The term “lame duck” is being tossed around by commentators in reference to the apparent failures being witnessed with the launch of the President’s health care overhaul. The other issue left untouched by the President into his second term thus far is immigration. The question is popping up among some Democrats wondering whether they are better off sticking with the President or striking off on their own, especially those facing voters in 2014.


Report from InvestmentNews:

Democrats are increasingly separating themselves from President Barack Obama, and the damage from the debacle of the health care plan rollout has negated all injury done to the Republicans because of the government shutdown, a political strategist said Sunday at the opening of the Schwab Impact Conference.

“I’ve never seen a president become a lame duck this early,” Greg Valliere, the chief political strategist of Potomac Research Group, told a ballroom full of financial advisers. “The only thing he can get done now is through regulatory policy.”

Although Mr. Valliere said the health insurance program could be delayed if its computer systems still aren’t working properly in a month, the earliest that Obamacare could possibly be killed is spring 2017, he said.

As for the economy, forecasters remained generally upbeat.

Stocks appear undervalued when looking at forward earnings, which will give U.S. markets breathing room in the face of slower earnings growth, said Liz Ann Sonders, Charles Schwab’s chief investment strategist. Long-term sentiment suggests that “we are not near the euphoria that tends to mark the end of a bull market,” she said at the pre-conference session Sunday.

Do you think the President is entering “lame duck” status or does he have the political muscle to push through more of his agenda?

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