams? Why would Obanma title the book that if that ideology wasn’t important to him?

    Obama stated he wanted to “transform this country” and “spread the wealth around.” Why would Obama say that? Do you think Obama didn’t really nean it when he said that? What has that to do with party struggle?

    • Evelyn – once more i agree with you! Obama is pretty much on a level of his own and uses the Democrats Party to stand above and use as a platform. The clueless Nation still has very little true knowledge what they signed up for. D’Sousa’s book and movie “2016” lays it out pretty clearly. The media can’t refute it so they tried to demonize it as Conservative Propaganda. ‘Cept looking more and more accurate!

      As you commented, the MSM (big three) have controlled the elections for a long period of time. If they wanted to support a Black, they should have backed Cain or Powell, instead of a Chicago anti-colonialist. We were almost a nation united.

      I have commented on here several times that I wish Koch would buy CBS. ABC & NBC would virtually belly up in the “political news” realm and be forced to do accurate reporting instead of polarizing and destroying conservatives.

      What’s next is if Dems lose the Senate, the MSM will be neutral on Obama and praise, praise the Hündin as the next woman President. When in fact, if it should be a woman, they are several Conservative women far more qualified and deserving. But the MSM will decide and they and Education are all liberal so it is a Democrat they will back and probably elect.

      All that said, if we can survive and keep Obama within the Law and Constitution and relieve him of his pen, and stupid judiciary/political appointments, even if the media wins and a Dem is elected – She / He won’t take away any more freedoms, will allow Capitalism, but just try to make us Socialists-Capitalists.

    • Evelyn — another home run!

      Spot on — Obama is nothing but a wannabe Dictator of the US…and will become one, if not stopped by American patriots that MUST WIN BY A LANDSLIDE in 2014!

  12. Obviously, we have similar sentiments about what is going on.
    I agree with everything you say except that we have NOT been able to keep Obama within the law or Constitution and that, in my opinion, we are near the “tipping point” of the “hope and change” and “transformation of America.”
    As has been stated, when over 50% of the public are expecting the other 50% to support them, it is almost impossible to turn it around because those 50 % dependent will keep voting in their freebies.
    Wouldn’t that we wonderful if Koch would buy up the socialist media? Then we could have media who are dong their jobs instead of minions for the socialist machine.
    The problem is bigger than Obama although he has brought most of their agenda about.
    My only hope is that Obama Care has gotten through the socialist media to the point that the public may turn on them.
    Unfortunately, we will have to be overachievers to overcome the voter fraud that is sure to increase.

  13. TT,
    On your comment on Rick Perry not being able to remember when he was in the presidential debate, that’s small change to everyone else’s shortcomings. Everyone has them. Yes, those will be played. Name me one candidate without flaws which will be used by the opposition.
    I think the positives overcome the negatives.
    Wouldn’t you rather have the border shut down, smaller government, term limits for the federal Congress, someone to actually create conditions for business to hire people, etc. than what is gong on now?
    Look what is happening in Texas under Perry’s watch. Look at employment and is one of the most successful states in the natiion right now.
    He is stepping down because of term limits.
    As far as I can see, Perry would return us to being a Republic (government by and for the public), as established by our founders in our constitution, rather than a Democracy (government by our representatives) as is now happening.
    Look up those two forms of govenment — it is enlightening.
    As I see it, the biggest problem is that it is likely that big business who want the illegals & are large contributors to the Republican Party, and most of the professional politicians in Congress will go after him viciously.

  14. Sam Reusser,
    On further thought, speaking on your reference to the following article, I believe that there is a misunderstanding,, on purpose, on what was being said.


    This statement is being used by his opponents.
    There is NOTHING he has done, that I know of, to suppose that he would support anyone being forced into religion. Other than being a Christian, what has he ever done to lead you to believe that? If so, please let me know.
    Think deeper.

  15. “I think immigration reform is going to be very passé. It’s going to be part of the past. And one of the reasons is that is that when Mexico liberalizes the energy policy down there and the Mexicans who are here illegally go home… and as a matter of fact there might be a lot of folks who maybe are U.S. citizens going to Mexico looking for jobs in the energy industry.” Statement of Texas Governor Rick Perry at Republican Governor’s Association’s conference in Arizona (November 20, 2013). Latest reports on Mexican illegals crossing the Rio Grande is at the lowest levels in 40 years. But what is he going to do with the illegals that are so Americanized that they don’t want to go home?

    The Texas deal breaking fund has pledged almost $500 million to companies since it began in 2003, according to a report to the Legislature. Chevron said it was considering building a third tower in Houston and hire 1,700 employees. The project was granted 12 million dollars from Perry’s enterprise fund, plus a local tax abatement. This is very unfair to small firms, which can’t get free money just for opening their doors in Texas.They are unable to command tax abatement breaks that stay in effect for five or ten years.

    Texas has the highest rate of working adults with salaries that puts them 138 percent below the federal poverty threshold — lower than $15,415 for an individual or $26,344 for a family of three. That tells you what the big companies that come to Texas pay in salary.

    More than 6 million Texans are uninsured. 1 million children living in Texas are uninsured. Governor Perry refused to
    expand Medicaid eligibility under The Affordable Care Act. Had the Governor agreed, the federal government would have paid 100 percent of those recipients’ benefits for three years, and then reduced its share to 90 percent in later years. In the 2014-15 biennium, Texas would have received $7.7 billion in federal funds. Presently, local county governments and hospitals are losing millions of dollars yearly for uncompensated care for uninsured adults and children.

  16. I do support taking care of children, even illegals. But they should go back to their country of origin and get in line so they can
    train their children how to be law abiding good citizens instead of criminals,
    who are proud to be citizens instead of flying the Mexican flag,
    hiding in conclaves instead of blending into society as they have previously done for generations,
    take jobs away from citizens and in general hurting our economic recovery,
    creating a cultural divide that we will suffer from for generations.

    Illegal low paid agricultural workers should go back to their country of origin when not working instead of collecting TAX PAYER PAID social services as they did for generations.

    You don’t believe in the “rule of law?”

    I have a news flash for you: The federal government does not pay any of that 100 percent of those recipients’ benefit — The tax payers do!!!!!! I don’t care if it’s the local, State or Federal Government.

    The middle class is being ripped off and systematically destroyed by this President and his Administration. I say he’s doing it on purpose.
    If his lips are moving, he’s likely lying.

  17. Evelyn…not trying to cross you but the 5 million uninsured Texans are not illegals. You are right that in the very end, it is the taxpayers who pays. However, in Texas, when our Governor refused to expand Medicaid eligibility, he left 254 Texas counties to empty their coffers to keep their hospital’s emergency rooms and doctors afloat.

    Texas has very few illegal agricultural workers, perhaps a few in The Valley. I do not know what Social Services illegals receive in California or elsewhere. All the toll roads in Texas, with one exception, are built and owned by companies in Spain and Mexico. Zachery Construction, a Mexican owned corporation, builds the majority of Texas highway and toll roads and hires illegals legally. All contracts have the approval of our governor.

    Actually, Texas does not have a big cultural divide. Many of our leading citizens, mayors, congressmen, bankers and lawyers, all outstanding American citizens, are children (or grandchildren) of illegal immigrants. An example is Senator Ted Cruze. Although not Mexican, he is Latino, and his father escaped from Cuba by bribing a Batista official to stamp his passport with an exit permit.

    Jack Martin, the director of special projects for FAIR, stated that undocumented immigrants in Texas have a lower rate of incarceration than native-born Americans. El Paso, a city with a very large immigrant population, much of it undocumented, has one of the lowest crime rates in the country, despite the violence just over the border.

    By “Rule of Law” I take it you mean a system in which no one, including government, is above the law; where laws protect fundamental rights; and where justice is accessible to all. Yes, I believe in that statement. Do you have a location for Utopia?

  18. Tess,
    First I’d like to address your “arrow” directed at me that I believe in Utopia, designed, I believe, to shut me up.
    I won’t go into any further details here but my 70+ years does NOT lead me to believe in Utopia — far from it.

    But I will say that my single mother raised me and my brother, without accepting one thin dime of welfare, health care or food, which was in short supply with at times with only beans for dinner.
    This adversity only made me much stronger and to believe in self sufficiency, not government handouts that, in many cases, are continued from generation to generation.

    With unemployment so low and wages relatively high in comparison to other states, why are citizens without any health care in Texas? Maybe they need to work harder?
    It is my understanding that the federal government also gives money to the hospitals.

    I’m not in Texas and I not privy to all the details there but in many states Medicaid is being expanded to unrealistic levels designed to buy votes by this President, and again, crushing the middle class. How much load do you expect them to bear? Where do you think a lot of that 7 trillion dollars Obama has spent has gone? I say to buy every vote he can.

    I can’t say what the motivation of all illegals but I KNOW that they have been told by their leaders not to fly the Mexican flag and stay withing the law or they may be deported. That is not indicative of a future law abiding citizen.

    I take issue with your description of (the Democratic) term “undocumented.” They are law breakers/criminals who don’t believe in the rule of law and provide examples to their innocent children of how to break our laws and come first before citizens and even of their own countrymen.
    I would rather replace them with people (yes, even Latinos) waiting legally in line and providing examples to their children of how to be good citzens.
    I am NOT in any way biased against Latinos — just law breakers.

    I will repeat: llegals are draining state and federal budgets to the tune of millions if not billions of dollars (state of federal) every year in:
    1) social services,
    2) free medical care, (Tess, this amounts to untold dollars) (most citizens don’t get free medical care)
    3) education for their children (in some cases before citizen children),
    4) law enforcement,
    5) unemployment of citizens (in the case of good paying jobs held by illegals) is draining our resources)
    6) transfer the cost of their work, in the case of low paying jobs, to the tax payers by the draining of social services education of their children, medical care and on and on. Most pay no taxes.
    Where is your worry about that drain on our economy & country?

    Ted Cruz is a courageous person and I admire him very much. But I doubt he believes in destroying this country while making it easy for lawbreakers to live off of the labor of others, as another unnamed Senator is trying to do.

    I’m not stupid — I believe in rule of law for everyone — including, but NOT limited to illegals. From your post, I would presume that you believe those illegals should NOT have to live under the rule of law. They could have gotten in line and waited their turn. Very selfish.

    Apparently Jack Martin is more interested in the welfare of illegals than the welfare of the citizens of this country who built this country with the sweat of their brow and the blood of millions who died to save this country. I doubt if those who paid that price believe that lawbreakers should come before citizens as is happening for the first time in this country.

    Our country is building enormous debt which our children, grandchildren and the young will have to pay for. That is immoral! We are close to the tipping point that could collapse the whole country. We must, and I repeat must, stop spending more than we have.

    Another point I would like to make: The illegals who are coming across our borders now, bear little resemblance to prior latinos who blended into society and could not be told apart from anyone else within a generation. And I’ll bet those prior illegals you speak of DIDN”T expect the tax payers to bear the burden of their support.
    Many illegals are now living in conclaves, not speaking our language (how can they intelligently vote) and “creating a cultural divide” never before seen in this country. Many illegals have stated that do NOT want to become citizens — just live off of the largess.

    No, illegals are not the biggest problem but they are adding enormous burdens to it.
    Furthermore,they will vote 70% + for Democrats who are systematically destroying our beloved country as we have known it (“transforming this country” and “spreading the wealth around.”)

    Now back to Rick Perry. You seem to be saying that I think Rick Perry is utopia. Not at all. As I stated, he is the ONLY one who has already accomplished many important things
    1) to build a strong state — one of the strongest in the country
    2) believes in sending most of the powers back to the states
    3) term limits for Congress,
    4) has excess funds in the State
    etc. Which of those accomplishments do you disagree with?

    That you are “bashing” the one who has done so much for your state is incredible.
    I can agree that work should be done by US companies before foreign ones. He is not perfect.

    Tess, now name me one candidate that you think has demonstrated that they can do a better job? Hilary Clinton?

    If you listened to anything but the alphabet channels and liberal/socialist media, you would be frightened at what is really happening now. They campaigned, lied and covered and continue to cover for this lying President. (“You can keep your health care,” etc and “I didn’t know until I heard it on the media,” over and over.)

  19. evelyn123456 — spot on!

    but you are trying to put a brain into a fool’s head — and that is impossible… Tess will always bury her head in the sand and spout Dems dead dogma as the only propaganda she was brainwashed to believe….

    so sad… and such creeps call themselves “americans”….

  20. Evelyn…I was not pointing an arrow when I said “Do you have a location for Utopia?” . Actually it was meant as a pleasantry.

    Your Mother is certainly to be commended. I noticed that you stated you were 70+. I wish you longevity and happiness. And isn”t it wonderful that you can draw a monthly check from the government. Plus the very best of Healthcare Insurance, one that even pays for transplants, replacements or anything you need for a very nominal fee of $125.00 or less per month. Fortunately, if you can’t pay that much, the state will pay it for you.

    Evelyn, again no offense intended, but there are some facts you need to review. Hospitals in states that declined to expand Medicaid under The Affordable Care Act— such as Florida, Texas and Pennsylvania — stand to lose the federal funding. Texas hospitals could lose more than $56 million next year. Texas counties and the State of Texas Taxpayers will be ask to make this shortage up. Under the federal health law, the federal government was offering to pay 100 percent of the coverage for Medicaid recipients for the first three years and at least 90 percent after that.

    If you like Rick Perry, by all means , proclaim your thoughts. I will answer your questions:
    1. Texas is a strong state and I Love Texas.
    2. Can’t answer this one. What powers are you talking about?
    3. I believe in term limits for all government officials. However, Governor Perry does not apply this rule to himself. He is in his eleventh year as governor of Texas and more to go.
    4. Yes, Texas has a Rainy Day Fund of a bit over 8 billion dollars at our Governor’s disposal. Yet Texas has thousands and thousands of children that go to bed hungry each night, our infrastructure is in need of repair, our water table depletion in our aquifers needs immediate attention, our returning Veteran unemployment rate is 8.2% which is a disgrace,, and the list goes on and on. As for who could do a better job…almost anyone. By the way…Hillary isn’t running for Texas governor.

    Evelyn…you should never be so bold as to attempt to classify another. You have no idea what I read, what TV channel I prefer, or whom I like or dislike.

    I won’t go into the “lying and covering up” for it seems to be rampant in ALL parties.

    • @ Tess – what on earth do you think you are doing making educated, informed, rational and considered points based on facts!!?? That sort of thinking is un-American and can only mean you are a communist hell bent on undermining the very fabric of the nation. You’re not fooling anybody Ms Trueheart and Oblivious and Sam I’m confident will put you right (between personal insults, misspelled and unsubstantiated speculative conspiracy theories et al).

    • tess — shilling for Obama’s destructiveness of the US, again…?

      p.s. you did not answer — are you an illegal mexican (you sure don’t sound a real American by your posts)?

        • Tess – understanding the established principal of those who ‘protest too much’, I have personally concluded that Oblivious is a gay socialist of Hispanic heritage who has never had a job and supports himself through Federal and State based welfare programs. The only thing about him that baffles me is that given he is from so many disadvantaged minority groups, how is it that he seemingly failed to get any sort of even remedial education??

  21. Tess & TT
    Slinging insults is no argument at all.
    It indicates you don’t have an argument — a well established and used “go to” for liberals/socialists. You learned it from the best.
    Take note of those same liberals/socialists who call anyone who disagrees with them “terrorists,” etc.
    I wonder? Does it terrorize liberals to hear the truth?

    • Evelyn…An argument on what subject? Am I a shill or an illegal Mexican? So I gave him my opinion of his subject matter. Nothing more. Now’ you ramble at me about terrorist and truth without reason or facts. So, I give you my opinion on your post…Hate is unbecoming to anyone.

  22. Tess & TT
    Tess, I have a news flash for you.
    I am extremely insulted by your answer to my post regarding my “wonderful check” from the government.
    First of all Social Security & Medicare are plans in which I was compelled, by law, to purchase (with money I earned over my working years) an insurance policy whereby when I retired I would have “security.” I don’t object to that — only with what that same Government did with MY/OUR money.

    You want facts? Here they are. You need only to do “research” to establish that the below are facts:
    1) President Roosevelt established SS in about 1937 with the caviat that the money would be held and managed by the Government for the benefit of those who “bought” the insurance policy and would NOT be used for ANY other purpose.
    As a matter of “fact,” starting with President Roosevelt, that fund was “stolen” and they never returned the “borrowed” funds to that fund starting with that same President Roosevelt and continuing through President Obama who, for all intents and purposes, “stole” the remaining funds from SS & Medicare within about 2 months of taking office.
    (You only need to research the above to find that it is a “fact.” If I had purchased an insurance policy from an insurance company, somebody would be in jail. That’s sometimes called a Ponzi scheme.)

    2) Another “change” they made to that plan is to “give” my money to people who did NOT meet the requirements as established by that original law — thereby using my money for welfare. (That’s called “bait and switch.” They didn’t ask me/us — they just did it.)

    3) Since there are none of our funds left in the “insurance policy” we purchased, the young are being asked to make up for the stolen funds.
    It is an insult to us when they call it an “entitlement” because if they had properly managed our funds, there would be more than enough money there.

    Several people (more savy than I am) have figured out that (I have seen the figures) for a male with average income, taking into account the money being invested in Wall Street and inflation, there would be MORE than $1,000,000 in his account at retirement.
    Of course, there would be less for me, but more than enough to pay my retirement into very old age.

    The above is why some conservatives have suggested that a private plan be established so we can manage our own funds.

    Now, with a straight face, tell me again that it is wonderful that we receive a check “FROM THE GOVERNMENT.” It’s really from those not yet retired.

    The other issues in your post will be answered later.

    • Evelyn – Thank you once again for responding to Tess’s crap and saving me the time of looking up facts unnecessarily.

      I’ll add that i have been paying forward to Social Security since 1955 (I’m imagine you were shortly after that) and at a very low interest rate i’m living on my money until i’m 93 – another 20 years.

      Also we have been paying it forward on Medicare since 1964 at a 1.65% of our gross and unable to use it till age 65 (41 years for me)

      I might add that our employers (even if self employed LLC, S Corp, etc) match our payments to the Government – so self employed have to 16.3% instead of 7.65%

      It is rightfully called ponzi scheme for many generations.

  23. Tess,
    My ONLY point is, as I said, that you & TT, were “slinging insults” rather than making argument on the subjects at hand. My term “argument” is possibly being used loosely as an exchange of ideas but it does seem to me to have devolved into argument.
    The term “terrorist” is, I am sure, one you have heard directed at certain groups of conservatives which is simply another form of “insult” or possibly a threat to treat those so labeded as they would a terrorist.
    I will address those other issues later.

  24. Evelyn…an exchange of ideas is two or more people attempting to solve a mutual concern. No, Evelyn, I have never heard anyone call certain groups of conservatives “terrorist”.

    In reference to your facts:
    1. Social Security was the brainchild of Frances Perkins, Labor Secretary, for President Franklin Roosevelt. She designed the fund to make explicit his concept of a General Welfare program. The Social Security Act was signed by President Roosevelt August 14,1935. The 1935 law contained the first national unemployment compensation program, aid to the states for various health and welfare programs, and the Aid to Dependent Children program. Taxes were collected for the first time in January 1937. Regular ongoing monthly benefits started in January 1940. The tax taken from the paycheck would be appropriated into a “trust fund” that would finance the entire program without additional expense from the general budget; the employee’s contribution was to be matched by an equal contribution from the employer. And most important, the control of these trust funds was to be in the hands of the federal government.

    2. In 1983, President Reagan was guilty of one of the biggest heists.The Social Security Amendments of 1983 laid the foundation for 30-years of federal embezzlement of Social Security money in order to use the money to pay for wars, tax cuts and other government programs. Even Social Security recipients were given a 50% tax if their income exceeded a certain limit. Reagan”s new payroll tax hike of 1983 generated a total of $2.7 trillion in surplus Social Security revenue. This surplus revenue was supposed to be saved and invested in marketable U.S. Treasury bonds that would be held in the trust fund until the baby boomers began to retire in about 2010. But not one dime of that money went to Social Security. President Reagan’s law allowed the government to transfer $2.7 trillion from the Social Security fund to the general fund over a 30-year period. Would you call this “bait and switch”?

    3. Social Security’s Trustees report states that the trust fund is solvent until 2036. President George W Bush raided (With congressional approval) and spent a total of $1.37 trillion dollars of Social Security surplus during his eight years in office on wars. With no fanfare from congress, the national debt grew by more than $4 trillion during George W. Bush’s presidency, a 71.9 percent increase. I don’t believe Barrack Obama has borrowed money from social security because he would have to have congressional approval.

    Be very careful of those several people who told you about Wall Street investments. Just ask the million or so people who invested their earnings in General Motors, American General, Enron, Lehman’s, Chase, Bear Stearns, Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae, among many others.They can tell you what it’s like to have all your savings in some company’s stock and suddenly wake up to see it all gone.

    With a straight face, Evelyn, I can tell you that I think it is wonderful that you get a monthly check from the government.I think it is wonderful that next to congress, you have the best insurance in the country.

    • Regan’s move was actually Tip O’Neils and Dems congress move and did generate the $2.7T surplus. Every Pres including Bush and Obama has borrowed from that surplus and added it to the debt. give up your Liberal B.S.

      • samreusser — she can’t…

        Tess is set on her path, with blind-folders intact (reads like a character from “Animal Farm” by George Orwell).

        So sad…that such have grown in numbers under the brainwashing public educational system, that they now have a detrimental impact on what’s left of our Free Republic!

  25. Sam…Ronald Reagan was president with veto power which he did not use. The law decreed that the 2.7 trillion be used to buy Treasury Bonds to protect the solvency of Social Security but it was put into the General Fund. So, 2.7 trillion dollars was taken from the Baby Boomers fund, never to be returned. George Bush, with the approval of congress, borrowed 1.37 trillion dollars from Social Security for his war, never to be returned. Obama has not borrowed from Social Security, perhaps because there’s very little left or because he could not get congressional approval.
    What did you gain with your vulgarisms? I harbor you no ill will just because we have different views.

    • tess-the-google-girl — while kooky goethe makes some sense some of the time, you make no sense all of the time.

      this is why all of merit here find your posts idiotic.

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