A pretty open-ended question really. Consider this from all perspectives.

If Hillary Clinton is the Democratic nominee, who would make a good second-in-command? She has certain appeals, and weaknesses, that a vice presidential pick could offset.

On the Republican side, the battle seems to be between establishment types and the Tea Party. There are some in the middle, but would we see an establishment/Tea Party ticket? Lets say, and I doubt this will be the case, that Chris Christie is the nominee. Would he reach to the base of the party and pick Ted Cruz or Rand Paul as his veep?

On the other hand, would someone like Paul or Cruz choose someone like Christie as a veep? In that case, would Christie even accept it given his public loathing for the “libertarian” foreign policy wing of the party.

It’s Friday and news is slow except for the games happening in the Senate.

President Obama will get a short-term lift for his nominees, judicial and otherwise, but over the immediate horizon, the strong-arm move by Senate Democrats on Thursday to limit filibusters could usher in an era of rank partisan warfare beyond even what Americans have seen in the past five years.

The decision to press the button on the so-called nuclear option was no doubt cathartic for a Democratic majority driven to distraction by Republican obstructionism. President Obama had predicted his re-election would break the partisan fever gripping Washington, especially since the Tea Party movement swept Republicans to control of the House. It did not.

“Doing nothing was no longer an option,” said Senator Tom Udall of New Mexico, one of a new breed of Democrats who have pressed to reform Senate rules.

The Seventeenth Amendment seems to have destroyed the intention of the US Senate over the past century. That’s a good topic for discussion right there.

Feel free to talk about anything.


  1. I seriously doubt either Senator Cruz nor Paul would ask Governor Christie to be a part of their ticket after the personal attacks they have made on each other. And I doubt he would accept if he was asked.

    Now here’s a perfect fit for the Democratic ticket however! Secretary of State Clinton for President and Governor Christie for her Vice President. Or she could pick Senator McCain. Can’t you just picture those three volatile tempers when ever they don’t get their way in things? Or during a debate? Not only their tempers match but basically their political philosophy fit.

    Seriously ! We will have a better idea which direction the republican party is taking until after the 2014 mid-term elections. We’ll get to see which wing of the party has more control although I doubt either one would support the candidate from the other wing in the general election. Thus we may have a repeat of 1964.

  2. As JFK used LBJ to capture the southern vote – in ’16 the Pres candidate should compliment with the VP, so can’t determine a VP unless coupled to a P.

    • Sam: I’m not sure that people vote as much for VEEP as they used to. You’re absolutely right about JFK and LBJ, but I don’t think conservatives were more favorable to Willard because he picked Ryan. And geography only matters in one area now.

      The Solid South, which used to be Democratic, is now Republican. So in 1992, the Democrats shook things up, by having two candidates from contiguous southern states.

      And that’s why you won’t likely see a southern Republican candidate. Republicans take the south for granted, and want to have candidates from Massachusetts, Illinois, Nevada, Alaska, or such.

  3. Really, rather than get into names….or name calling… I think it would be best to think of qualifications. What are critical items do they support, for example:

    Abortion – against it – only exception is for life of the mother. (Rape/incest – it is not the child’s fault the way he/she was conceived. Handicaps – handicapped children are worth just as much as those who aren’t. neither of these cases would we imagine killing the child after birth, so we ought to protect his/her life just the same)

    Israel – right to exist within borders they have set for themselves (not their neighbors who want them gone), right to defend themselves in and outside their borders (just like any other nation)

    Taxation – would work to flatten taxation (and eliminate corporate tax altogether)

    Obamacare – would work to remove it

    Healthcare – reduce regulation and increase incentives (no taxation on health care and insurance companies would sure help them reduce rates….)

    Gay Agenda – for tolerance, but against forced acceptance and marriage definition expansion (states to manage)

    Foreign Policy – shoot first…don’t ask questions…ever! don’t trust, don’t verify…well, shoot then verify accuracy,,,he he he, JK
    – actually – put America’s interests first, and end national welfare for nations who hate us. Bring the troops overseas home, w/out creating more instability

    Global Warming – understands its nonexistence, and would appoint a responsible person to head the agency

    Dept of Education – eliminate all funding from the Federal government (except to the handicapped programs, and block grant that money to the states), and only have a ‘certification’ program with federal diplomas. Minimum age requirement of 15 years, after that anyone who passes the minimal education gets a ‘federal diploma’

    Dept of Energy – with the ending of corporate taxation, also end all corporate welfare to oil companies (…and all companies for that matter). Vision – to have America be the #1 energy ‘producer’ in the world, being the #1 consumer this only makes sense. Drill baby Drill – open up drilling. End direct funding to ‘clean energy’

    Deregulate, deregulate, deregulate – create a panel whose job it will be to analyze all regulations on the books and remove the ones we don’t know why they’re there anymore. Remove the ones that are ‘save the planet at the expense of the people’ oriented…etc

    Environment – put the people at the top of the food chain instead of the ‘low level wet lands.’ Review and update the endangered species act (remove any reference to any animal’s right to exist above a human’s right to exist), update with modern scientific knowledge. Review and update Environmental protection act, update with modern science. Remove all authority from this agency, and it is advisory only. implementation authority is states rights.

    That’s all that i can think of off the top of my head.

    if we don’t know this kind of information about any candidate, we need to do our homework.

    • Josh:
      While many members of the right are probably experiencing “Schadenfreude” right now a lot can happen between now and next November. In fact “A week can be a long time” as British Prime Minister Harold Wilson once said. Take for instance this past month after the shutdown every newspaper and television station had the republicans and the right wing buried for years to come……now they are talking about the left being buried! But political philosophies don’t stand up for election. It would be naïve to believe that the long term fate of political philosophies hinges on a single election.

      America today is more divided, more tribal and less politically flexible than in previous times. This makes the consequences of a political screw up less severe for a political party. Most campaigns today are run on a purely negative aspect with little vision or ideology involved . They often turn on the state of the economy, incumbency, attractiveness of the candidate, effectiveness of the campaign or last minute circumstances. And of course MONEY AND THE MEDIA.

      In addition the Democratic parties air of change may be getting a bit musty but they have an astounding unwillingness to own up to what their infatuation with their expansive and expensive government result in. The establishment wing of the republican party on the other hand demands unrequited love while being driven by prudence NOT BY PRINCIPLE OR POLICY. Their gnawing conscience only goes as far as the next election cycle but their autopsy report will only lead to their death certificate.

  4. Josh i agree about the subject its self and quite a bit of where you stand – but a vp is almost always picked for “how many more votes will they garner”

  5. Did some reading on the 17th Amendment. Previously the state legislatures appointed senators. Having this ability gave power to the state governments in influencing the federal government and not just the state’s people, but it was not without its problems.

    Being that there is no perfect system..because there are no perfect people..there will always be problems.

    Overall I believe that our founders did not design our government to work quickly, or efficiently. I do believe that it is find that they have gridlock, i don’t see any problem with ‘government shut downs’ that don’t effect military or law enforcement, or payments to dependents.

    Gridlock means they would only do what both agree on.

    The current crop of democrats have decided, in looking at the future, that they want to hold on to power as best as they can. I believe Reid passed this rule change expecting to get a trouncing in 2014. Only it could backfire, if the republicans win narrowly, they could just keep the 51 rule the democrats put in place and give obama a ‘really’ hard time.

    However, it is probably the best thing Reid could do. Odds are they are gonna really do bad in 2014. Obamacare has almost guaranteed that. So maybe they could still have business as usual with 51.

    17th amendment – i think we should take a serious look at the history before 1913 and history since then. Giving state governments direct influence on the federal government is probably not a bad thing…just another chain on the feds.

  6. Christie had better not be included anywhere on the ticket since that would be political suicide for the Republuican Party. It seems to me we need a strongly conservative ticket to take back the helm of the nation so my suggestion would be a ticket along the lines of Cruz/Pence, the latter being Mike Pence (currently governor of Indiana), the idea being to avoid the RINOS altogether this time around.

    • When I first read this article I also thought about Governor Pence. He has been mentioned for higher office in a matter of fact way for a good 20 years now(since he was in the House). It doesn’t seem however that he wants to go on the national stage and while I regret hearing this I’ll respect his decision.

      • That idea is ridiculous. Have you not noticed the whole nation hates Ted Cruz? What are we talking about here guys. Get a grip, we spent the last 6 years saying Obama wasn’t qualified and now were ready to nominate a guy whose been in the senate a year. Same goes with Rand Paul. They are not ready. VP yes, President no… This election is truly going to be historical, Hillary Clinton will become the first female president in history if we don’t get our acts together and stop making the dumb mistakes that have haunted us for the last half decade. Jeb Bush, Chris Christie, Nikki Haley, Condoleeza Rice, or Susana Martinez. No Scott Walker either, the idiot doesn’t even believe in abortion in cases of rape and incest.Just think about the edge the democrats will have for the rest of the century if they elect not only the first black president but also the first women. We need to get it together.

  7. In regard to this “Nuclear Option’ the Democratic party has decided to pursue.

    I’m not quite sure why this is such a shocking development. Doesn’t it sound very similar to the partisan direction they have taken for decades? When they can’t get legislation passed they usually go to the courts or the Executive Branch out right ignores the Constitution? Like re-districting this rule change is simply made by the political elites to advance their agenda. To hell with “We the people……” The kicker however is the Progressives have the chutz-pah to demand the republicans repair their screw ups!

    The lefts complaints against checks and balances, separation of powers and the structure of the Constitution is simply an attempt by Progressives to sell their philosophy of “big government” by other means other than the strength of their views.

  8. The most winnable ticket would be Paul Ryan & Rubio by far!! We can’t get anywhere divided and this is a very winnable ticket that SHOULD be palatable enough for most….far right or left leaning will assure a Dem victory. Win FIRST, THEN address all the pieces of our fractured Party and MAKE IT WORK!! We CAN do it IF we try!!

  9. the only winning ticket that saves our nation is: rand paul with ted cruz as vp

    rand paul can debate anyone into silly oblivion, and ted cruz will garner the needed latino votes to win in our fragmented nation — not a crude statement, just the plain truth.

    anytone else will be a national tragedy, if other repubs or a demo win!

    2014 will be the barometer to see if enough americans have awaken to this fact, and elect conservative republicans to kick out as many of the demos responsible for obama and his “care” as possible!

    2016 will be the compass — do we survive the socialists’ onslaught and return back to a constitutional republic, by electing rand paul, or go down forever to become a big gov commie style dictatorship?

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