The ink is barely dry on this agreement and the debate around the world has begun as to whether this deal legitimately helps reign in the Iranian nuclear program or whether it’s worth the paper it’s printed it.

Report from the Washington Post:

Iran and six major powers agreed early Sunday on a historic deal that freezes key parts of Iran’s nuclear program in exchange for temporary relief on some economic sanctions.

The agreement, sealed at a 3 a.m. signing ceremony in Geneva’s Palace of Nations, requires Iran to halt or scale back parts of its nuclear infrastructure, the first such pause in more than a decade.

The deal, intended as a first step toward a more comprehensive nuclear pact to be completed in six months, freezes or reverses progress at all of Iran’s major nuclear facilities, according to Western officials familiar with the details. It halts the installation of new centrifuges used to enrich uranium and caps the amount and type of enriched uranium that Iran is allowed to produce.

Iran also agreed to halt work on key components of a heavy-water reactor that could someday provide Iran with a source of plutonium. In addition, Iran accepted a dramatic increase in oversight, including daily monitoring by international nuclear inspectors, the officials said.

The concessions not only halt Iran’s nuclear advances but also make it virtually impossible for Tehran to build a nuclear weapon without being detected, the officials said. In return, Iran will receive modest relief of trade sanctions and access to some of its frozen currency accounts overseas, concessions said to be valued at less than $7 billion over the six-month term of the deal. The sanctions would be reinstated if Iran violates the agreement’s terms.

Not long after the accord was reached, Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani said the deal recognizes Tehran’s “right” to maintain an enrichment program.

Many politicians, including prominent Democrats such as Senator Chuck Schumer, have voiced skepticism. Report from CBS New York:

Schumer, D-N.Y., said he’s disappointed in the agreement “because it does not seem proportional.”

“Iran simply freezes its nuclear capabilities while we reduce the sanctions,” Schumer told reporters, including WCBS 880?s Monica Miller. “That is not a proportionate agreement.”

Schumer said he feels the agreement gives the Iranians hope that they will evetually produce a nuclear weapon.

“The disproportionality of this agreement makes it more likely that Democrats and Republicans will join together and pass additional sanctions when we return in December,” Schumer added. “I intend to discuss that possibility with my colleagues.”

Rep. Michael Grimm, R-N.Y., said he, too, is “extremely skeptical” of the agreement.

The deal is fairly complex as is the entire situation of handling the Iranian nuclear program. CNN has a breakdown of the agreement in bullet-point form available here if you’d like to familiarize yourself before commenting.

What do you make of this deal? Did the United states sell out Israel or is this a legitimate step forward for “peace in the Middle East?” Keep in mind, Iran is continuing with a nuclear enrichment program but at a slower rate and in a different manner.

Alternate question: Was this timed to switch the news cycle from Obamacare to something else in time for Thanksgiving dinner discussions?


  1. Schumer says, “it does not seem proportional.” He’s right if you turn his premise upside down. When are we going to get out of the business of telling other countries what they can do to protect themselves? That didn’t work out so well in Iraq and the 1953 overthrowing by the Dulles brothers of the only legitimate government Iran has ever had is the root of Iran’s antagonism toward the US since then. We (the people of the US), like the rest of the world, should be worried that the US and Israel, two countries with histories of aggression, have nuclear weapons. One of them has actually used them!

  2. if bad for israel must be good for us….
    on the serious side: who cares about weak iran on the other side of the world, when strong obamacare will make us paupers here at home.

  3. This treaty is not valid in any form until the United States Congress accepts or rejects it. The president and Congress have equal powers on treaties. It does appear that the President is trying to base US foreign policy on US interests, not on Saudi or Israeli ones No doubt, a showdown will come in Congress and may determine our foreign policies in the Middle East. Israel’s Trade and Labor Leader, Naftali Bennett, came to Washington to meet with members of Congress to directly lobby them to oppose the agreement with Iran. United States members of AIPAC, lobbied Congress for Israeli interests over those of the United States. The fury of the Saudi Arabia was openly shown when the United States decided not to attack Syria, and the lack of support for Saudi’s intervention in Bahrain and their open support for the military coup in Egypt. Both Israel and the Saudis have strong connections to American elites and have never had a problem getting their views aired in the White House or the State or Defense Departments.

  4. If you wonder why Israel is concerned, think 1962 and missile sites in Cuba. Iran becomes a nuclear power and WWIII here we come.

    • sam,
      Sorry to say, but that’s pure nonsense; Iran couldn’t get one built in years to come, let alone become “a nuclear power” for WW3 to start.

      Iran couldn’t possibly threaten the USA even if they eventually, in years to come, develop a single nuke (North Korea has several ALREADY and they mean nothing to us)!

      Defenseless Iran is Israel’s boogeyman to scare our nation into doing what Israel wants, nothing else but another false flag to eliminate more of our liberties by declaring Iran an imminent terror threat to USA.

      If Iran ever gets one nuke in years to come, they could possibly threaten ONLY Israel, and NO ONE ELSE.
      But, Israel already has enough nukes to wipe out Iran and most of the muslim nations in this area today.

      Yet, Israel wants us to do their dirty work by conventional war on Iran (where our American soldiers will die to protect the interests of the foreign nation of Israel), so their hands need no washing! Pontius Pilate…anyone?

      Watch AIPAC (the Zionist lobby that determines who is to be vetted for election) go ape over this — and which congressmen and senators AIPAC attacks…these are the only ones you want reelected!

      • No only one country in the world has ever used that kind of power against another. The guy that ordered it has long since departed. They do need the capability though if they intend to exist. They saw what happened to Iraq and Libya got sucker punched when the agreed to give it up. No they need the bomb.

        • billymalone…I’m not sure that I believe that Iran needs the nuclear bomb but they are entitled to build one. Iran cannot be called an unstable government. Their last revolution was in 1979 and the Khamenei’s formed a religious, socialistic government, still ruling today. Right about Iraq and Libya, too. Eight years ago, Libya’s Omar Qaddafi agreed to dismantle Libya’s nuclear program. If he had kept the bomb, would we have been so eager to dismantle his regime. Troublesome, also nuclear-armed, North Korea and Pakistan have not been attacked since they acquired the bomb. These countries have nuclear bombs ready to go: United Kingdom,China, France, India, Pakistan, Russia, United States, Israel, and North Korea. South Africa constructed six uranium bombs and is now voluntarily dismantling them. Watch out South Africa.

  5. The only valid conclusion:
    Obama put a porcupine in his pants.

    He had the Zionists on his side on Obamacare — for they want to destroy our nation, and make it a one-world type socialist enclave. But the American people revolted against it.

    So, he thought to make up something TO DISTRACT The People from Obamacare ‘s domestic abomination, and with his feeble mind went for an international FOREIGN POLICY by making a deal with Iran — and now got the Zionists against him.

    Poor guy just can’t get a break….

    • Bob:
      “Poor guy just can’t get a break….” was sarcastic.

      Obama is a socialist trained idiot from childhood, who is after the total destruction of our Free Republic — by any means — and nothing else!

  6. Bob,
    Remember the 1972 Olympics in Munich — why were only Israeli athletes attacked by muslim terrorists, but NO American athletes?

    Answer: Back then we minded our own business.

    Fast forward 20+ years and what is happening — muslim terrorists are attacking us now.

    Why, what has changed?

    Answer: AIPAC (the Jewish Lobby) has become the determining factor in who gets elected in USA. And the ones that do, follow their dictates — protect Israel at all costs.

    Unless we cut Israel loose (they are big boys and should be fine on their own, especially with all the nukes we’ve given them) and tell them HANDS OFF AMERICA, muslim terrorists will keep on attacking us, instead of their true enemy, Israel.

  7. Something must really stink in this thing Obama/Kerry signed. Republicans and democrats have been gridlocked on everything from taxes, to the kind of grass on the congress lawn. But when they come together against this deal, you know it has to be a bad one.

    We should all be thanking our lucky stars that Kerry never became president. And also praying for the low info voters to get a clue.

    heard someone saying today, the president has been on the wrong side of every issue in the middle east. He truly is Jimmy Carter re-incarnated. The same mistakes Carter made with Khomeini, Obama is making. Wonder if one of his childhood dreams was a peanut farm.

    • Josh…Since Congress is not in session, this treaty is facing a glut of critics who may or may have read it’s contents. (isn’t that the excuse used on the Affordable Healthcare’s passage). This treaty will dilute Iran’s existing stocks of highly enriched uranium to a level incompatible with bomb fuel; commit Iran to not installing any additional centrifuges or other nuclear equipment, including at the controversial Arak heavy-water reactor; and accept an unprecedented level of intrusive inspections at not only nuclear facilities but centrifuge-processing plants.That part sounds worthwhile.

      This I question: Iran will receive a reprieve from some of its sanctions, which officials estimate will be up to 7 billion over the next six months, mostly from revenue from Iran’s restricted crude oil sales. Our Treasury Department estimates sanctions have cost Iran 120 billion since 2010.

      Eight years before Carter’s election, President Richard Nixon and Henry Kissinger, created an unprecedented relationship with the Shah of Iran. The Shah was permitted to purchase whatever non-nuclear U.S. military technology he wished. Tens of thousands of U.S. technicians were provided to install and maintain an enormous arsenal and to train Iranians to use it. The oil bubble burst and the Shah was soon overthrown. President Carter inherited a very explosive situation. That he fumbled the crisis is well known. However, Iran contacted the Carter administration in September 1980 with a proposal to end the hostage crisis. The agreement that led to the release, revolved around 12 billion in Iranian assets that Carter had frozen 10 days after the seizure of the U.S. embassy. It had been negotiated several months before Reagan’s inauguration. President Reagan completed the negotiations and received a lot of praise.

      • you say it will dilute their stockpiles, but why have they not done this before now?

        plus giving them something now with a promise of something from them later is a naive assumption given their history.

        my point is valid…if democrats and republicans are against this in congress (and there is bipartisan resistance), it has to be a bad deal. they rarely agree on anything.

        There was also bipartisan support against obamacare…we’re all seeing that bad deal play out before our eyes…

        what you stated about Nixon is irrelevant to Carter’s well known bad decisions (inlcuding supporting Khomeini). similarly obama has been supporting the wrong people in the middle east.

    • Josh…What every president does while in office is very revelant to the men who follow in that office. Another historical event that sifted down to Carter: President Dwight Eisenhower (1953) backed a U.S-British coup to overthrow the democratically elected government of Iran’s Prime Minister Mohammad Mosaddegh? Mossadegh’s sin? Attempting to nationalize the British-owned Anglo-Iranian oil company, This coup poisoned any chance that the Iranian population would ever view the United States in a positive light. Iran was,and is, awash with oil and everybody wants a little. It is on record (1979) that one of the hostage takers said “You have no right to complain, because you took our whole country hostage in 1953.” President Carter pointed his finger at the real villain — American addiction to foreign oil. Americans didn’t want to hear this so they elected a man who said they could have it all. Jimmy Carter was a human rights activist and a deeply religious man, perhaps a big drawback for politics. No other past president (maybe Clinton) has focused on humanitarian efforts for the needy and world affairs as Carter has done since leaving office.

      The fact that both Republicans and Democrats are spewing their reckless thoughts on the treaty with Iran is not surprising. Both tribes often forget to think. Lest our wise men forget: many of the sanctions against Iran are by Executive Order, and can be removed anytime the President decide to stop enforcing them. This is how President Obama will make good on the interim agreement to restore access to $7 billion held in foreign bank accounts. Removing sanctions that have been passed into law by Congress, will be a much more difficult challenge. If Congress can’t finalize the treaty deal with Iran, it will immediately have to make the case that there is no other diplomatic alternatives. Would Congress then be forced to make the case for war?

      The Israeli’s are far from saints. Meir Dagan, while not taking credit for several Iranian assassinations, praised the murderous hits of Iranian scientists, saying it was “the removal of important brains” from the project. Matthew Kroenig Stanton, Nuclear Security Fellow of Council on Foreign Relations: one of his tasks was defense policy and strategy on Iran. Kroenig said: “My understanding is that the United States has asked Israel not to attack Iran and to provide Washington with notice if it intends to strike. Israel responded negatively to both requests. It refused to guarantee that it will not attack Iran or to provide prior notice if it does”.

  8. AIPAC —“American Jewish Lobby” exposed.

    Only Israel could start WW3, since they have the only nukes in the Middle East, and depend on the USA to defend them no matter what (since THEIR LOBBY determines which US Congressmen and Senators get vetted for election)!

    If anyone thinks Israel is our friend in the Middle East, think again.
    They are nothing but a parasite that has attached itself to the American body, and keeps on growing, as AIPAC’s influence in Washington gets stronger each year.

    Enough American kids have died protecting the foreign nation of Israel, so time to get a new President that stops this insanity!
    Ban AIPAC from lobbying and send a message to Israel — NO MORE! You, Israel, want to continue to be the #1 terrorist nation in the world — do so without our support!

    Once we stop supporting this terrorist nation, Israel, the muslim terrorists will think twice before attacking us ever again.

    Then, we can put a stop to the NSA spying on all US Citizens (since there will be no excusable reason to continue this abomination) and the DHS of building its own army to put down what they consider internal enemies of the state, the Patriots.

    More videos to follow exposing AIPAC’s near total control of our nation, in concert with the main stream media they own and control!

  9. Bob — below is my obvious take on what Israel has done to us.

    You can take that to the bank…sorry if it offends your Jewish heritage, it is not meant as such, just stating what’s obvious!

  10. AIPAC thuggery: What Israel wants, Israel gets…regardless the hurt put on America! It’s time to kick the Israeli parasite off of the American Body!

    video 1 (2 minutes);
    Exposes AIPAC’s Stranglehold on American politics:

    video 2 (6 minutes);
    Former CIA Officer Israel Controls U.S. Government & Media :

    video 3 (4 minutes);
    Jimmy Carter unveils truth about Israel:

  11. Bob — nothing to do with appeasement; just obvious to all with a functioning brain. Israel is the single cause for all terrorist attacks on our nation (the USA, not your Israel).

    Bring on the Muslim terrorists to my neighborhood — my kids alone will spank these 130 lbs weaklings into submission.

    But as a Jew, you need to say what is demanded of you, in order to justify our american kids dying to protect your Jewish fatherland — so I understand your take on this; while I disagree with you.

    Here is what is happening to our American kids while soldering for your Jewish Nation:

  12. Bob — you can be anything you want to be on the internet (Jew or Lutheran).

    The only thing that matters is the gist of your posts — and they are all pro-Israel.

    Take care, enjoyed the sparring.

  13. nothing wrong with being pro-isreal. I’m also pro-Australia, pro-England, pro-Mexico, pro-Uganda…etc.

    doesn’t matter what I say though, or anyone for that matter, the grains of sand in the ground that obvious has his/her head stuck in all read ‘Israel sucks” there’s no reasoning with those who have no reason. there is no knowledge that will break through to the willfully ignorant. there is no use to rebuke a fool.

    this truth will last beyond this argument here…that Israel (like America) has every right to exist on her home soil and to defend herself…even pre-emptively.

  14. Josh…You are absolutely right that Israel has a right to exist on her home soil. When we use only facts we know that Israel is extremely aggressive in protecting the homeland. They take great pride in the fact that they were given a rock and quickly turned it into a plentiful,fruited land. When I unravel my beliefs, I understand that Israel is the “promised land” for the Jewish people and will go undefeated.

  15. billymalone…you can always cause me to rethink my posts. However, when the Romans entered the fortress of Masada they found only 1,000 dead bodies. Who really won?

    • The mystery is they never found the remains of anywhere near 1000, I think more like 30.. I couldn’t get over how they fed that massive army at the bottom. Guess the air dropped bottled water.

  16. The air may well have dropped bottled water and cartons of MRE’s. Those were the days of miracles. I based the 1000 on the writings of Josephus Flavius but i recall that he was a Jewish traitor who signed on with the Romans so maybe it is all a true mystery.

    • I went there a few years back and you are right about the reported number but the remains were around 30. Might have cooked the books a bit to justify the expense.

  17. I don’t know why ANY country would want to negotiate a treaty with the United States of America. After going through the laborious, painful, and time-consuming trouble of negotiating away their vital interests, the president goes back and the treaties die in the senate.

    I particularly don’t know why anyone in the Middle East would negotiate with the United States, since our Senate’s decisions are subject to approval by Israel.

    • Goethe – I don’t know why any sane American Administration would want to negotiate with Iran, N.Korea or any Middle-east country.

      P.S. welcome back from your hiatus

      • Sam: Thanks. Still no hot water at my house, and it’ll have to wait, probably till after the first of the year, cuz the snow is a’comin’, on top of everything else.

        Anyway, I don’t subscribe to the mentality that we are too weak or too stupid to speak our mind. Although you probably remember the old saying, “America–never lost a war, or won a summit conference.”

        But strong leaders don’t shy away from working together. “Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer.”

        Reagan said, “Trust–but verify.” Kennedy said, “Let us never negotiate out of fear, but let us never fear to negotiate.”

        Our troubles have more often come from sticking our noses in other people’s business. We ought to use our ears and tongues more.

        • Goethe – i’m very sorry for the conditions the weather left you in. the pain, inconvenience, and “pissed off” would have been non-linear time for me. Makes me think of the TV show “Revolution” . Those cold water showers in the mountains, boot camp, aboard ship or in the Philippines during a Typhoon – memories for a lifetime.that i can live without.

          It is quite amazing that we have more untapped oil / gas potential than the middle – east has ever had and Obama sits and calls it not ecologically good.


  18. Sam…we negotiate with Iran, Saudi, and any country that has heavy oil production. If American trucks and personal automobiles came to a standstill, the American way of life would be paralyzed. The American stockpile of oil is reserved for wars and defense projects.

    • Tess: I assume you’re talking about the Strategic Oil Reserve.

      I think we are backwards on that issue. Whenever the price gets below a certain point, we otta be buying all the foreign oil we can ship. Then pump it all into the depleted oil wells, which have been safe repositories of the oil–without having to build any.

      We should sock it away, and save it until oil gets to $500 a barrel, and then let the world come crying to us. . . .

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