Keep in mind that Colorado propelled George W. Bush, in 2000 and 2004, and Barack Obama, in 2008 and 2012, to the White House. Colorado has been a state trending purple but a new poll from Quinnipiac shows the race to be anything but a lock for Hillary Clinton as of today.

Report from Quinnipiac:

In an early look at the 2016 race for the White House, New Jersey Republican Gov. Christopher Christie tops former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton 46 – 38 percent in Colorado, according to a Quinnipiac University poll released today.

This compares to results of an August 23 survey by the independent Quinnipiac (KWIN- uh-pe-ack) University, showing Gov. Christie with 43 percent and Secretary Clinton at 42 percent, a tie.

In today’s survey, Clinton runs neck and with other possible Republican candidates;

Clinton at 44 percent to 47 percent for U.S. Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky;
Clinton and U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas tied at 44 – 44 percent;
Clinton at 43 percent to 45 percent for U.S. Rep. Paul Ryan of Wisconsin.

Colorado voters say 48 – 29 percent that Christie would make a good president.

The other contenders, including Clinton, don’t have what it takes, voters say, ranging from a negative 46 – 49 percent for Clinton to a negative 24 – 66 percent for Vice President Joseph Biden.

Most notably, the same poll finds President Obama’s rating well underwater in the state at 59% disapproval to 36% approval. For the time being, Obamacare is dragging down the President and resulting in sour polls for Democrats in 2014, and 2016. Of course, it is 2013 after all and Americans have short attention spans.


  1. How about they poll for Harry Reid? How about they poll some random unknown republican against Hillary? How about they poll some unknown democrat against various republican candidates?

    would really like to see those numbers. Probably 80% of people vote straight party line.

    • Josh: polls this far out have little meaning. Just ask President Giuliani.

      They wanted to ask about other races in the state, and people will only answer so many questions.

      I think it’s enough to say this poll suggests that Hillar is not unstoppable.

  2. Josh:

    You probably hit the nail on the head if they think Christie “has what it takes”. The republican debates with Christie and Paul would be the first time one candidate called another one “you little shit”.

  3. Colorado was once a “red” state, then the inner city urbanites took over and turned it “blue”. Now most of CO is so frackin mad at the Dem’s and asshole party line Governor that 11 counties have been trying to become the 51st state.

    Parker, Douglas County, CO – we are solid conservative, especially about the 2nd Amendment.

    • sam,
      true americans from colorado have shown how grassroots DO WORK to save our nation!

      from petitions, to door-to-door, and word of mouth only (these patriots overcame the mainstream media’s propaganda and WON); the good people of this state recalled to the SHOCK of the establishment the 2 most viral demos in Co.

      this is a template how to get rid of of such demo scumbags nationwide!

      *Colorado voters deal blow to gun control with stunning recall of 2 Democrats*

      • i’m well aware of both the Springs and Peu Town’s recall. Pueblo has been back and forth but the Springs (El Paso county) is heavy military, AFA Academy, Norad, Spooks, Ft Carson, Mil Aero Mfg, and usually runs quite conservative. We have a third county up north starting a recall, too. While CO in general has thought about Gov Hickenlooper, a rabid Dem (ran as middle of road) we’ll probably have to wait till ’16 to kick his ass out.

    • Yeah because the black guy did such a fantastic job………LMAO

      Honestly now I know this is just some socialist (notice the “K” in Democrat) throwing grenades seeing what damage he can do to get people ticked off

  4. We know that Hillary & O lied about Ben Ghazi. Did O learn to lie from Hillary or the other way around. Do we want to continue the transformation of America with another lyer?

      • goethe,
        what an idiotic question (both hillary and obama lied on benghazi, that’s a fact); so what are you mumbling about…?

        how about getting it right and ask what has obama said that isn’t a lie?

        • Oblivious:

          Moron. I asked WHAT the “lie” was.

          You always babble on in generalities and inanities. It would be nice if you brought something to the discussion.

          • goethe,
            name calling is the best you can do?

            why don’t you bring one thing to the discussion and answer the question:
            “name one single item of significance obama has stated that has not turned out to be a lie?”

            just one, and it has to be factual (not babbling on in generalities and inanities).

  5. Goethe – would you like the research to go all the way back to early AR and Whitewater, or just to the four Americans she and BHO killed at Benghazi??
    And Just because she wasn’t under oath doesn’t mean she isn’t a liar. BHO: “If you like . . .”

    • Sam:

      I just get tired of careless name calling and character assassination. It’s too easy to throw around a word like “lies” or “liar” without having anything to back it up. It’s like James Taylor sang:

      “talkin’ ’bout, someone said, someone said, somethin’ ’bout, somethin’ else, someone might have said about her.”

      I was just asking Evelyn to specify. Precisely. It wouldn’t hurt to have a little more accountability around here.

      • I understand and agree Goethe – but as far as the Clinton’s and BHO you would have had to have been in a remote monastery isolated for several years. And instead of “what lie” it should have been “which lie” 🙂 🙂

      • Furthermore, Goethe, All you have to do is listen to your own president as he apologized (well, sort of) because he mislead the American public regarding “you can keep your own policy,” “you can keep your own doctor, etc.
        1) Furthermore, he also lied regarding how much Obama Care will cost as he has been reassuring us it will save us money but instead costs have been skyrocketing.
        2) Now we learn that we also won’t be able to keep some of our hospitals.
        3) We also learn that Obama Care won’t cover all of the people as he lead us to believe.
        4) Many doctors have said they will retire because they can’t make any money thus there will be less doctors to serve more people. And who will suffer the most — the poor.
        You have been living in the liberal/progressive/socialist bubble where they control your every thought.
        You better start listening to some of those terrorist and kooks that they label everyone who doesn’t march lock step with them.
        Do you want me to lead you by the hand or do you think you can research it by yourself?

        • Evelyn: Totally irrelevant to this discussion. I don’t want to go off the rails, so I want to get back to the issue between YOU and ME.

          You claimed lies about Benghazi, and I simply asked you to SPECIFY. What “lies” are you referring to regarding Benghazi. Exactly.

        • Evelyn: Blah, blah, blah.

          You’re still ducking the question. You pompously claimed there was a lie about Benghazi, and when asked, what lie, you beat a path to any other possible topic.

          This is between you and me, and the question is, what lie are YOU referring to about Benghazi?

        • Oblivious: The difference is that I don’t attack EXCEPT as the answer to an attack. I find that if you are not challenged, you just get more abusive.

    • sam,
      so true;
      the 3 articles you posted:

      the only question a reasoning mind could ask is: “why are these 2 perpetrators still at large, and not in jail for life?!”

      sad answer must be that the dictators in obama’s new america are above the law!

      funny, Nixon got the boot for spying on 3 people in a hotel; while obama is still in office even though his dhs & nsa are spying on 300,000,000 americans throughout our entire nation!

      it’s good to be the king….


  6. Obviously, Goethe listens only to the alphabet channels and O’s talking points as gospel. The who in the past never broadcast anything negative about O. I’ve talked to friends who are like that. They’ve never heard anything negative about O. Those same alphabet channels and the Democratic Party has labeled anyone who isn’t “lock step” in line with their lies as terrorists, kooks, etc., and his minions believe every word spoken by their god.
    They’ve gotten away with it because it’s the liberal/progressive/socialist media who have made it possible for O to “transform” our country and “spread the wealth around.”
    The ONLY reason “cracks” are showing is because Obama Care has touched so many people personally.

    • Evelyn:

      Wrong again. On several counts. I don’t watch TV. And it wouldn’t take you long to look here to find where I have trashed Obama.

      But if you’re going to attack someone’s character, you have to be prepared to back it up with facts.

      You claimed that there were lies about Benghazi, and I want YOU to either retract that comment, or I want YOU to SPECIFY what “lies” you’re talking about regarding Benghazi.

      Turn off Fox and think for yourself.

      • Goethe,
        It’s obvious to me is that you don’t have a clue what is going on.
        Have you listened to the many hearings conducted by Congress on Benghazi? No, I guess you don’t listen to TV so you wouldn’t know. The newspapers I read are as biased as the alphabet channels — rarely anything negative about O.
        Do you really believe that they couldn’t send any troops to rescue those people in the many hours that passed — why didn’t they even try — even if they arrived late? The truth is that they didn’t try!!!!
        What about the lies (O, Rice, Clinton, etc.) they told that were disclosed publically that it was not in response to the movie? You don’t need me to prove that because it was made public. But I guess you don’t listen to TV so you don’t know that either. Where’s your common sense?

        You shouldn’t need me to lead you by the hand. You’re a adult, I presume, so you better do some independent research. You don’t need me to do it for you.
        I listen to BOTH sides before I form my opinion. Do you?
        Where do you get YOUR “facts?”

        • evelyn: on “Where do you get YOUR “facts?””
          he pulls them out of a hat, then gets mad and starts name calling when they turn out to be false…while stomping his little feet and pouting. 🙂

    • Evelyn: I think I commented elsewhere that I do not watch television, so you’re just wrong.

      But you are still ducking the simple question: What lie?

      I am so sick of personal attacks based on something they think they heard someone else say, without any substantiation.

  7. Obvious – you sound a lot like Surfisher. Did you change your codename when you went to Costa Rica for the winter??

    • Sam:

      Have you not noticed that Surfisher “stopped posting” when Oblivious jumped in?

      When you have a totally discredited identity, it helps to start over. It doesn’t help if you do exactly the same things all over again.

  8. ‘I never had sex with that woman … ‘

    ‘It all depends on what the meaning of the word ‘is’ is …’

    And William ‘Jefferson’ Clinton WAS impeached … NOT because of the ‘cigars’ … but because he perjured himself in front of a Federal Judge … and LOST his Arkansas Law License for five years!

    And Hillary … ‘What difference does it make?’ … are you talking about THAT one?

    the colonel

    • Colonel: Are you replying to someone??

      If you’re answering someone else’s comment, you have to start by addressing the person, because you never know where your response will fall in the queue.

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